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“Hey Maam/Sir, Prof. ba talaga kayo?”
January 1st, 2009 posted by Bh000ooo under Criticism, Exposes. [ Comments: none ]

At this very point this time, I’m thinking na tama nga ba ang school na pinasukan ko?

I’m an ECE student, Freshman. I would like to commend  AdU’s professors kasi when I attended the first sem. I was totally shocked because of my prof. Wala na kasing ginawa kundi magmura, I was shocked because in my previous high school/university, saying FOUL WORDS is strictly not allowed. And syempre nga dahil mura lang sya ng mura, ang naintindihan ko lang during class was her words. Second, I have this professor na hindi ko maintindihan kung nag didiscuss ba nakikipag kuwentuhan ba, up to now di ko alam kung saan nya kinuha yung grades namin. And the other one, from UP daw sya, pero sulat lang ng sulat.

This second sem, I am expecting that the bunch of professors that are assigned to us will be good enough but I have this professor sa AutoCad na nagbibigay ng draft na mali-mali. Hindi man lang nilinaw yung bagong figure. Nagbigay pa ng number of trials ng checking, pag sumobra  na dun, 75 na. “E maam, mali nga po yung figure nyo e“. Don’t wonder magkakamali din kami.

In my first sem, I spoke with the guidance councilor and he said that, “Some of these cases would be unavoidable.” But my point is, kung hindi unavoidable, sana naman lang, ma-lessen ang cases. At sa mga professors na “INSTITUTION” na daw! feeling super stable na sa work ah, kaya kahit bumubulok na ang pagtuturo “GO pa rin”. Now I’m thinking to transfer na lang kc mukhang blurred yung future ko sa AdU. Hayy….

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Kelan ba ang Mr. and Ms. Adamson?
November 22nd, 2008 posted by kritiko ng mali under Criticism, Gossip. [ Comments: 2 ]

Na-e-excite na ako para dito. Hindi ako kabilang sa mga lalaban pero ang pagiging kritiko ko ay iiral. Isang bagong kurso ang nakakatuwa sa Adamson. Magastos ito. Siguro alam niyo na kung ano ito. Natatawa ako dahil ang kurso na ito ay ieexpect mo na para sa mga magaganda o guapo dahil dapat sila ay presentable, hindi ko din sinasabi na  dapat  maganda at guapo lamang ang pwedeng pumasok sa kurso na ito.

Pero ang nakakatuwa (nakakatawa na din) ang muse nila ay hindi kagandahan.

Ang aasahan mong itsura ng mga muse syempre ay maganda, pati na din ang ugali. May mga kaibigan ako sa kurso na ito pero sa kanila na din nanggaling ang mga impormasyon. Hindi nila alam kung bakit yun daw ang nanalo. Siguro dahil sa talent portion. Nag-belly dancing daw, marami daw siguro ang naantig sa hubog ng kanyang pangangatawan dahil nakatakip ang kalahati ng kanyang mukha. Natatawa na lang ako. Dahil tuwing makikita ko ang muse na ito ay una kong iniisip ay dehado to lalo na kung alam ng lahat ang tunay niyang ugali. Wala din naman daw laman ang utak nito ayon sa kanyang mga kaklase. Ano na ba ang batayan ng BEAUTY PAGEANT? Wala na nga syang beauty, wala pang brains.

Kilala ko na siya ng personal. Dahil ipinakilala sa akin. Pero simula nung ipinakilala ito sa akin ay hindi ko na muling kinausap, dahil maarte din siya.

Isa lang ang masasabi ko sa batang ito. Wag ka magiinarte dahil hindi ka kagandahan. Iilan lang ba ang may alam na ikaw ay isang muse? Pag nalaman siguro ng lahat na muse ka, malamang madaming magiging tulad ko, na isang kritiko mo!

Clue? Wala, basta bago lang ang kurso ng mukhang bakla na muse na to.

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The Trillanes Factor
October 17th, 2008 posted by AJ007 under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Campus Issues, Campus News, Criticism, Current Events, News, Opinion, Student Government. [ Comments: 1 ]

During the time when I still believe that the system would change overnight, I chance upon a book in National Book Store or NBS called LOGCOM (logistics command). I got a bit interested because I was an officer in the ROTC then (in Adamson) so I flipped through the pages. It turned out to be a sort of an expose. Back then I find it extremely radical that a serviceman in AFP would have a spine to write anything like that. Actually, it’s still a phenomenon for me not because I care a lot about it but as a TAX PAYER now, I find it a farce if not tragedy.

It highlighted the fact that military provisions are prone to abuse. Example, a military 6X6 truck was used as a “practice driving” vehicle for the wives of senior officers. Another example, a helicopter was used to transport senior officers (based in the provinces) and wives for a shopping spree in the cities. Bullets sold to the enemies? The book further explained the gripes that precipitated into disgruntlement that further lead down the path to adventurism.

Yet, with adventurism, comes another disgruntlement that plunged the cause of the series of military mutinies during the 80s into quagmire. Some soldiers who were given amnesty later said that those glib tongued “recruiters” left them behind when the “operation” finally met the wall.

One commented: Ang mga putang inang mga ‘yan, ginamit kami na parang mga puta…”

That has been the problem with the earlier putsches; so many men who would have been heroes were branded traitors. All for a strong cause but with a hallow leadership. There was this time when they had been leaderless for several days after that particular coup, but some men stayed behind. Not all of the leaders were escape artists though; Col. Alexander Noble for example won’t be pacified and chose to stay behind with his men. Then several days later, a Philippine Star issue would flaunt news about Col. Noble’s arrest after destroying US Fighter planes “sitting duck” in Clark Air Base, Pampanga; of course the rest is history. Had it not from the then Philippine Marine Commandant, now Sen. Biazon (a true clean soldier) who literally exposed himself to danger when he stood between the Rebels and pro – government soldiers who were at the brink of armed confrontation, more lives would have been claimed. But these were men of conviction both from different sides of the line. They were brothers divided, some are even real brothers. And they suffered a lot of psychological draw back since.

But what about the cause? Of course it could be brilliant. It was for reform and usual rhetoric of “being too cozy with the reds” thing, apart from “real” status quo like corruption, monopoly, selling of sovereign territory (paid to us as war reparation) to the host country itself. Maybe there was some  personal reason like the killing of Maj. Francisco Baula inside his cell on the guise of him trying to escape “USING A LADDER” at that as if he needed one to do it.

But of course, story has it that it was a badly botched up putsch. And I was a young boy when it happened. I enjoyed the sight of fighter planes seen in the sky in an act of a dogfight. But what is clear though is that they became leaderless, and some (or most) Rebels felt betrayed.

This is the edge of Sen. Trillanes; he did not leave his men behind. He joined them in prison. Another book in NBS AFP before Gringo has it that unlike his “predecessors” Trillanes did not compromise. As a proof, he’s still in jail right now. Only God knows what circumstance would bring him out of there but by the looks of it. He will rather rot in there than to compromise. But a person of such fortitude will not wear out.

Nature has an inquisitive way of “boring through veracity” (that’s a line from former President Marcos’ book, I forgot the title though). In a system like this, in a situation like this, an economic condition like this. It’s like history repeating itself. And it vindicates Trillanes. WHY? Because incarcerating him didn’t stop all these follies from happening. With him in prison, he couldn’t be associated with somebody who stands in the way of “progress” of the strong republic anymore, yet these are all happening. And shame on us who has professors who helped install this “hegemony” with a promise of 1.0 additional point to averaged grade which brings some Adamsonians to EDSA II. ONE FACULTY MEMBER IN THE CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT WOULD ARGUE THAT IT WOULD BE FOR “INTELLIGENT GOVERNENCE” oh yeah, and why “bribe” students with a plus on a grade? Shame on idiotic students too who took advantage. I didn’t and I got an incomplete for that subject. But I digressed.

Sure the nose diving trend of global exchanges has nothing to do with it but what did our genius economic dream team do to prevent it from affecting us, and Trillanes is at bay unable to perform his “filibustering”?  Of course the “intelligent” spin doctors of this “governance” has a ready answer. One of them even suggested… ‘to Jesus Christ.’ But he’s no ecominist, he’s a bootlicker nontheless.

As a soldierTrillanes will never be viewed like someone who leaves a man behind. He’s viewed as someone with unwavering conviction and that catapulted his name to the Senate. Besides in his “spur – of – the – moment” Pen Siege, the majority of those went there were media men, pillars of the fourth state of democracy. Eye and ears of the people.

I concede though that the rest remains to be seen.


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Mrs Prof ng ECE Dept
October 5th, 2008 posted by Sakristang_hudas under Adamson Chronicle, Campus Issues, Campus News, Criticism, Exposes, Gossip, News, Opinion. [ Comments: 46 ]

Grabe ang final exam namin sa isa naming subject sa ECE. Ass in yung sasakyan hindi namin napatakbo. Baka ang mangyari kami ang takbuhan nitong prof na ito. Hindi na nga naibalik midterm exam namin tapos ganito pa nangyari sa final exam namin. Sana hindi natutulog si ECE Chairman para makita nya itong sitwasyon namin. Mam GISING naman po. Try to clean your department lalo na sa mga existing prof nyo sa dept. May mga living dead na prof dun paswelduhan lang ng Adamson. Hay grabe talaga!

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Attend naman, Sir/Madam!
August 22nd, 2008 posted by rubybardelosa under Criticism, Opinion. [ Comments: 2 ]

I just WISH the Professors of Adamson University would ATTEND their classes REGULARLY…

Not all the students have a good schedule… Like in my case, mas mahaba vacant ko kesa sa klase ko… 7am-8pm ang klase ko pag MWF. Kaya masama loob ko pag wala prof ko… They can’t blame us, students of AdU, kung tamadin na din kaming pumasok… There was one time nga, pumasok ako 7am.. I thought my 2nd class would be 8am but i was wrong… 7pm pala! San ka pa db? Lahat ng prof ko sinasabi, “Next meeting na lang tayo…” hAh?! 1st class ko 7am, 2nd class ko 7pm? Hahaha!

I have to admit that there are times (lalo na ngayon) na gusto ko din na wala na lang talagang klase… Sayang lang effort ng mga studyante eh…

Sana lang ho, di agad sila nagagalit or nangdro2p ng studyante… Alamin muna nila rason ng studyante before sila magalit… Coz not all the students of AdU are lazy kaya di sila pumapasok/nakakapasok…  

Di ko naman nilalahat lahat ng Prof… There are Professors din naman na bukod sa lagi ng present, sorbrang galing pa magturo… Buti na lang nandyan pa sila… Maraming SALAMAT po…


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UP vs. AdU (73-42)
August 21st, 2008 posted by rubybardelosa under Criticism. [ Comments: 2 ]

What the F…! We lose again!!!

Know what??? Those players should NOT play anymore! Grrr! Kakahiya lang talaga… Before, nagpapasalamat na tau sa NU and sa UP coz in a way, may tinatalo pa tayo…. Ngayon, tinatalo na tayo ng UP! Next time, tatalunin na din tayo ng NU! Lagi na lang ba taung talunan??? Dapat di na tayo naglalaro db? everytime na may laban, wag ng pumunta.. Considered talo na agad… Grabe kasi… I was supporting them nung una… Thought they would be good this season. Mali pala ako…

Dunno what’s the problem with our players eh… Wala sa Coach ang prob eh.. I believe, Coach Austria is great!  ang yayabang lang talaga ng players naten…! Una porma bago gawa.. Hay… Can’t explain how mad i am now… Pardon me for the word but nata-T*NGA-han talaga ako sa kanila…

Hindi man lang ba sila nag-pra2ctice??? Masyado silang kampante. Kala nila porket UP or NU kalaban nila, lagi silang mananalo??? Especially Agustin! I don’t like that guy.. I don’t know him personally but he seems mayabang eh. Yung mga kilos nya, irritating…

Oh well… Talo na eh. We can’t do anything about it… All we can do is to pray for them for their next game… Sana manalo na….


Tags: UAAP-MensBasketballGame

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Certificate of enrollment: Revisited
July 4th, 2008 posted by euphemism under Criticism. [ Comments: 18 ]

Anu ang certificate of enrollment? Marahil pinapansin lang natin kung anu ang nakasulat sa unang bahagi ng kapirasong papel na ito. Marahil, tama ako sa pagpapalagay kong ito. Siguro nga, hindi napapansin ng mga kapwa ko Adamsonian ang mga bagay na nakasulat sa ibabang parte nito. Siguro natitignan nyo din iyon, siguro kapag malapit na ang bayaran ng tuition para malaman kung magkano ang iyong ibabayad…

Certificate of enrollment: revisited

Basic Parts:

Header - containing ang name ng univesity at logo

Student’s Profile - includes name of student, course, student number, academic year

Schedule - contains section, course code number, subject description, number of units, time, day, at room number

ASSESSMENT/ADDITIONAL FEES - self explanatory???

think twice, fellow adamsonian?

hindi lang UP ang may problema sa pagtaas ng tuition nila ng 300%…ooopsss, i did over exaggerate.

wala naman yatang nakakapansin na may tuition fee increase, hindi ko naman kasi nararamdaman…siguro slowly creeping, but then, alam ko naman na it is worth it, makikita naman sa physical facilities eh…BUT, may mga bagay na tumataas na nakakapag-pantig ng tenga, nakakaloka, nakaka-high-blood, nakakapag-init ng dugo at nakakaasar, mga klasmeyts…


1. Kunin mo ang iyong Certificate of Enrollment. Titigang mabuti. May napansin k ba? Kung meron ano? Malabo ba ang print? ok lang yan…nababasa mo pa ba? pilitin mo, para makita mo ang sinasabi ko sayo. Imulat ng makalawang beses ang mga mata, wag masyado pa-cute ang mag-singkit-singkitan.

2. Ibaba ang tinging sa lower part ng Certificate of Enrollment. Nakita mo na ba? may dalawang column dun - ASSESSMENT OF FEES ung isa, tapos meron ding ADDITIONAL FEES

3. Disect mo ang nilalaman nun. Try nating paganahin ang pagiging biologist natin at mag-disect tulad ng ginawa natin sa palaka nung kabataan natin. hahaha…


Unit LECTURE FEE - ok pa naman yan, klasmeyt. worth it pa naman yung binabayad natin dyan. May natututunan ka pa naman siguro sa mga profs mo? May naa-absorb ka naman? OK pa yan, it’s really worth it. Wala akong reklamo sa lecture fee, wak ka na reklamo. oki?

UNIT LABORATORY FEE - mahal ito talaga! mahal kasi mga gamit sa laboratory, kaya minsan lang gamitin. kaya ayon, minsan, naluma ng di man lang masyado nagamit. overprotected kasi. pero di ko naman pedeng i-blame yung mga may responsibility dun, kasi may mga klasmeyt naman tayong pasaway in nature.

ATHLETIC - akala ko noon, kapag may PE ka, mayroon talaga Athletic Fee. Ngayon ko lang nalaman, napamahal sakin at sa aking certificate of Enrollment yan. Hindi nyo ako masisisi kasi naman, hindi naman tayo masyado nananalo sa UAAP. Volleyball lang yata tayo magaling. Ewan ko, kayo ang mag-judge, klasmeyt.

AUPA - ano yung AUPA? Adamson University Parents’ Association? Meron pala nun? Parang wala ata invitation mga parents ng regular or under priviledged students? Kung parents association nga yung AUPA…help! ano ba talaga yung AUPA?

ENERGY COST, AIRCON CLASSROOM - klasmeyt, hindi natin pag-aari ang MERALCO, intindihin natin na talagang mahal ang kuryente sa panahon ngayon, wala naman sigurong system’s loss sa tuition natin pagdating sa aspetong ito. Dito lang ha…ansarap nga sa rooms eh, AIRCON. Sana i-centralized na ang buong Adamson. Dreaming big lang po!

GUIDANCE - owwssss? Meron palang guidance, usually kapag first year ka lang at graduating mo magagamit yan.

LABORATORY USAGE FEE - ano kaibahan nito sa UNIT LABORATORY FEE? Mahal na kaya ung unit laboratory fee, tapos mayroon pang laboratory usage fee? what’s the sense? Needs more explanation.

LIBRARY - Silence please. Not all the time dapat silent ka, yan ang tinuro sa akin ng Library. University na ang Adamson, hindi High School…siguro naman, alam nila ang bilang ng estudyante, aba, daig pa ang public school…agawan sa books dahil limited at minsan ancient o antique na yung books. tapos parang yearly taas ng taas ang fee. yun lang?

MEDICAL and DENTAL - paracetamol lang yata meron sa clinic..YATA is used in the sentence ha. Dental? Sinong dentist? Sino doctor? Ano naibibigay na service ng clinic sa students. pupuntahan lang ang clinic kapag may nararamdamang masama ang student, DAPAT, sila ang mag-reach out, hindi students. kaya madalas question yung fee na sinisingil para i-allot sa budget nila eh…wala man lang Health Week, Health Month, Nutrition Month, Wellness Campaign, etc., yung mga ganung bagay na mapro-promote sila. atleast nakita ng students yung pera nila is worth it.

REGISTRATION - para sa ID yata ito, in short kapag di ka enrolled, da gagana ID mo, susungitan ka na ng guard…hahahahaha…mahal pa din ang registration, eh hindi naman napapalitan yung ID mo, bagets ka forever sa picture mo sa ID…hahahaha…seriously, dapat SIGURO babaan ito, kasi hindi naman pinapalitan ang ID namin eh, kung pinapalitan yearly, ok lang, kahit taasan niyo pa, basta makita yung worth nung binayad mo

AUSG/RSO - member ka ng org di ba? ok lang yan…pero lately nagpalit na yata ng system sa AUSG, nawalan ng botohan this school year, saan na yung RIGHT OF SUFFRAGE ng students?

CHRONICLE - go chronicle! ang ganda kaya ng paper na ito, glossy pa ung cover, colored, maraming laman, worth Php 20.00, solve na yun! wag ka na bumili ng FHM, Maxim, etc., wala kwenta yun, dito ka na sa Chronicle! hahaha, dapat yata bayaran ako ng Chronicle, libreng advertisement ito ah…joke


MAILING FEE - Php 50.00 - mailing? liham? sulat? in this age of modern technology, magpapadala sila ng sulat sa bahay mo? Php 50.00? bakit? ano ito?

TEST PAPERS - Php 200.00 - ang mahal na test papers ha, lahat ba ng klase ng test kasama dito, baka naman kapag nagrequest ang professor ng ipa-photocopy ang test nya, eh sangkaterbang fill-up ng form dito, process ng paper dyan ang mangyari, malamang ang bagsak nyan sisingilin na lang nya students…ano silbi nyan? basta prof, libre sa photocopy centers sa Adamson? ganon? mahal mag-test sa Adamson ah, dapat nga provided nyo na yan kasi educational institution ang Adamson eh, di ba? or dapat kasama na sa bayad sa Unit Lecture fee, kasi part naman sya nun di ba? Sino nagpauso nito? Needs more explanation.

CULTURAL FEE - Php 400.00 - Magdadala ba ng Aeta o Igorot sa Adamson at magsasayaw sila sa mga rooms? HIndi ko maintindihan, cultural cultural pa, naku-CULTURE SHOCK KAMING STUDENTS sa cultural fee. BIgla-bigla na lang sulpot eh, sana i-advertise man lang dun sa mga TV at kiosk kung magdadagdag sila ng bagong fee tulad nito. Sino may pakana nito? Need More Explanation.

Wala naman akong nasi patamaan sa administration. Nagtatanong lang po?

THanks, just suggesting for better dissemination of information na kailangan, more than that, KARAPATAN NG MGA STUDENTS.

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What a shame…
April 22nd, 2008 posted by qwertyuiop under Criticism, News. [ Comments: 1 ]

Warning: über-sensitive video

YouTube Preview Image

Not so long ago, Filipino professionals on the field of medicine batted their eyelashes and vented out resentful sentiments because of a discriminatory slur labeled upon them by an American TV series. The said show quoted how vulgarly tacky and unprofessional Filipino medical practitioners were. It was ensued by a massive protest of Filipinos who wanted to exterminate the indelible stigma laid on our Filipino doctors, nurses and the like. Now, the notion of some foreign countries seem incorrigible as we blatantly proved that they are right.

A sickening and nauseating video about a patient who had a black suede spray paint inserted on his rectum was proliferating fast on the net, garnering different views and opinions, here and abroad. The incognito patient was infuriated because of the breach of privacy and the inhumane treatment, and he badly recalls how these people mocked him and videoed the removal of the canister in his rectum (hey, does this man know the purpose of his butthole?) while giggling in ineffable joy, as if he’s an experimental guinea pig. The inviolable Hippocratic Oath will turn impertinent and of no use if this kind of ill-bred doctors were still on the loose, causing abhorrent professional defamation and social disgrace. I’m not totally being one-sided here, but the video narrates it all. and the impact will have its way to ricochet on all of us. The shame is inescapable.

Below is the full uncensored version:

YouTube Preview Image

Tags: vicentesotto, medicine, criticisms, blacksuede

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ST gate guards
February 21st, 2008 posted by aeyrhonne under Campus Issues, Criticism, Uncategorized. [ Comments: 4 ]

[This text has been cleaned for the meantime, but a friendly warning to author: please read the Blogging Guidelines]

There was this incident na ung friend ko, hindi pinapasok ng guard sa ST gate (matangkad) dahil naka-tattered pants daw siya. The pants was not actually tattered but it was considered such according to the head of guards. The question is, how do they define “tattered?” This friend of mine was really asking almost all the guards on duty at that time, but none of them could answer… Nanghaharang pero nagtuturuan kung anong violation ang ngawa… ANG GULO DIBA!

And also, sinabihan ng isang guard yung isang friend ko na magpalit ng damit, e hindi naman kita ang kaluluwa eh sabi magpalit daw! My friend begged the guards to let her enter the campus because we had to take an exam, but hindi pa rin nila sya pinapasok. Wala talgang proper implementation ng rules (at my hawak silang student manual ha!) and they dont inform us students about the extent of these rules.

Goodluck sa inyong lahat.. Buti may mga natitira pang guards na matino.. (ung makulit sa my ped xing- “Tawid na po tau!” ehehe.) ayusin nyo buhay nyo kasi nalilito kameng mga “obeyers” naman kahit papano ng rules… Okies?

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Hinggil sa bagong “the Adamson Chronicle” bilang publikasyon ng admin
February 18th, 2008 posted by read_lapdog_read under Adamson Chronicle, Campus Issues, Criticism. [ Comments: 8 ]

Sa unang dampot mo nito pagpasok pa lang sa gate ng skul, aakalain mo na ito ang dating dyaryo na sumasalamin sa mga isyu sa loob ng skul, ngunit hindi.
Pag sinabing “mga isyu sa loob ng skul”, nag uusap tayo dito ng isyu hinggil:

1. Kalagayan at “struggle” ng mga Adamsonian, … pangkalahatan kalagayan ng Adamsonian bilang parte ng malawak na kabataan/estudyante na pinagsasamantalahan at pinagkakaitan ng mga batayang karapatan ng kasalukuyang rehimen …sa partikular, “struggle” ng isang Adamsonian sa loob ng skul. .. andyan ang “tuition fee increase”, talamak na “campus repression”, matinding kontrol ng OSA sa AUSG, naka-ambang “restructuring” sa AUSG (pakana din ng OSA/ admin syempre), pagkonti ng RSOs dahil sa pabago-bagong guidelines ng OSA. Ilan lamang yan…. kung tatanungin natin ang mga estudyante na nakakasalamuha natin araw-araw sasabihin nilang hindi lamang iyan, ipapartikular pa nila ang mga totoong isyu sa loob ng skul.

2. Kalagayan ng mga empleyado (academic at non-academic) sa loob ng skul, magmula sa mga propesor hanggang sa mga janitor, nararapat lamang na bigyan pansin ang kanilang estado sa loob ng kampus dahil sila din ay nakararanas ng pagsasamantala, at sila ang pangunahing kasalamuha, kasama at katuwang ng isang estudyantye sa loob ng kampus. Tandaan natin na ang CHRON ay naging susing makinarya at gumampan ng mahalagang ganap ng mga matagumpay na laban ng unyon (AUFEA) noong 2001.

Ang mga isyung nabanggit ay kadalasang natatabunan ng mga pabalat na mga isyu tulad ng mga usapin hinggil sa mga nailunsad na “seminars”, “concerts”, mga natamong awards, mga pagpapaganda sa pisikal na anyo ng skul at iba pa.. Hindi ko sinasabing hindi na dapat ipublish ang nga ito, totoo naman na “deserving” ang mga estudyante na malaman ang mga tagumpay na kanilang nakamit, malaman na may bagong “facilities” sa loob ng skul, o malaman na si ganyan ay na-promote na bilang ganito. Ngunit hindi ba mas nararapat na malaman ng estudyante ang totoong mga nangyayari sa loob ng skul, ang CHRON ay dpat magsilibing boses ng estudyante at salamin ng mga pakikibaka ng isang estudyante… ng isang Adamsonian.

…Nasa inyo (bagong CHRON), bilang mga manunulat na nagsisimula pa lamang, ang lahat ng panahon upang patunayan na tunay na “student publication” ang aming mababasa at hindi isa na namang publikasyon ng admin (tulad ng Ugnayan, at Adamson News). Hindi “deserving” ang mga estudyante sa isang publikasyon ng admin na nagkukubli lamang sa katawagang “official student publication.” Magsilbi sana itong hamon sa inyo na magsulat para sa masang estudyante.

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  • jetalarcon : ayos lang normal lang naman. makulit parin ung traffic enforcer sa pedestrian ng st-sv building
  • jddumawa : kamusta na po ang adamson? isang ordinaryong alumnus lang po ako ^^ bs bio grad
  • berthingy : aus sana kung sila tlga gumawa eh.. kaso bilib lng tlga ko kay kuya joel.. he3! tska ang lakas nyo tlga sa ABS no, try nyo namn sa ibang tv station.. malay niyo mauto nyo si mike enriquez.. he3! kung ako un, wla akong mha2rap na mukha sa national TV kasi PAGAWA lng ung project ko.. pero kau, mga MEGALOMANIAC kau eh, kaya malamang wlang epekto un.. he3!
  • Edrey : mga classm8s... cnu nkaka2lam kung anung software ung ginagamit ng adu s pg integrate ng grades nten... tska anu ung technological advantage nten s ibng univer... ok lng khit software o hardware... hehehe. assignment lng nmen....
  • mafia_27 : elowwww
  • MARIFE : evry1's nvytd 2 b a guest n Toastmasters Demo @ 1-3PM on Dec4, Eng'g Conf Rm, 2/F Ozanam Bldg..NO FEES 2 b collectd, c how FALCONS can SOAR HIGHER thru TOASTMASTERS!
  • marie : pnu b ilagay e2 s fs??
  • ambut_jerome : hahaha..falcon lets GO!
  • invaderzim : naloko ako nun.excited pa nmn ako sa bagong ish.
  • invaderzim : at mukhang chronicle ang adamson news.hahaha
  • invaderzim : hehe
  • invaderzim : yung radio ng adamson sa loob ng adamson.
  • invaderzim : heheeh
  • invaderzim : hrm
  • invaderzim : bago?hmmm...
  • Deity : pssttt! anong bago sa Adamson? !
  • tsunade : umayos kayo mga ece studes
  • esorieam : nangungulit lang
  • esorieam : pano mag-post sa live chat?
  • boldstar.AdU : konting common sense bro erebus! para kumita ang blog or ang isang site, kailangan maraming bumisita para makita yung mga ads, kung walang bibisita, mawawala ang ads, mawawalan ng kita yung site at magsasara.. paano na? paano na lalabas ang mga loser na kagaya nyo? hahaha.. sore loser!
  • boldstar.AdU : @erebus.hehehe.. di tayo pwede i-block ni admin, e di hindi kumita tong site kung mawawala ang bibisita dito?
  • eCe_bOsEs : jc, kita kits tau skul bukas....
  • eCe_bOsEs : aba erebus.. cnu ka ba sa tingin mo ha?? cnu nagbigay sau ng karapatan na paalisin kami.. wala kang karapatan at kahit kelan ndi ka magkakarun...hahaha...
  • erebus : ang blog na ito ay hindi joke, i hope that da admin of this blog will blocked ece boses etc.
  • eCe_bOsEs : bad magsabi ng pangalan boldstar_Adududu!!! baka ma-karma ka nyan...
  • boldstar.AdU : hahaha.. machong bading! ralph corsiga.. hahaha..
  • epalbusters : PANAWAGAN: wag kayo magpatulong kay jc, ano naman itutulong ng mga yan, puro blogs lang alam nyan, sa academics,wala, as in wala, nagkukunwari lang na may alam pero wala naman,
  • jctronix : @epalbuster: say what you want..manawagan ka pa..alam naman ng mga nagaavail ng tulong namin kung ano talaga ang ginagawa namin..kahit na wala naman kaming natatanggap na kung anu man..
  • jctronix : @boldstar:!
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • epalbusters : i know u always change,ikaw yata ang makapili ng dept.wag kayo magtiwala kay jc, doble-kara yan,kung saan may pakinabang, dun yan, great pretender
  • boldstar.AdU : away na to. hahaha..
  • jctronix : @epalbuster: i dont know kung paano mo nasabing anay ako. as far as i can see it tumutulong lang nman kasi ako. pero kung may point ka naman I would gladly change. sabihin mo lang kung ano yung nagpa-anay sakin..thanks!
  • jctronix : si mam de ocampo prof ko ng controls pero last 2 sems na ata..parehas tayo ng exams ng finals as others noted
  • jctronix : @erebus
  • epalbusters : mag aral ka maigi erebus, dont spend your time in blogging, lalo kang babagsak your lesson well..
  • epalbusters : ingat sa paglalakad, baka madapa ka
  • epalbusters : hello erebus..tapang mo ah..tingin-tingin ka lang sa paligid mo, ikaw din..kilala ka na yata..
  • erebus : managinip ka
  • erebus : hahaha
  • erebus : hoy jc mukha mo naka enroll ka sa control

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