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The Top and Nothing But…
May 14th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Uncategorized, Campus News. [ Comments: 2 ]

[Written by Raul Agner; reprinted from Adamson News]

His father, a retired overseas musician, has all the reasons to play one cool triumphant rock anthem on his guitar or keyboard these days. So does his Alma Mater, Adamson University. For Levi Layague Miranda has just nailed one feat in his relatively quiet academic life: garner the topmost spot in the latest board exams for chemical engineers given last April 21-23, 2008 at the Manuel L. Quezon University in Manila.

Equally proud are her mother and two siblings who saw in him an average student who was nevertheless serious with his studies in spite of a sickly frame. After third year at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, he was refused reenrollment after incurring a second long absence due to illness. When he applied for transfer at Adamson, he was readily admitted and went on to graduate on October 2007.

Levi was born on November 29, 1983 in Las Pinas City to Liberato Miranda, a Batangueño, and Sylvia Layague, an Ilocana. He attended high school in Molino, Cavite. After his stint at the PLM, he moved to Adamson in June 2004 where he had to repeat his third year studies to catch up on the demanding chemical engineering course. His enjoyment of a full academic scholarship for two semesters meant he was able to cope up with the rigorous studies. Then the course became just too heavy that he couldn’t maintain the grades required by the scholarship program. He didn’t enjoy that benefit in his last years in the school, but he enjoyed studying anyway—thermodynamic s being his favorite subject. When pressed for his favorite teacher, he declined to name one but hastened to say that all the professors he studied under were helpful and very professional. It also helped that the University’s facilities were excellent enough to respond to the needs of the students. These included the library, where he loved reading technical books, the laboratories that had new equipment, the air-conditioned classrooms, and the relatively spacious campus.

When the results of the board exam were released, none was more surprised than himself because he didn’t expect to land at the top. Aside from his generally average performance in college, he found the exam really hard not even the one-year review he undertook was a guarantee he’d make it. That’s all water under the bridge now for this simple Adamsonian who chose a course that was her mother’s frustration (only a year short of her graduation at UST). One thing is sure though, he was not wanting in hard work, dedication, and discipline. At the moment, he’s just happy to have made a milestone for himself and the University. Not used to being lavished with attention and praise, he appears a bit awkward when congratulated, but acknowledges them the best way he can.

On May 25, 2008, he will lead the other new chemical engineers for the formal oath taking at the Manila Hotel. His proud family will be around to bask in the honor of his rare first-place achievement. The whole Adamson community warmly congratulates him for bringing a big honor to the institution. All Adamsonians at the moment are just happy and proud to be members of the tribe of Levi.

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Adamsonians in UAE to build stronger link
May 14th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Org Announcements, Living Overseas. [ Comments: none ]

UAE-based graduates of the University will gather on May 29, 2008 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Star Boutique Hotel in Dubai for a timely get-together dubbed “Proud to be Adamsonian,” the first ever reunion of Adamsonians working and residing in United Arab Emirates. The assemblage will be an initial move to put up an alumni association based in UAE. University president Fr. Gregorio Bañaga, Jr.,C.M. will be the event’s guest of honor and speaker.

Should you have further queries on the details of this gathering, you may contact Herma Dulay at +971502242725 or e-mail, or thru Ferdie Macanas at +971507683352 or e-mail

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An Adamsonian healer
March 3rd, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

By Prof. Bonifacio Escoda

“In the context of the administration of the Sacraments, all priests are healers. But some others are given by the Holy Spirit charism of healing for the purpose of building up church communities and strengthening the faith of the people,” Rev. Fr. Rene Ruelos C.M., current parish priest of Saint Vincent de Paul Parish Church, explained.

The solemn ordination of priests makes them healers. Parish priests are called “cura pároco” (healer of the parish) in Spanish.

Father Fernando Suarez—now identified as the most popular local “healing priest”—undoubtedly is one of those in the contemporary times who were given such of unusual gift. (The term healing priest, which is actually another misnomer, was coined by a certain member of the Charismatic Movement in the 1980s.)

This Chemical Engineering graduate of Adamson University in 1988, who hails from a humble family in Barrio Botong, Taal, Batangas, noticed this gift of healing at the age of fifteen, almost two decades before he was ordained as priest. This was when an old lame woman he met outside Santa Cruz Church in Manila walked after praying one Glory, Hail Mary, and Our Father. But such experience scared him so much that he kept this to himself till his gift of healing became public in a parish in 2004 in Ottawa, Canada—following his ordination as member of the Companions of the Cross.

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Tags: Adamsonian, Adamson University, Fernando Suarez

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Moderating the pain of relocation
February 28th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: 4 ]

by Raul Agner

They won’t miss the stench of the filthy estero, or the hazards that lurked within the slum area, like the fire that burned down some shanties and fast tracked their transfer in the first place. Now settled in a relocation site in Calauan, Laguna – where there’s elbowroom for kids to play in and an endless supply of fresh country air to inhale – the former squatters whose makeshift dwellings straddled the banks along Adamson University and three other schools are now better off.

Ergo, they don’t need help anymore? Wrong. The process of adapting to a new environment, the search for a means of livelihood and a whole new set of adjustments are problems they will have to cope up with. They need as much help now as when the relocation was yet being planned and in progress.

The Estero de Balete is a big stream branching west from the Pasig River to a dead end at Taft Ave. It was home to some 48 families living in stilt-propped shacks at the back of the Adamson University (AdU) Gym and Sta. Isabel College (SIC) and beside the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) and Philippine Normal University (PNU). On January 17, 2008, a big fire razed several barong-barong, leaving some 17 families homeless. Adamson University offered a vacant corner within its campus as their temporary shelter.

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Tags: Adamson Chronicle, Adamsonian, Adamson University

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Thirsting for truth
February 28th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Alumni Stories, Opinion. [ Comments: none ]

By Fr. Daniel Franklin Pilario, C.M.

(Fr. Daniel Franklin Pilario,C.M. , Dean of Adamson University’s St. Vincent School of Theology, delivered this homily on February 24, 2008, at the St. Vincent de Paul’s Parish in San Marcelino, Manila. The University’s community—from students, staffs, faculty members, and administrators— took part and became one on this occasion. Also present to give their support are former president Cory Aquino, Noynoy Aquino, Mayor Fred Lim, and Jun Lozada.)

Of Water, Mountains, and Husbands

When I was asked to deliver this homily, I immediately read the Gospel for today. I was a bit frustrated. The reading was not only long, it also appeared irrelevant. I asked myself how a seemingly harmless story of Jesus and a woman talking about water, mountains, and husbands can be relevant to the current wave of disgust, anger, and frustration growing among our people. I read it a second time and saw how it painfully strikes at the heart of the events that are happening in our midst. The story of the woman of Samaria is the story of us all—the story of Jun Lozada; the story of the woman in Malacañang; also my story and yours.

Probinsyanong Intsik and the Samaritan Woman

Simulan natin kay Jun Lozada. Jun, nais ko sanang magpaalam kung maari ko pang dagdagan ang mga pangalang ibinigay na nila sa ‘yo. Hindi ka lang ‘probinsiyanong Intsik’ o katulad ng ‘crying lady’. Sa umagang ito ikaw ay magiging isang ‘Samaritan woman’. Forgive my cross-gender and cross-cultural references. Pero parang magkatapat na rin ang pakahulugan ng babaeng taga-Samaria at probinsiyanong Intsik. For the self-righteous Jews of Jesus’ time, Samaritans were mere ‘provincials’ . Jerusalem was the center. Samaria was marginally far-off. But it was not only the geographical location. Samaritans also belonged to a disgusting breed that a good Jew needed to avoid. Kung buhay na si Apostol noon, matagal na silang na-deport!

But how did Jun become the Samaritan woman? Let me cite in three ways.

First, the Samaritan woman was no saint. May tinatago siya sa kanyang buhay. Kung baga, ayaw niya ring mag-testify. Kung kaya tanghali siyang pumunta sa balon dahil wala pang mga tao doon. Wala pa doon ang mga tsismosa. Dahil sino ba sa atin ang nais na maging pulutan ng iba ang ating sariling buhay? Ganoon din si Jun. Kaya nga dumating siya sa oras na dapat wala ang media. Salamat na rin sa advice ni Atienza – dahil tulad ni Jun, may tinatago din siguro siya kahit sinasabi niyang tumutulong lang naman siya, tumutulong magtago.

Isa sa mga sinasabi ngayon ay ganito: “Bakit ba kayo naniniwala kay Lozada? Kasabwat din naman yan, a?” Jun, para sa akin, mas mabuti na lang kasabwat ka, dahil kung hindi ay sasabihin na naman nila, “wala namang alam yan, e. Dahil hindi naman namin ‘yan kasama.” And that is the storyline they are pursuing in the Ombudsman hearing: that you have left early on in the negotiation. That is why you do not know how it reached $329M. But above all, I thank God that you are not a ‘saint’ – that you had wallowed with them in the dark. It was the experience of that darkness that disposed you for the light. It must be really cold in Hong Kong that you began to long for warmth. It must have been so lonely that you longed for home. It must have been so arid that you started to ask for water. Then, unexpectedly, you were led to the well. There, a man was waiting. Hindi po ‘yon si General Atutubo! This brings me to my second point.

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Adamson alumni unite to save Mrs. Bendero
January 3rd, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Alumni Stories. [ Comments: none ]

Cocofed scholars recently worked together and donated money to help pay for Mrs. Bendero’s operation. Here is Mrs. Bendero’s “thank you” letter for all those who helped.

To Our Beloved Members of Adamson
University Cocofed Scholars Alumni Foundation Inc. (Aducsafi)

Attention : Engr. Roberto “Bobbie” Augusto G. Montales

Once in a rare while, you come across a group of young men and women who show by their deeds that they are not just like groups that you see around. The Adamson University Cocofed Scholars Alumni Foundation Inc (Aducsafi) is one of those groups. It was founded 24 years ago and until now, they are as strong and as cohesive as ever.

any of them have jobs in other countries so that if you read the roster of their present addresses, it would seem like an international community.

Personally, however, I have only praises for the group. My husband, Dean Domingo A. Bendero, who was their Cocofed’s Program Coordinator of Adamson University years back, spoke to them at a recent annual reunion of the group. In response to their query regarding my health status, he mentioned to them that I will undergo a major operation at the Chinese General Hospital. Immediately, they rallied as one group and told us not to worry about the hospital expenses they will take care of it. Their words became true. In no time, they were able to raise from among themselves a hefty amount to meet the initial expenses estimated by my doctor to be P100,000. Their response was so spontaneous and overwhelming so that my husband and I want to show our sincerest gratitude for them.

Majority of those who gave financial support requested us not to mention their names. One of them deposited at our bank account P20,000 and 2 others of P10,000 each.
Again, my husband and I will never tire of thanking the whole group for the gesture of generosity and selflessness which you extended to both of us. More power to you and God reward you many times over.

Rest assured that we will not forget you in our daily prayers.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,

Teresita M. Bendero

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Words of wisdom we can use
July 25th, 2007 posted by Ramon Millonte under Bits & Pieces. [ Comments: 1 ]

Share ko lang po:

The loudest noise in the world is the sound of people whining. Don’t add to it.

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Adamson bags fourth straight softball title
February 28th, 2007 posted by Ramon Millonte under Uncategorized, Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

ADAMSON’S Lady Falcons downed the Lady Maroons of the University of the Philippines (UP), 7-4, yesterday to annex their fourth straight UAAP women’s softball crown at the Rosario Sports Complex in Pasig City.

Foiled of a title sweep in the eliminations by the Lady Maroons, the Lady Falcons practically scored at will in the first five innings before coasting along in the last two frames where they prevented a UP uprising en route to their eighth crown overall in the league.
The Lady Falcons also had to teeter in the race-to-two finals.

They were outhit in Game One for a 3-2 loss, but came back with a bang in Game Two over the weekend, 3-0, to send the series to a winner-take- all third game.

Adamson’s Yocel Aguilar was named Most Valuable Player, Best Hitter and Best Striker, while teammate Chat Ditchon took the Rookie of the Year honors.

Lady Falcons’ Sarah Jane Agravante and Chat Ditchon shared the Most Home Runs award, while Cloiene Muyco was named Best Pitcher. UP’s Dione Macasu ran away with the most RBIs (runs batted in) title, while Joan Locsin of University of Santo Tomas had the Most Stolen Bases title.

Named to the Mythical Nine selection were Muyco, pitcher; Aguilar, catcher; Gedda Valencia of UST, first base; Ma. Christina Daque of UP, second base; Alexis Causapin of UP, third base; Sheirylou Valenzuela of Adamson, shortstop; Zenny Badajos of UP, left field; Agravante, centerfielder; and Macasu, right field.

“We lost twice to UP because we did not hit well. And we won twice in return because of we hit well,” said Adamson team consultant Filomeno “Boy” Codinera.

The Lady Falcons’ head coach, Anna Santiago, said: “Games One and Two, gigil kami, lahat gustong maka-home run. Dito [Game Three] nakuha na namin ang laro namin. Relax na sila, ‘di na gigil. Mas maganda na itong playoff at ‘di sweep para malaman king sino talaga ang mas magaling.”

Adamson opened scoring at the bottom first inning with Aguilar’s two-run triple. That feat sent Agravante and Muyco. Chat Ditchon made it 3-0 in the second frame when she scored on a catching error by UP centerfielder Zenny Badajos.

The Lady Falcons had the crown virtually theirs at the bottom fourth when they scored three runs – a Nelsa Delagente single for two runs and Aguilar scoring on a catching error by UP’s Chriselle Sangalang on first base.

Agravante doubled at the bottom fifth to send home Zhazha Alba, who scored when UP catcher Angel Jadloc dropped the ball upon tagging Alba at the home plate, for a 7-0 Adamson cushion.

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Funny job interview lines
February 9th, 2007 posted by Ramon Millonte under Alumni Stories, Career Tales. [ Comments: 4 ]

Forwarded to me, from AdU computer science graduate Erwin Abadier. This is from somebody working as a recruitment associate for a call center. See # 28.

1. I am a flexible and I am perseverance person (when asked to describe her personality)
2. I want to learn more English words. (when asked why he wanted to work in a call center). [Damn! Read the dictionary!]
3. Do you have any extra ordinary positions that I can take for granted (roughly translated: Meron po ba kayong ibang position na pwede ko’ng apply-an?)
4. “Ten” (When asked to count from 1 to 40 to measure her articulation)
5. “Kelan po?” (when asked to count from 1 to 40 to measure her articulation)
6. “I would choose IRATE CALLERS, Sir.” (Answer to the question: If you will change the COLOR of the world, what would it be and why?)
7. “I want to entertain and satisfy customers” (hmmm….interesting concept…so…what are you wearing right now?)
8. “I want to expose myself to the customers.” (Answer to why he wants to work in a call center”) – Flasher ITO!
9. “Is there an opening for a call center?” (Oh so you want to become a call center now huh?)
10. “Hi. Good afternoon, my name is _____, and I’m a call center from the Philippines.” (solohin ba)
11. Chocolates, boys with tongue pierce.” (An applicant’s answer to the question: What are your weaknesses?”
12. “I think Grade 3 and 4 students are very childish!” (Answer to the question: What do you think is the most difficult part of teaching Grade 3 and 4 students)
13. “Haller???!!! ??? (knocks on the table) THE SALARY!” (Answer to Why do you want to work in a call center?)
14. “I’m a married person, I have 2 children, the same boy”
15. “It’s a colorful world.” (Describe the shirt you’re wearing.)
16. “It’s a boomed industry.” (So all agents are now dead, I guess)
17. “I like to explore other people.” (ay sus…maniac ka ano?)
18. “I want to explore myself more.” (Answer to why do you want to work in a call center. bagay sila ni #17…)
19. “Hu u? How did you get my #? Text me back, huri. Send me load.” (The audacity of an applicant can sometimes appall you.)
20. “I was scheduled for an exam this morning….I wasn’t able to make it…because I WAS TONSILITIS.”
21. “Hi Maam, do you have an opening.” (Lokong to ah!)
22. “I want to adventure into the graveyard…” (Langya, mahiilig ka sa patay!)
23. “I would like to be a part of the graveyard…” (isa ka pa…thriller… thriller night)
24. “Gd pm sir, im realy sri wen u call me I cnt hear clearly coz d raindrops of d rain is vry noisy. Rgrdng of wat u want 2 knw y u call me?” (A text message from an applicant)
25. “Do you accept walking applicants?” (No, we prefer flying ones)
26. Interviewer: So you’re an undergrad. What year are you in right now? Applicant: Oh I’m just here in the house. Interviewer: No, I asked you what year you’re in. Applicant: Year? I’m 25 years old! (Nagkakaintindihan tayo pare…)
27. Applicant: Agency ba to? Interviewer: No sir, head hunting firm. Applicant (turning to friend): Egg-hunting daw pare! (Happy Easter!)
28. “In the middle of my study at Adamson, my father fortunately passed away.” (FORTUNATELY? ??!!!)
29. “Hello, i just want to inquire about the application resume that i planted in the computer…” (Ano ka, farmer?)
30. “May inaantay ako na trabaho kaya gusto ko lang na may mapag LILIBINGAN.” (Answer to the question “Why do you prefer a part-time job?” Tagalog na yun ha! Mahilig talaga kayo sa patay!)

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IE Department holds a Six Sigma seminar at the Ozanam AVR
January 10th, 2007 posted by Ramon Millonte under Alumni Stories, Bits & Pieces. [ Comments: none ]

Coinciding with Adamson University’s 75th Diamond Jubilee celebration of its foundation, the Industrial Engineering Department will be conducting its 2nd IE Alumni Continuing Education Seminar on Six Sigma applications to Service and Manufacturing operations on Feb. 3, 2007, Saturday, from 1 to 5 pm at the Adamson University Ozanam audio-visual room.

A trained Six Sigma blackbelter from IBM Philippines will be the expert resource person.

Seminar fee is only P100, which will be used for refreshments during the seminar and certificates (yes, all attendees will given certificates), and honorarium pay for the speaker.

The target number of alumni-attendees is at least 150. First come, first served, so please make reservations on or before Jan. 31, 2007. Please send your full name including your middle initial (for certificate preparation) and alumni batch number to or mr_dj12@yahoo. com or text/ call at 0917-824-1334.

For further details, please call Noe Enriquez, Chairperson of the Industrial Engineering Department, at 524-2011 local 411.

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