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The New AdU Student Center
December 7th, 2008 posted by juan_dc98 under Campus Issues, News. [ Comments: none ]

Greetings Schoolmates

I am a freshman here at the University taking up Engineering. I am fairly new but I get around. I would like to know your views on some of the issues inside the campus.

I am not a very good writer but I can manage some sentences here and there so please afford me a little slack if you would so please.

Getting off my ride, I usually pass by the CS gate but I always prefer leaving through the “back door” which is of course the high school gate. I never did notice it at first but there is some commotion over there, both physically and in words – I am referring to the Student Center.

I am sure most of you have read the article the Chronicle published about this facility. Frankly, it got me excited, as an aspiring engineer, I thought I could learn a thing or two. Seeing the design to be modern and a bit “industrial” I was drooling over the prospect of being part of the action. Snooping around, I saw three engineering students already conducting their OJTs and I was envious. They were inspecting the site, counting the steel reinforcement of the girders and checking them for correctness according to the plans. This was something I wanted to experience for myself and I believe in future projects, I can also be a part of its creation.

The building presented itself to be not just the future home of students but also, as it is being built, be a tool for learning. Kudos to the Admin and its Architect for allowing us students to be part of this project.

However, my curiosity led to another, more bleak facet of this building. I have learned that the Architect who designed the building is being cussed and now being called “Unethical.” I am not sure why, nor what their professionals code of conduct states but from the whispers along the corridors and from some of the arki profs as well, the college of architecture is mad at the architect because the admin nominated him rather than nominating someone from the university’s own pool of architects.

Well, it is a slap in the face; having an outsider take reigns over what should be otherwise another’s. But technically speaking, I did some online researched and found the architect’s board website ( There is such a law as RA 9266, the Architecture Act of 2004. It states in one of its laws that an architect cannot take a project if it is already being lobbied for by another unless it is a competition. “Walang sulutan,” to put it bluntly. But reading from the Chronicle article, the Office of Student Affairs contacted this architect and asked him to prepare a design and was presented to the President, VP, Student Government, OSA and the Dean of the College of Architecture. I do not think that there were any competitors against this design and seeing that the College of Architecture knew about it they should have spoken out earlier.

To nip you even further, I was surprised to learn that an architect cannot just give free professional services – yep, you heard right, at least that is what the CoA is saying. I am not one for believing off the bat so I consulted my friend, Google.

There is a Code of Conduct for architects that disdainfully as it may sound, there is a price-list for their services depending on what they are designing or the type of service they give. So every architect has a fair chance of remuneration. Sounds simple enough, one cannot go lower than the prescribed fee because they will gain better advantage of getting the project – “parang twaran sa palenke.” But reading more, I see that pro-bono work is not a violation of this rule Paragraph 5-A “The Architect’s Responsibilities in relation to Colleagues and Subordinates.”

The Architect shall not render professional services, without compensation except for small civic or charity project. He shall neither offer nor provide preliminary services on a conditional basis prior to definite agreement with the Client for the commission of the project.


So it is not true that giving away free architecture service is a violation of their conduct, it is misread. The student center is a civic building, paid for by the students and used by students for non-academic activities – any Adamsonian is welcome in its premises and is not privately used.

Ok, so why am I writing this? I am writing this because I pity the man who gave his time, effort and resources, so Adamson can kick him in the gut and look like an ingrate. I am not here to save the world but I want my Student Center, so I hope we support its completion and not piss off the person responsible for its design and realization.

“Sir, humihingi na lang po ng dispensa para sa mga miron na naiingit, mabuhay po kayo.”

To the College of Architecture, here is a fellow architect, one of your own who went beyond his norms to answer a call of charity. I thoughts architects were selfish because you took away the engineer’s right to design architecturally, but here is a man who loved to be a student and gave back surpassing technicalities.

“Huwag bo sana kayo madadala”

So, what is in store for the author of this building, we’ll if a case is filed and wins, his license to practice architecture may be suspended or revoked – ouch!

So fellow Adamsonian, let us support the Student Center

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Ngayon si Teehankee, pagkatapos ay si Go
October 21st, 2008 posted by indierock under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Gossip, News, Opinion. [ Comments: 4 ]

Wow! Ang saya naman ng site na ‘to! Sino ba nag imbento nito?

Ma-a-anghang ang mga kontribusyon dito. Ayos ah! Yung iba naman halos pang asar lang. Yung iba naman halos puro “lifted” lang and mga ideya. Wala na ba talagang senyal ng matalinong ‘life form” sa daigdig?  Mamaya lilibutin ko ang site na ito, pero sa ngayon, gagawa muna ako ng blog…

Nakakatawa, parang may “trend” ang lipunan. Ang mag kriminal na walang habas na pumapatay ng ganun-ganon lang ay binibigyan ng “executive clemency,” pero ang mga kalaban ng gobyenong ito at nabubulok sa bilangguan. Eh ‘di natural, alangan ba naman bigyan mo ng puwang ang kalaban mo, eh di lalamunin ka nito ng buhay. Pero kung pakakawalan mo ang mga mayayamang kriminal, eh ‘di may dagdag  pondo ka sa eleksyon.

Talaga nga naman… Nakaw dito, nakaw doon, lahat marunong mag nakaw. bata, kumukupit ng kendi sa tindahan…ang “cute.” Pag laki laki pera na, pag nasa eskwela na “school funds” pag sa trabaho na, “corporate funds” pag sa gobyerno, and buwis na pinataw ka ulo ng ina nya…wehehehehehe…. Kanya, kanyang istilo yan, sa ating pangulo, mga kriminal, si Erap, si Teehankee, si Go… pera yan eh. Kwarta, kwarta, gusto ko ng kwarta…hehehehe

Ano? para sa ‘unity’? O’ magnanimity? Eh ‘bat yung mga aktibista nabubulok sa kulungan? Kasi walang kwarta…

Pangako, kompromiso, “deals”…yun ay mga taktika lamang “carrot-on-a-stick” ika nga. Pag mahirap ka… walang  “clemency.”


Take the case of peasant rights advocate Randy Echanis, a veteran activist since the Ferdinand Marcos years. It’s almost a year now since he was imprisoned on trumped-up murder charges filed against him by the government. Arrested in Negros while attending a consultation on the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill, he was transported by helicopter to Leyte, where he was charged with multiple-murder. Last July, he was brought to the police general headquarters Camp Crame and, in August was illegally transferred to the Manila City Jail.

Ito pa:

Ka Randy, in solitary confinement from 1984 to 1986, was released after People Power I. Like a true servant of the people, he went back to peasant organizing upon his release. But in 1990 he was arrested again by the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Naval Intelligence and Security Force. He was released in 1992 only after a case filed against him for illegal possession of firearms was dismissed by the Manila Regional Court. Throughout those years of imprisonment, Ka Randy suffered physical, psychological and mental torture and humiliation but his spirit remained strong. Though separated from his loved ones, he never wavered in his commitment. He helped found Karapatan, an alliance for the advancement of human rights.

Ito pa:

How can this government release a man who brutally killed a young girl while it continues to detain more than 200 political prisoners on trumped-up charges? It is easier for this government to show mercy to a convicted murderer than to listen to the cries for justice coming from victims of enforced disappearance, torture and unjust imprisonment. Human rights, peace and justice activists are languishing in jail under harsh conditions.

Walang hustisya, laro ng numero ang lahat ng bagay, at an disiyon ng numero ay nasa kapakinabangan. pak wala pela, wala hustisya eh, kayo tanong Ah-Tek ha…wehehehehehe

Kaya sa isang “whinner” dyan na udyok ng udyok ng gulo tungkol sa ng yari sa kanya nuong unang panahon. Senya na ‘pre… boplogs ka eh… Peace!

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The Trillanes Factor
October 17th, 2008 posted by AJ007 under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Campus Issues, Campus News, Criticism, Current Events, News, Opinion, Student Government. [ Comments: 1 ]

During the time when I still believe that the system would change overnight, I chance upon a book in National Book Store or NBS called LOGCOM (logistics command). I got a bit interested because I was an officer in the ROTC then (in Adamson) so I flipped through the pages. It turned out to be a sort of an expose. Back then I find it extremely radical that a serviceman in AFP would have a spine to write anything like that. Actually, it’s still a phenomenon for me not because I care a lot about it but as a TAX PAYER now, I find it a farce if not tragedy.

It highlighted the fact that military provisions are prone to abuse. Example, a military 6X6 truck was used as a “practice driving” vehicle for the wives of senior officers. Another example, a helicopter was used to transport senior officers (based in the provinces) and wives for a shopping spree in the cities. Bullets sold to the enemies? The book further explained the gripes that precipitated into disgruntlement that further lead down the path to adventurism.

Yet, with adventurism, comes another disgruntlement that plunged the cause of the series of military mutinies during the 80s into quagmire. Some soldiers who were given amnesty later said that those glib tongued “recruiters” left them behind when the “operation” finally met the wall.

One commented: Ang mga putang inang mga ‘yan, ginamit kami na parang mga puta…”

That has been the problem with the earlier putsches; so many men who would have been heroes were branded traitors. All for a strong cause but with a hallow leadership. There was this time when they had been leaderless for several days after that particular coup, but some men stayed behind. Not all of the leaders were escape artists though; Col. Alexander Noble for example won’t be pacified and chose to stay behind with his men. Then several days later, a Philippine Star issue would flaunt news about Col. Noble’s arrest after destroying US Fighter planes “sitting duck” in Clark Air Base, Pampanga; of course the rest is history. Had it not from the then Philippine Marine Commandant, now Sen. Biazon (a true clean soldier) who literally exposed himself to danger when he stood between the Rebels and pro – government soldiers who were at the brink of armed confrontation, more lives would have been claimed. But these were men of conviction both from different sides of the line. They were brothers divided, some are even real brothers. And they suffered a lot of psychological draw back since.

But what about the cause? Of course it could be brilliant. It was for reform and usual rhetoric of “being too cozy with the reds” thing, apart from “real” status quo like corruption, monopoly, selling of sovereign territory (paid to us as war reparation) to the host country itself. Maybe there was some  personal reason like the killing of Maj. Francisco Baula inside his cell on the guise of him trying to escape “USING A LADDER” at that as if he needed one to do it.

But of course, story has it that it was a badly botched up putsch. And I was a young boy when it happened. I enjoyed the sight of fighter planes seen in the sky in an act of a dogfight. But what is clear though is that they became leaderless, and some (or most) Rebels felt betrayed.

This is the edge of Sen. Trillanes; he did not leave his men behind. He joined them in prison. Another book in NBS AFP before Gringo has it that unlike his “predecessors” Trillanes did not compromise. As a proof, he’s still in jail right now. Only God knows what circumstance would bring him out of there but by the looks of it. He will rather rot in there than to compromise. But a person of such fortitude will not wear out.

Nature has an inquisitive way of “boring through veracity” (that’s a line from former President Marcos’ book, I forgot the title though). In a system like this, in a situation like this, an economic condition like this. It’s like history repeating itself. And it vindicates Trillanes. WHY? Because incarcerating him didn’t stop all these follies from happening. With him in prison, he couldn’t be associated with somebody who stands in the way of “progress” of the strong republic anymore, yet these are all happening. And shame on us who has professors who helped install this “hegemony” with a promise of 1.0 additional point to averaged grade which brings some Adamsonians to EDSA II. ONE FACULTY MEMBER IN THE CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT WOULD ARGUE THAT IT WOULD BE FOR “INTELLIGENT GOVERNENCE” oh yeah, and why “bribe” students with a plus on a grade? Shame on idiotic students too who took advantage. I didn’t and I got an incomplete for that subject. But I digressed.

Sure the nose diving trend of global exchanges has nothing to do with it but what did our genius economic dream team do to prevent it from affecting us, and Trillanes is at bay unable to perform his “filibustering”?  Of course the “intelligent” spin doctors of this “governance” has a ready answer. One of them even suggested… ‘to Jesus Christ.’ But he’s no ecominist, he’s a bootlicker nontheless.

As a soldierTrillanes will never be viewed like someone who leaves a man behind. He’s viewed as someone with unwavering conviction and that catapulted his name to the Senate. Besides in his “spur – of – the – moment” Pen Siege, the majority of those went there were media men, pillars of the fourth state of democracy. Eye and ears of the people.

I concede though that the rest remains to be seen.


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Mrs Prof ng ECE Dept
October 5th, 2008 posted by Sakristang_hudas under Adamson Chronicle, Campus Issues, Campus News, Criticism, Exposes, Gossip, News, Opinion. [ Comments: 46 ]

Grabe ang final exam namin sa isa naming subject sa ECE. Ass in yung sasakyan hindi namin napatakbo. Baka ang mangyari kami ang takbuhan nitong prof na ito. Hindi na nga naibalik midterm exam namin tapos ganito pa nangyari sa final exam namin. Sana hindi natutulog si ECE Chairman para makita nya itong sitwasyon namin. Mam GISING naman po. Try to clean your department lalo na sa mga existing prof nyo sa dept. May mga living dead na prof dun paswelduhan lang ng Adamson. Hay grabe talaga!

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What a shame…
April 22nd, 2008 posted by qwertyuiop under Criticism, News. [ Comments: 1 ]

Warning: über-sensitive video

YouTube Preview Image

Not so long ago, Filipino professionals on the field of medicine batted their eyelashes and vented out resentful sentiments because of a discriminatory slur labeled upon them by an American TV series. The said show quoted how vulgarly tacky and unprofessional Filipino medical practitioners were. It was ensued by a massive protest of Filipinos who wanted to exterminate the indelible stigma laid on our Filipino doctors, nurses and the like. Now, the notion of some foreign countries seem incorrigible as we blatantly proved that they are right.

A sickening and nauseating video about a patient who had a black suede spray paint inserted on his rectum was proliferating fast on the net, garnering different views and opinions, here and abroad. The incognito patient was infuriated because of the breach of privacy and the inhumane treatment, and he badly recalls how these people mocked him and videoed the removal of the canister in his rectum (hey, does this man know the purpose of his butthole?) while giggling in ineffable joy, as if he’s an experimental guinea pig. The inviolable Hippocratic Oath will turn impertinent and of no use if this kind of ill-bred doctors were still on the loose, causing abhorrent professional defamation and social disgrace. I’m not totally being one-sided here, but the video narrates it all. and the impact will have its way to ricochet on all of us. The shame is inescapable.

Below is the full uncensored version:

YouTube Preview Image

Tags: vicentesotto, medicine, criticisms, blacksuede

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Adamson University Alumni Homecoming video clips
April 12th, 2007 posted by JB under Campus Issues, News. [ Comments: none ]

For the benefit of those who weren’t there, here are some video clips of the grand alumni homecoming last February, taken by Pepe Alas. I’m not sure if there are longer or more complete videos lying around, but I guess this is it for now.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

This clip was from Mikoelo.

Tags: , , alumni+homecoming

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Studio 23 Kabarkada Mo presents Y Vote?
January 21st, 2007 posted by sir Kramic under Adamson Chronicle, Current Events, Media & Entertainment, News. [ Comments: none ]

Studio 23 and its talents are going around different colleges and universities to give talks about the elections and Studio 23’s advocacy to promote the youth vote.

Our campaign kicked off at Ateneo de Manila University January 8th. Join us as we visit your schools on the following dates:

January 29 - February 9 University of the Philippines-Diliman
February 12 - February 16 University of the Philippines-Los Baños
February 26 - March 2  Miriam College
March 12- March 16 De La Salle University
March 26 -March 30 San Beda College, Mendiola
April 16 - April 20 Far Eastern University
April 23- April 27 University of Santo Tomas

Visit for more announcements and tune in to Y Speak every Sunday on Studio 23 Kabarkada Mo!

editors note: Adamson University may not be in the list, still be free to join us in venues listed above. Makialam, alamin ang iyong karapatan at bumoto sa Mayo. Join Studio 23 and youth advocators in Y Vote!

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