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The Day Ku Klux Klan Dread the Most: Obama’s Victory
November 5th, 2008 posted by AJ007 under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Opinion. [ Comments: none ]

Mabuhay ka Barrack Obama ! ! !

Personally, I perceive Obama’s victory as a sign of time; that the type casted is now getting a chance to sow change in this corrupt world. And it is a phenomenon that it is happening to the most corrupt of the Western Powers. Does this mean that CIA “bucked” coup d’ tats against nationalist leaders of former Marxist (and still Socialist) states would be a non – existent? Does this mean that assassinations of third world leaders would stop? Does this mean that war would end? Does this mean that the too much hyped up Muslim – Christian war around the globe ends? Does this mean that the oppressed will now break its chains from the sinister power the lords over them?

If thats how the policeman of the word operates? Then we don’t want it.

The Blacks were America’s first victims. We all know how much the Black suffered from White supremacists. History books conveniently yield out the names of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X and Medger Evans, all slain in the Southern USA in the height of Klan activity and the movement for civil liberties. Hollywood commercialized the violence in movies like Mississippi Burning, Amistad, A time to Kill etc. There are even novels by John Grisham and Anne Moody depicting gross maltreatment to the Blacks.

The Blacks were labeled with so many slur like niggers, negroes, etc, they’re also exposed to different type of political persecution done through political doubletalk. The attack to healthcare benefits particularly pertaining to cardiac arrest which has a slight over the fact that the Whites get less attention because physiologically Blacks are more prone to heart attack.

A White as Mc Cain is, who couldn’t even distinguish between Sunni and Shiites said in one of this campaign: “he has a funny name” referring to the contender Barack Obama. This Mc Cain said after bragging his military career hinting on another slight on Obama as a draft dodger who converted to Muslim. But that’s beside the point.

With the change that Obama epouses, hopefully, oil monopoly will end too, and that energy distribution will be of a larger scale now. And the “tokamak” technology would prosper to pave the way for a cleaner and more far reaching energy production. Hopefully, stemcell research would continue. Technology tarnsfers would be more open and study grants for scientific advancement would be open.

There are people who aren’t that ready for change. Actually, anti-Obama politicking even reached here, a media outfit that obviously airs Gloria’s crap has one of its worthless newsman feature the US election, as sure as he was US Embassy sponsored, he gave Mc Cain a longer airtime feature.   

Of course there are people that oppose the brand of change that a person like Obama espouses, needless to say they could be racist. Or simply belonging to other political line. Needless to say, the Ku Klux Klan didn’t support Obama.

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Ngayon si Teehankee, pagkatapos ay si Go
October 21st, 2008 posted by indierock under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Gossip, News, Opinion. [ Comments: 4 ]

Wow! Ang saya naman ng site na ‘to! Sino ba nag imbento nito?

Ma-a-anghang ang mga kontribusyon dito. Ayos ah! Yung iba naman halos pang asar lang. Yung iba naman halos puro “lifted” lang and mga ideya. Wala na ba talagang senyal ng matalinong ‘life form” sa daigdig?  Mamaya lilibutin ko ang site na ito, pero sa ngayon, gagawa muna ako ng blog…

Nakakatawa, parang may “trend” ang lipunan. Ang mag kriminal na walang habas na pumapatay ng ganun-ganon lang ay binibigyan ng “executive clemency,” pero ang mga kalaban ng gobyenong ito at nabubulok sa bilangguan. Eh ‘di natural, alangan ba naman bigyan mo ng puwang ang kalaban mo, eh di lalamunin ka nito ng buhay. Pero kung pakakawalan mo ang mga mayayamang kriminal, eh ‘di may dagdag  pondo ka sa eleksyon.

Talaga nga naman… Nakaw dito, nakaw doon, lahat marunong mag nakaw. bata, kumukupit ng kendi sa tindahan…ang “cute.” Pag laki laki pera na, pag nasa eskwela na “school funds” pag sa trabaho na, “corporate funds” pag sa gobyerno, and buwis na pinataw ka ulo ng ina nya…wehehehehehe…. Kanya, kanyang istilo yan, sa ating pangulo, mga kriminal, si Erap, si Teehankee, si Go… pera yan eh. Kwarta, kwarta, gusto ko ng kwarta…hehehehe

Ano? para sa ‘unity’? O’ magnanimity? Eh ‘bat yung mga aktibista nabubulok sa kulungan? Kasi walang kwarta…

Pangako, kompromiso, “deals”…yun ay mga taktika lamang “carrot-on-a-stick” ika nga. Pag mahirap ka… walang  “clemency.”


Take the case of peasant rights advocate Randy Echanis, a veteran activist since the Ferdinand Marcos years. It’s almost a year now since he was imprisoned on trumped-up murder charges filed against him by the government. Arrested in Negros while attending a consultation on the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill, he was transported by helicopter to Leyte, where he was charged with multiple-murder. Last July, he was brought to the police general headquarters Camp Crame and, in August was illegally transferred to the Manila City Jail.

Ito pa:

Ka Randy, in solitary confinement from 1984 to 1986, was released after People Power I. Like a true servant of the people, he went back to peasant organizing upon his release. But in 1990 he was arrested again by the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Naval Intelligence and Security Force. He was released in 1992 only after a case filed against him for illegal possession of firearms was dismissed by the Manila Regional Court. Throughout those years of imprisonment, Ka Randy suffered physical, psychological and mental torture and humiliation but his spirit remained strong. Though separated from his loved ones, he never wavered in his commitment. He helped found Karapatan, an alliance for the advancement of human rights.

Ito pa:

How can this government release a man who brutally killed a young girl while it continues to detain more than 200 political prisoners on trumped-up charges? It is easier for this government to show mercy to a convicted murderer than to listen to the cries for justice coming from victims of enforced disappearance, torture and unjust imprisonment. Human rights, peace and justice activists are languishing in jail under harsh conditions.

Walang hustisya, laro ng numero ang lahat ng bagay, at an disiyon ng numero ay nasa kapakinabangan. pak wala pela, wala hustisya eh, kayo tanong Ah-Tek ha…wehehehehehe

Kaya sa isang “whinner” dyan na udyok ng udyok ng gulo tungkol sa ng yari sa kanya nuong unang panahon. Senya na ‘pre… boplogs ka eh… Peace!

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The Trillanes Factor
October 17th, 2008 posted by AJ007 under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Campus Issues, Campus News, Criticism, Current Events, News, Opinion, Student Government. [ Comments: 1 ]

During the time when I still believe that the system would change overnight, I chance upon a book in National Book Store or NBS called LOGCOM (logistics command). I got a bit interested because I was an officer in the ROTC then (in Adamson) so I flipped through the pages. It turned out to be a sort of an expose. Back then I find it extremely radical that a serviceman in AFP would have a spine to write anything like that. Actually, it’s still a phenomenon for me not because I care a lot about it but as a TAX PAYER now, I find it a farce if not tragedy.

It highlighted the fact that military provisions are prone to abuse. Example, a military 6X6 truck was used as a “practice driving” vehicle for the wives of senior officers. Another example, a helicopter was used to transport senior officers (based in the provinces) and wives for a shopping spree in the cities. Bullets sold to the enemies? The book further explained the gripes that precipitated into disgruntlement that further lead down the path to adventurism.

Yet, with adventurism, comes another disgruntlement that plunged the cause of the series of military mutinies during the 80s into quagmire. Some soldiers who were given amnesty later said that those glib tongued “recruiters” left them behind when the “operation” finally met the wall.

One commented: Ang mga putang inang mga ‘yan, ginamit kami na parang mga puta…”

That has been the problem with the earlier putsches; so many men who would have been heroes were branded traitors. All for a strong cause but with a hallow leadership. There was this time when they had been leaderless for several days after that particular coup, but some men stayed behind. Not all of the leaders were escape artists though; Col. Alexander Noble for example won’t be pacified and chose to stay behind with his men. Then several days later, a Philippine Star issue would flaunt news about Col. Noble’s arrest after destroying US Fighter planes “sitting duck” in Clark Air Base, Pampanga; of course the rest is history. Had it not from the then Philippine Marine Commandant, now Sen. Biazon (a true clean soldier) who literally exposed himself to danger when he stood between the Rebels and pro – government soldiers who were at the brink of armed confrontation, more lives would have been claimed. But these were men of conviction both from different sides of the line. They were brothers divided, some are even real brothers. And they suffered a lot of psychological draw back since.

But what about the cause? Of course it could be brilliant. It was for reform and usual rhetoric of “being too cozy with the reds” thing, apart from “real” status quo like corruption, monopoly, selling of sovereign territory (paid to us as war reparation) to the host country itself. Maybe there was some  personal reason like the killing of Maj. Francisco Baula inside his cell on the guise of him trying to escape “USING A LADDER” at that as if he needed one to do it.

But of course, story has it that it was a badly botched up putsch. And I was a young boy when it happened. I enjoyed the sight of fighter planes seen in the sky in an act of a dogfight. But what is clear though is that they became leaderless, and some (or most) Rebels felt betrayed.

This is the edge of Sen. Trillanes; he did not leave his men behind. He joined them in prison. Another book in NBS AFP before Gringo has it that unlike his “predecessors” Trillanes did not compromise. As a proof, he’s still in jail right now. Only God knows what circumstance would bring him out of there but by the looks of it. He will rather rot in there than to compromise. But a person of such fortitude will not wear out.

Nature has an inquisitive way of “boring through veracity” (that’s a line from former President Marcos’ book, I forgot the title though). In a system like this, in a situation like this, an economic condition like this. It’s like history repeating itself. And it vindicates Trillanes. WHY? Because incarcerating him didn’t stop all these follies from happening. With him in prison, he couldn’t be associated with somebody who stands in the way of “progress” of the strong republic anymore, yet these are all happening. And shame on us who has professors who helped install this “hegemony” with a promise of 1.0 additional point to averaged grade which brings some Adamsonians to EDSA II. ONE FACULTY MEMBER IN THE CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT WOULD ARGUE THAT IT WOULD BE FOR “INTELLIGENT GOVERNENCE” oh yeah, and why “bribe” students with a plus on a grade? Shame on idiotic students too who took advantage. I didn’t and I got an incomplete for that subject. But I digressed.

Sure the nose diving trend of global exchanges has nothing to do with it but what did our genius economic dream team do to prevent it from affecting us, and Trillanes is at bay unable to perform his “filibustering”?  Of course the “intelligent” spin doctors of this “governance” has a ready answer. One of them even suggested… ‘to Jesus Christ.’ But he’s no ecominist, he’s a bootlicker nontheless.

As a soldierTrillanes will never be viewed like someone who leaves a man behind. He’s viewed as someone with unwavering conviction and that catapulted his name to the Senate. Besides in his “spur – of – the – moment” Pen Siege, the majority of those went there were media men, pillars of the fourth state of democracy. Eye and ears of the people.

I concede though that the rest remains to be seen.


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My UNJUST Termination from The Adamson Chronicle in January 2000
October 14th, 2008 posted by AJ007 under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories. [ Comments: 4 ]

When the Editorial Board 1999 - 2000 terminated me, it paved the way to bold abuse which resulted to the admin decision to padlock TAC and mothballed it until the new admin selected board was installed. Here’s the “story…”

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge: Mark Gamboa's Sworn Statement


Since things have gone awfully bad when I wrote down my first “Writing on the Wall,” I am writing this second one hopefully to clear things out. When I say I would “hopefully”clarify things, of course I mean to write the “my side of things” aspect because the other side has already stated their case.

My former Editor–in–Chief (EIC) formerly Maria Celia Clave, now Mrs. Cabasal (according to a reliable source: Friendster) attacked my “Writing on the Wall” blog with old lies that she used against me. It made my case very dramatic; “romantic” is an understatement, but that’s how they want to make it appear to be, dramatic and romantic.

Of course, it garnered some support if I may call it an “unholy alliance” then it’s just my style of stating it. The favorite bootlicker would be the former artist whose illusions make him unable to differentiate between black and white and would rather cling to the lies Celia and her cohorts — dramatized and romanticized — to justify their acts. Of course, I am talking about Aldrin Esteban.

There were few people who didn’t sign my termination. I am sure with my detestable character and my acrid tongue, they also hated me one way or the other but they didn’t see it correct to terminate me on flimsy accounts concocted by Celia and her favorite henchman who is now a persona non grata in Adamson.

For the people who didn’t sign my termination paper, I really don’t know what’s your stand now but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I understand that I have also insulted you in some way but still, you proved to be fair. They are Marilyn Puno, who sternly shook her head when asked to sign. Maria Socorro “Soccy” Hermanos, who deliberately defied Celia’s cohorts when they visited her in her residence in the wee hours of the night just to solicit her signature.

And finally, Mark Zember Gamboa. Mark, signed, though, but he gave me a sworn statement on the manner that he was forced to sign by Jeffrey Hanapon, Celia’s henchman.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge: The "overkill" pamphlet Celia and the TAC distributed.

The fateful December 1999 Editorial Board Meeting

  • I was late for the said meeting. I went up to the Penthouse office and when I opened the door, the whole board was there, crammed up in the small SV Building penthouse office.
  • Somebody was already speaking in front. It was Jeffrey Hanapon. He was explaining to the whole board why six people should be suspended. At one point in the meeting, Celia and Jeffrey agreed that “spies” should be dealt with. Celia insinuated something like “Kasi matagal na sanang wala na dito si Luste kudi lang sa isang tao dito.”
  • Celia was referring to me. I was the one whom she sent to spy on Luste because of his involvement with Ugnayan, a student paper for scholars which TAC viewed to be an admin-run paper. Also, Luste suggested the creation of an INTERIM EDITORIAL BOARD (will be tackled later)
  • I was irritated too much with the way the meeting was proceeding. I admit I began shouting my explanation on why Luste and the six members have nothing to do with TAC’s then problems. The problems were in fact the unliquidated money, the overstaying, the expensive “PRESS WORK.”
  • Celia cut me off and screamed that I should go out: “Labas, labas dito, wala ka sa ayos.”
  • I went out, Marilyn and her boyfriend accompanied me. They consoled me and advised me to simply apologize to her “Ate Cel.”
  • But I wouldn’t, I went home and didn’t go up to the office since.

And I fought TAC

  • Because Ms. Celia Clave humiliated and screamed at me to get out of the TAC office on that fateful night of December 1999, I left the office consumed in anger.
  • I weighed things out and waited for my anger to subside. I tried to cool myself down before I went on to reason with the board, particularly with Celia Clave, the Editor–in–Chief.
  • Then, a friend in the board whom I ‘m having a contact with told me that my termination was coming, so I hurriedly devised a plan to dislodge the top three positions in the board by any means necessary. Those people whom I trusted did not live out to as idealistic as I thought and turned against me.
  • I learned later that one of them talked to my enemies in the board. Then days after the Christmas break, I saw some TAC members at the CS Gate, ST Gate and SV Gate distributing leaflets attacking my person. It was their justification for my termination.
  • I hurriedly wrote a Position Paper (riddled with grammatical flaws) and submitted it to the Office of the Vice President, Fr. Payuyu. I intended to have a dialogue with the TAC Members in front of the Admin and AUSG representatives and the minutes of the dialogue should be “transcribed.”
  • Fr. Payuyu sent me to the OSA Director Mr. De Guzman who asked me to go to AUSG.
  • I met with the AUSG President then, Mr. Ernani Erjas who sent me back to OSA who now admitted that they don’t want their actions to be viewed as “curtailment of (campus) press freedom.”
  • I went back to Fr. Payuyu feeling rather impatient about the delay. But the former sent me again to OSA. And from OSA to AUSG.
  • I went outside the campus to speak with friends who can help me. I was given a pro bono counsel. The counsel told me to gather more evidence. The OSA want me to have a voice recorded conversation. My counsel told me that it was weak since recorded data from celluloid films, digital or electronic sources are not admissible in the court as far as Philippine Laws are concerned.
  • I gave it a shot because I was desperate. I was lent a tape recorder and used it when I talked with Celia. AND BE IT KNOWN THAT SHE DID NOT NOTICE IT UNTIL I CALLED HER TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE EDITORIAL BOARD EXAMS WHERE SHE USED MY NAME AS AN EXAMPLE OF A REBEL THAT SHOULD NOT BE EMULATED. I sort of bluffed her to stop using my name because I got a tape recorded conversation with her. She told me it was unfair so I destroyed the tape.
  • Then the waiting time for the Admin to invite them was unbearable. It severely affected my academic life. I didn’t attend some subjects because of it. I had to sit down with OSA for over an hour to wait for the director.
  • I got exhausted. I talked to my professors to give me an incomplete grade because I am not to attend any of my classes anymore. Some failed me. But it was ok. It was my CHOICE, as suggested by Celia.
  • Then it was the beginning of my strife until the Adamson Chronicle got shut down for good in 2005.

ERWIN LUSTE and the Interim Editorial Board

  • When Alvin Julian (EIC, EB 1998 – 99) didn’t show up with the Financial Statement (FS) in the summer of 1999, the staff of TAC who “passed” for the new Editorial Board of 1999 – 2000 could not enroll because we were all in the Admin’s delinquent list.
  • As we needed to enroll and we needed a way around it because it seemed that Julian was taking forever to submit it, Luste came up with a plan.
  • He proposed an Interim Editorial Board.
  • This would nullify Julian’s exam results and would make the interim board members pave the way to total rectification of the TAC.
  • It was welcomed by Jeffrey Hanapon. It was welcomed by Celia Clave. I’m all for it. Then, all of a sudden, Julian showed up with the exam results and the FS. Luste, for merely suggesting the creation of the interim board, was suddenly seen in bad light. And I was branded by Hanapon as an admin spy.
  • With that, he suggested to Julian that I should be weeded out of the board.

Analysis on Mr. Jeffrey “Persona non grata” Hanapon

  • Talking about treason and being a traitor, in my opinion, he’s a best fit for the definition. Why?
  • Because first, he agreed to the creation of the interim editorial board, but he later turned coat just to free himself off the hook.
  • He has involvements with the AUSG back then but he hit Mark Zember Gamboa for the issue of occupying a double position.
  • He “stealthily” intimidated members of the board to sign my termination.
  • I think it was convenient for Jefferey Hanapon to get rid of me.

Analysis on Celia Clave

  • She attacked my earlier blog “Writing on the Wall” claiming it told of half truths. How come?
  • Because of the reasons she wants to refresh me about and these are:
  1. “incurring tutorial classes worth three times (3x) the regular tuition fee you passed on the publishers to pay”
  2. “the tape recorder you intended to maliciously used on me”
  • Now talking about HALF TRUTHS, Celia seems to have forgotten these facts:
  1. TUITION 3X THE REGULAR – Cel, do you remember the Office of the Treasurer sent you a letter about my petitioned subject? And you’re right, it was thrice the usual amount. Of course, you could recall, because you talked to me outside the office about it telling me it was way too much. Of course, I agreed though in the back of my mind I know you allowed another editorial board member get away with his own expensive petitioned subject and shouldered by TAC. Then again, it wasn’t thrice the amount like mine.
  2. MY TERMINATION – Do you still remember the leaflets you made (OUT OF STUDENTS’ MONEY AS USUAL) against me. You stated my “3X the tuition” issue in there when in fact it was beside the point. Obviously, you’ll do that because I was your “enemy” and you wanted to undo me by any means necessary. I guess that explains the recorder tactic to “maliciously spell you” because in the same way, we were adversaries, and I needed to prove my case against the board.
  • Now my friend Celia Clave didn’t answer this at all. Instead she posted another comment, and in that she stated:

Yes your right, you think that in my term we will going to a process of self-cleansing or better said as rectification. You are part of it, we break the rules and make new laws, and we cut off the “traditional” way of the past and clean the dirt of insubordination.”

And most importantly:

The good thing after your termination is we moved on”

  • Now, does this statement by Clave add up with Hanapon’s will to get rid of me way back then?
  • Celia even asked me to “talk things out over a cup of coffee.”
  • But she couldn’t answer my argument fair and square here, sending me a Friendster message later hinting that she’s calling it quits.

Further events

  • I contested my termination while my agitation increased. They published a leaflet calling me a traitor, war instigator, “makapili” and all that jazz. They all publicly humiliated me. But now, Celia is here so very concerned that “someday 20 years from now, maybe my son could visit this site archives, and I will not take your writings just by sitting down and allow you to take my name or my term to mess.” Judging from the way you “tarnished” my name in public, I didn’t know you’re so sensitive about your own public image. Do you realize you are not the only one who has kids?
  • TAC changed the constitution, allowing certain abusive rules such as the justification of overstaying.
  • I quit school, my name is in a mess and I had to worry about my day to day existence so I worked.
  • Even after quitting school, I am still contacting OSA from time to time to pursue my case. There was around this time when Joe Bert Lazarte emailed me regarding a copy of the old TAC constitution and by-laws, which i was trying to borrow from him as per OSA’s requirement to bolster my case. Joe Bert didn’t lend me. Simply because he couldn’t stand a TAC in–fighting.
  • So about Celia’s statement: “Corruption: ask Joebert about it, it’s the reason we changed the printing press.”
  1. The reason why we changed the printing pres is we still have ‘utang’ at the JMC (or MJC, I forgot) Press because of the oink books under Julian’s term. Remember?
  2. And Celia should know better than to hit Joe Bert, because if we had the old constitution back then, your whole Chronicle Mafia would have been fried good.

Then I went back to school full of resolve to re-open my case. I even sent a letter to the the EIC named Belgica back then asking her to yield Hanapon. I was asking for the transcript of the dialogue between me and Hanapon. Hanapon answered OSA through a letter that the EIC won’t allow it. What a coward!

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Mrs Prof ng ECE Dept
October 5th, 2008 posted by Sakristang_hudas under Adamson Chronicle, Campus Issues, Campus News, Criticism, Exposes, Gossip, News, Opinion. [ Comments: 46 ]

Grabe ang final exam namin sa isa naming subject sa ECE. Ass in yung sasakyan hindi namin napatakbo. Baka ang mangyari kami ang takbuhan nitong prof na ito. Hindi na nga naibalik midterm exam namin tapos ganito pa nangyari sa final exam namin. Sana hindi natutulog si ECE Chairman para makita nya itong sitwasyon namin. Mam GISING naman po. Try to clean your department lalo na sa mga existing prof nyo sa dept. May mga living dead na prof dun paswelduhan lang ng Adamson. Hay grabe talaga!

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Writing on the wall
September 27th, 2008 posted by AJ007 under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Campus Issues, Campus News, Opinion. [ Comments: 24 ]

Joe Bert sent me a picture thru my email. It was taken from a Friendster account, and not just some Friendster account but that of my friend, Celia Clave. The picture depicts a writing on the white board taken from the old Adamson Chronicle (TAC) office. We used the white board to write, to leave insults, grievances and things to remember during press works.

The writing on the white board was angry, typical of a loose cannon, devastated, a loser, the kind that hangs on teetering on the corner but still won’t give up the fight. And that writing was mine…

I am Allan Jay Q. Martirez. I am proud to say that along with Celia Clave and the rest of us, passed the Editorial Board exams in the summer of 1997. And it was not just some exam but an exam made and facilitated by Joe Bert Lazarte. Then that was my baptism of fire in the publication. I enjoyed it, the UAAP coverage for free, thanks to Tito Escaño, our Associate Editor who thought I could handle it back then, the prestige of the by–line, and being one of the prime movers of campus opinion.

Joe Bert Lazarte is not just a name, but a legend. He’s won numerous literary awards, if I’m a physicist in the league of Enrico Fermi or Oppenheimer, Joe Bert is Einstein. Yet my writing skill is no way near Fermi nor Oppenheimer if it was physics but the days after Joe Bert’s time and beyond has sown in me hatred as explosive as Oppenheimer’s Atomic bomb (thanks to Fermi).

Celia Clave is not just another name. She went up the ladder to become the Editor–in–Chief (EIC) and is a versatile writer that could write both English and Pilipino articles very well.

You see, back then, I look up to Joe Bert, Tito, Ronnie (my EIC during the time I first entered TAC), and Alvin Julian. The names I mentioned had become EICs themselves except for Tito who decided to quit it all and left the TAC undisciplined. I am one of those unruly members, and so I personally resented Tito’s decision. But life had to go on…

To be continued…

YouTube Preview Image

Continuation… 9:39 am 29th September 2008

Actually, when I was still a newbie at the publication, I heard the tenured ones discussing about the Chronicle. I remember one saying that if all the administrators in Adamson would be like Fr. Belita, then TAC wouldn’t have been a radical publication that it was during our time. I concluded quickly that those writers were after all unlike my comrades in our activist leftist organization in which I had been involved with before entering the Chronicle, that those writers, even in there subconscious minds only want reform in Adamson and that they are upholding the role of the campus publication to bring about that reform. Most important was, they were not loose cannons; they in fact commend people, an administrator at that, who they think is doing a good job.

Then they veered at a different topic attacking the revolutionary nature of change that the left espouses, saying that the rhetoric, the tone, the well-versed chants and the melodrama wouldn’t really bring about change. We were talking about political issues at that time, the vote shaving, and the possibility of the culture permeating into the college level; so I chipped in my two cents’ worth of opinion saying that even the political parties inside the school are partisan to the national level political parties and that the jockeying of these outside forces — including the traditionally corrupt and left-leaning groups — are obvious during the supreme council elections. It didn’t surprise anyone, when I thought I solved the “general relativity” of the whole argument. Tito Escaño just afforded me a mocking smile as if amused by my courage to tell them the obvious, sort of undermining their intellect. Alvin Julian managed to give me a nice smirk, Ronnie’s eyes pierced through his glasses. At least Joe Bert had the courtesy to veer to a different topic saving me from further embarrassment. It was their favorite topic, speciation, Hawkings, Camus, etc. … those thing that I can’t relate with, but save me from my state of being at that time, God, my cheeks were so red that time hehehe.

When I got terminated from the Adamson Chronicle due to reasons my enemies back then prod me into doing, rather knowing how irrational I could be when my pot head acted on a situation, I was cursing Joe Bert Lazarte and Tito Escaño. Because in my understanding of the situation, it wouldn’t have happened to me if they were there to shed light to the whole situation…

To be continued. . .

Last entry . . October 4, 2008 10:09 AM

But this is an old grudge.

An old issue that could have died out naturally a long time ago.

Frankly it affected me. It affected my well-being. It haunted me through it all. It’s as if I saw the world’s new face, the thing that I never anticipated. Can’t trust anyone, anymore, drifting from one job to another.

Frankly, how I wish I didn’t see that picture of that scribbling on the white board. It bears nothing but bad memories. As for me I forced myself to let go, to move on, not to feel the pain at all. But the sordid past has to catch up with me somehow.

I know you won’t be interested at all but what forced my hand to take that decision less that a decade back (8 years, as suggested by Aldrin Esteban) was my frustration over the Editorial Board of 1999 – 2000. I thought it was a new board, I thought it would serve as the “Sword of Gideon” that would root out the problems that the students were facing, and after all, they were our publishers. I thought it was a SELF–CLEANSING BODY.

On that fateful night that sparked it all, during that editorial board meeting, I thought we were going to talk about rectification, mending the wrong ways and devising a plan to correct on our wrong footing. But no! HELL NO!!!

By the looks of it, we were going to pamper the delusion that we inherited, that instead of looking into our accountability, we instead were going to hit on innocent people, much more OUR OWN.

Yes, we were harassed! The AUSG together with some left–leaning groups were at it, they were training their scopes on us, on our every mistake, our inability to publish, our publication’s content, our inability to liquidate. But those bastards who were after us only wanted to replace us all. How I remember them trying to infiltrate the board by seeding the editorial board exams with their members. Of course, they would harass us, they wanted to see us startled, make more mistakes. The calls every morning, every afternoon, asking us where we were putting the students’ money. Our in–fighting. I for one was tasked to track down a member’s activity who was then suspected of being a SPY. A “spy” for God’s sake that did not exist. Why were we even fighting when we only have to show them that we were not corrupt and redirect the issue to corrupt administrators, teachers who were incompetent, the “façade mentality” that takes on the direction of constructions in Adamson. There were so many issues to choose from to take “their” eyes off us. All it should have taken was one honest move.

On that night, six members of the editorial board were about to be punished with suspension, whose sins were merely not making themselves available during press works. Press works? WHAT PRESS WORK?

Oh, maybe, “press work” meant those late night “intellectual conversations,” or the nights in some fast food spending over PhP200 per head courtesy of our publishers. Or those were the nights spent in expensive bowling lanes, thanks to gullible students.

What ever happened to the old TAC Credo?

To Sin by Silence

When we must Protest

Makes Cowards out of Men…

Silence is no longer deafening, and the way it looks is no longer sinful but a comforting silence.

And why protest when all is on the take, when all is happy?

Cowards? Strength is in number.

After my termination, the constitution and by laws of the publication got revised. I really don’t know but I’ve heard that it was a happier law for them. First, I couldn’t contest my termination because of the new constitution, and then later, I heard it put a member through law school. Thanks to the students’ money, of course.

The old Chronicle board was the black horse for corruption. And those people who were in the bottom of the pecking order got promoted to Top Dog, a.k.a. “editor–in–chief” simply because of their loyalty. Those people with an unbearable idiotic IQ then claim “intellectual brilliance” borrowing lines from dead philosophers, posing as “left-leaning intellectuals” or even atheists.

I remember a conversation with Joe Bert. Not really an INTELLECTUAL conversation because my friend Joe Bert hates being called an “intellectual” to his face.

So, there was this time that he asked me why did I become a leftist. I gave him a rhetoric answer. He didn’t reply for some time, and then told me that if I only knew each and everyone in this country, then maybe I’d shun my convictions.

Tito Escaño once said that when your stomach begins to knock, “your shallow philosophy will fly out of the window.”

What I like best about Joe Bert and Tito is that, they hate posers.

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Just passing by
August 27th, 2008 posted by paniking_gutom under Adamson Chronicle. [ Comments: 28 ]

     Medyo matagal rin akong nawala sa eksena dito sa at nagulat ako sa aking inabutang maaanghang na palitan ng diskuyon at kuro-kuro. Nakakatuwa. Nakakalungkot. Pero dapat may natututo.

     “Hindi Pula’t dilaw ang tunay na magkalaban…” -tatsulok by Noel Cabangon

     Ano ba talaga ang issue? Ang lumang Kronikel o ang bago? Ang article na PBB o ang pangit na layout? Si tikgirl, Gervic, The onlooker o si Ms. Paredes? Baka naman si Invader Zim at ang animo’y nawawalang magandang camera na kronikel? Sa totoo lang, wala sa nabanggit ang issue. Ang totoong issue ay ang kalagayan ng Adamsonian noon, ngayon at ang magiging kalagayan nila sa hinaharap.

     TFI o Tuition Increase. Tama si onlooker. Lumang issue. Pero taon-taon nandiyan pa rin. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, may panahong napigilan ng Kronikel sa tulong na rin ng AUSG at mga estudiyante and pagtaas ng matrikula. History repeats itself. Nagawa noon, magagawa rin ngayon. Siguro’y kailangan lang mag eksperimento para muling mapigilan ang pagtaas ng matrikula.

     “Unexperienced writers and editors”. Sa tingin ko dapat ibasura na muna natin ang ideyang ito. As long as ang bawat isa ay handang matuto walang magiging problema diyan.

     “Old Kron VS New Kron”. Parang balita lang iyan. There’s no such thing as good news or bad news ergo walang bago at lumang Kron. Iisang dugo lang tayo pero may iba’t-ibang ideya. Subukan nating pag-isa-isahin at itama ang pagkakamali ng bawat isa.

      Para sa mga taong involved sa diskusyon dito. Relax lang. Set tayo ng date tapos kita-kita tayo para mas maganda. Para mawala angas nating lahat. O kaya gumawa tayo ng monthly meeting sa luneta para mapagusapan natin ang mga plano para mas mapaganda ang Kronikel. Para sa mga interesado, email niyo ako.



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It’s been 8 long years!
June 24th, 2008 posted by clave under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Uncategorized. [ Comments: 1 ]

It’s been 8 long years since I stopped writing literally, even in my journal; I hardly updated it since I graduated. 

It was a busy corporate world I have stocked in for almost a decade. A different world from where I was before. The struggle was more than just of the papers to be edited and published. It was the real world I pictured when I was in the publication, people in the working force experiencing injustice, paranoia of insecurity and boredom, and the never ending struggle for rights and benefits for the few who can divulge themselves and for the quarter of people who remain silent for years. 

It was a good camouflage. I had to conceal myself and my background after I failed on my first ever interview because of the radical answers on the question, “So on your term, how was the relationship of the student publication and the administration on your university?” 

I learned the art of concealment and latter unmasked it to start organizing the workforce and deal with their problems. 

It was then I realized the reality of hanging on the cliff between the management and the workforce. Infiltrating and organizing of those on the ground, and making a great deal of development and improvement on the larger scale. 

Latter on, I had to choose a side from where I could be beneficial or from where people could take their stand. Standing on the other side could give a long term career and fame, and choosing to be with them would mean a retirement. 

To choose or not to choose it was tainted one. I remembered I fired two contractual for some serious grounds, work-related-repeated-offenses, without any considerations and without thinking their families. It was a hard decision, that even my life has been endangered for the angst and retaliation of those who loose their jobs. 

Then I asked who am I now? Is this the struggle I fought for so long? 

Then I realized that people changed, it was not always the confinement from the past ideologies, it can be reconstructed, it can be modified and it can be streamed down in order to understand and to justify the struggle of those who are on the top and for those always appears as victims. 

I still have a long way to go… 

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February 20th, 2008 posted by JB under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Opinion. [ Comments: 2 ]

I’ve been silently observing the thread of “debates” here, and I have to say, one comment (by iratealumni, on this post), quite articulately puts things in a clear perspective.

He/she is right. If we want to criticize, we have to be sure that we’re actually “above” the flaws we’re criticizing; if not, the so-called “criticism” easily ends up as merely heckling. And heckling is unnecessarily annoying; even “great, funny men” like Jerry Seinfeld are sensitive to it. I would say something that rhymes, but I only have “pot calling the kettle black” right now.

Some of the comments about the “new” Chronicle tend to go over the top: it’s like a running demonstration of “How To Jump To Conclusion Like A Pro And Influence People.” But then again, you can’t really dictate how people express themselves… Until something happens.

Something like this:

Hindi “deserving” ang mga estudyante sa isang publikasyon ng admin na nagkukubli lamang sa katawagang ‘official student publication.’ Magsilbi sana itong hamon sa inyo na magsulat para sa masang estudyante. ”

This doesn’t sound challenging at all. This is a blatant insinuation. Just because the staff of the new Chronicle wrote positive issues, one could readily conclude that they are pro-admin “in the making”. You all have no right to judge the people behind the new Chronicle based on the first issue.

You are worrying unnecessarily. You worry so much that the new staff will be manipulated by the admin. Isn’t that very degrading for these people? It’s like insinuating that they don’t have brains at all! How could you even make that deduction? Do you guys know any of the new staff personally, intimately?

Why don’t you people give the new staff a break and let them do their work?

If you have a truckload of aversion against the administrator, how they run the school, etc, etc… then… by the love of God, transfer to another school! Like there are thousands of Universities in Manila! Nobody’s forcing you to stay. Chronicle can’t be a tool for whiners.

Sure you had your shine during those days… but it’s over. Get over it! You can not tell the staff how they should run the new student publication. It’s not fair. And it’s not very mature to gang up on the new kids. That is so juvenile.

If you really mean to help, then HELP! If you want to criticize, please do and bear in mind that there’s a proper way of doing it without sounding like an ill-bred rodent bunking out in the sewages of Ermita.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

Very well said. So kids, remember that the next time you say the words “Adamson Chronicle” and “admin” in the same sentence.

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Ceasefire sa TAC
February 18th, 2008 posted by stiban_graffiti under Adamson Chronicle. [ Comments: 13 ]

Tingin ko nasabi na ang lahat ng pwedeng sabihin ng parehong panig.

Sa nangyayari ngayon, hindi na maganda yung ganito. Halos magpatayan na tayo. Pare-pareho naman tayong mga Chroniclers. Kahit ako, foul yung mga pinagsasabi ko dito. Sorry sa new TAC.

Kung meron mang dapat makaintindi sa sitwasyon at hirap ng new Chroniclers, tingin ko ay ang kapwa rin nila Chroniclers na nauna sa kanila.

Pero sana maunawaan natin pareho na matindi ang nangyari sa student pub. Napasara ito ng admin ng dalawang taon. At ang masaklap pa nito, ang nasa pag-iisip ng bagong Chroniclers ay napakasama ng lumang TAC. Na napaka-corrupt nito at sobrang nakakahiya. Na dumating pa kayo sa puntong gawing VOLUME #1, ISSUE #1 ang maiden isyu ng term nyo. Ano ang ibig nyong ipakahulugan sa ginawa nyong ito? Mali yun. Mga bago pa lang kayong lahat dyan sa TAC. Lahat sa inyo, first time pa lang naging editor. Ni hindi nga kayo dumaan sa pagiging staffwriter ata.

Kung feeling nyo, hindi namin nauunawaan ang hirap na dinanas nyo sa maiden issue nyo, sana maunawaan nyo na hindi lang iisang issue ang ginawa namin dyan. At ngayon, nais nyong ibalewala ang lahat ng ginawa naming issues. Kung nakakahiya man sa inyo ang huling terms ng TAC, wag nyo namang lahatin. Ang alam ko ay volume 26 na dapat kayo at hindi volume 1. Paano naman yung mga naunang terms? PINUTOL nyo ang connection nyo sa mga naunang terms ng TAC dahil dito. Nagsisimula pa lamang kayo. Wala pa kayong napapatunayan. Pasensya na, ito lang ang nararamdaman ko.

Pati yung editorial nyo. Ano ang nilalaman nun? Patungkol ba yun sa mga kalintikan ng lumang TAC? Sino kayo para husgahan ang term na yun na masasabi kong isa sa pinakamadilim na pahina ng TAC? Alam nyo ba na napaka-traumatic sa mga Chroniclers ng last term ang pangyayaring iyon? Na sa kanilang term bumagsak ang Chronicle? Na hindi nila alam kung paano nila tatanggapin ang pagkakasara nito.

At ngayon, ang mismong NEW TAC pa na wala pang napapatunayan ang naghagis ng bato sa lumang TAC? Sino kayo? Andun ba kayo nun? May naitulong ba kayo? Kung ako nga na isang senior ng TAC, hindi ko magawang masisi ang last term dahil sa pagkakasara ng Chronicle na ginawa ko nang buhay ko, sino pa kaya kayo? May karapatan ba kayo?

Nakakasawa na yung ganitong away natin. Dumudumi na.

Kay Onlooker, sports lang tayo. Kung magka-batch tayo, tingin ko magkakasundo tayo kasi pareho tayong pikon. Sana mabuhay mo yung interes ng Adamsonian sa sports kasi para sa akin, wala talagang kabuhay-buhay ang magsulat ng tungkol sa sports. Lalo na sa basketball na laging talo ang varsity natin. Pero walang suntukan.

Kay Gervic, sa lahat ng member ng new TAC, ikaw lang ang medyo kilala ko. At nabasa ko na yung ibang articles mo, masasabi ko na okay kang magsulat at yung pag-apply mo sa editorial board exam para sa new TAC ang isa sa mga ikinagalak ko. kasi kahit papaano ay hindi totally naputol ang “bloodline”. At sa pag-aaral ko sa composition ng pangalan mo at sa hugis ng iyong mukha, nahulaan ko na ok ka. Sensitive ka lang. Normal lang yun lalo pa’t nagisa yung maiden issue nyo. Ikaw pa naman ang associate editor. I know how it feels… Hehehe. wag nyo na lang personalin ang isyu nyo dito ni Tikgirl kasi ganun talaga mang-okray yun. Kahit ako napipikon ako sa mga comment nun. Wala na akong masasabi sayo. Sorry sa mga nasabi ko dati sa term nyo. Alam ko bago pa lang kayo kaya sobrang hirap talaga ng pinagdanasan at pinagdadanasan nyo ngayon (nagsasalita ako bilang isang Chronicler kagaya nyo).

Anyway, Kahit ano pa man ang nasabi, CONGRATZ sa MAIDEN ISSUE nyo. Hirap ano? Pero masarap. Hindi ka na mahihirapan manganak sa panganay mo Gervic pag nag-asawa ka. hehehe.

Advice lang, namnamin nyo yung mga feedback at atake sa inyo dito. Marami kayong matututunan dito.

Sa layout, nandyan pa ata si Invaderzim at willing syang tumulong sa inyo. Malaki ang maitutulong ng magandang layout at magaling na layout artist. Sobra! Kasi dapat di na pinoproblema ng mga writers ang pag-le-layout dahil ang layout artist na dapat ang gagawa nito.

Kay Tikgirl, keep it up! You’re doing great. Naka-blockbuster ka sa post mo pati yung adviser nila ay napasalita mo.

Sa writing, anytime pwede kayong tumawag sa kahit sinong alumni ng tac para tulungan kayo. Wag na kayong pumunta sa baguio o sa kahit na ano pang seminar. Free of charge yung mga alumni. Dunkin Donut lang katapat nila. Wag kayong mag-alala di ako kasama dun. Baka di na ako makalabas ng buhay dyan. Hehehe. Sa totoo lang, maraming mababait na TAC alumni. Sobra!

Mag-recruit din kayo ng artist para sa graphics. Kailangang yun sa dyaryo lalo na sa editorial nyo. Wag kayong kukuha nang artist na si Popeye lang ang kayang i-drawing.


Alam ko darating din yung time na magkakasundo-sundo ang lahat para sa kapakanan ng Chronicle.

Pero ceasefire lang ito (para sa akin). Hehehe. Who knows?

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