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A quintessential figure to emulate
January 7th, 2007 posted by jaycee under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

“The power of courage and determination and inspiration are three important values that have led me towards the realization of my dreams.”- Rodel M. Vizconde., R.Ph.

These are some of the key points that the guest speaker of the 20th Midyear Commencement Exercises, held at Philippine International Convention Center last 30 Oct., underlined.

The pragmatism and broadness of Vizconde’s words do not connote a non-complex occurrence in his life. And we quote, “I was just an ordinary spoiled brat who went to the elementary and high school of San Beda College…Limited concentration in my studies and too much involvement with friends of the same feathers were the status quo of my college days at the UST. One day, I was shaken by my failure: I failed nine (9) units in my academic subjects… The UST College of Pharmacy kicked me out and I was advised to transfer to another university.”

It was easy for a person who seemed to have everything laid in his hands to not worry about the future at all. But another moment of epiphany in Vizconde’s life suddenly made him conscious of his barren practices. His sister, a consistent Dean’s Lister at UST, called his attention by a short but consequential note.“Kuya, kahit maka flat 1.0 ka sa lahat ng subjects mo, kung bagsak ka naman sa board exam, bale wala rin.” The younger sister was objecting, as her brother seemed to have developed a habit of letting her do almost all the school work for him.

Embarrassed and ashamed, the young Vizconde promised himself that the incident cannot happen again. “…I felt that I really had to have courage, determination, and inspiration. Courage that would help me build my self-confidence; Courage that would make me believe that knowledge you is a product of your blood, sweat and tears; Determination that will strengthen my hope; Determination that will draw the lines of Failure and Success and Determination that will reenergize every weak point of my hopes so I could accomplish my dreams. These dreams have to be achieved in your own effort.”

And he did acquire the Courage, Determination and Inspiration that he has been looking for all along.

He finished BS in Pharmacy at the Adamson University in 3 ½ years which brought credit and merit to the college. He completed his Master’s Degree in Pharmacy in the University of Southern California in the USA. He served as the Vice President for External Affairs of Adamson’s Alumni Association way back 1996-2000. In 1998, he was elected President of the Adamson University Pharmacy Alumni Association. He also helps in raising funds for the welfare of the Drugstore Association of the Philippines. Add to that are the numerous awards that he has been accepting form respectable institution all over the country.

[from Adamson News]

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ADU becomes a culture-vulture community
January 7th, 2007 posted by jaycee under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

Contrary to popular belief, Adamson University does not converge all its efforts to the sciences alone. The University believes that art should be accessible to people from all walks of life. The significantly essential role of the arts in the academe, as in life, is to allow us to perceive the world and human condition differently, and in seeing the world through a particular work of art is to see a truth that we might not have grasped before.

But spreading the news about the intangible effects of being acquainted with our own art, tradition, and therefore culture shall start with those who have access to it. This is the very task that the Cultural Affairs has been persistently promoting over the years.

Attesting to this endeavor are the activities primed and facilitated by the office. Last Nov. 17, the University theater played host to Philippine Women’s University’s theater production dubbed “Moog,” graced by stage, television and movie thespians Ramon Zamora and Roy Alvarez. Tinik ng Teatro, ADU’s theater group, will soon participate in the South Manila Inter-Institutional Consortium Fundraising Event on Feb. 16-18 at the S.M. Mall of Asia joining other 12 universities put on view their flair on the performing arts for a fund-raising project. Also, the University gallery is currently showcasing the works of the group called “Clickers.” Full of visual mystique, the exhibit features photographs of different place here and outside the country.

Jenny P. Luber, Director of Cultural Affairs Office, said, “ Slowly but surely, we are making the connection that would like to establish between the students and the rest of the Adamson community. This may have not been possible without the support and enthuasiasm of leaders in the administration and the academe.”

[from Adamson News]

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ADU Prof is new PACSA President
January 7th, 2007 posted by jaycee under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: 1 ]

Board of the Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers (PACSA) elected Prof. Alejandro “Dondon” Nueva, Jr. as President of the Association during the recently-concluded 27th Annual National Convention, Seminar & Workshop for Campus Advisers and 11th Annual National Convention, Seminar & Workshop for Student Leaders with the theme “Enhancing Competencies through Campus Advising and Leadership towards Global Connectedness” held at Teachers Camp, Baguio City last November 24-28, 2006. His election to Presidency will be for a term of two years. He served as the Secretary of the organization before being chosen as president.

The election confirmed Nueva as the top choice for Presidency having obtained the second highest number of votes from all regions, next only to the outgoing President Judge Philip Aguinaldo of the University of Santo Tomas, who will still serve as a member of the Board.

Also elected were Henry Magat, Secretary of the Board and Atty. Julius Babista, Treasurer of PACSA-NCR Core Group. The elections of these true-blooded Adamsonians to national and regional positions bring Adamson University’s representation to this prestigious national organization of campus advisers at its peak.

Prof. Nueva is a full-time faculty member of the Social Sciences Department and the adviser of the Political Science Students’ Bloc of Adamson University (PSSBAU). An active student leader having served as the only two-time president of PSSBAU, President of College of Law Student Government (CLSG) and other organizations, he has metamorphosed from being an advisee to an adviser of several recognized student organizations like the National Youth Club, Libertine (Debate Club) Society, Ugnayan and PSSBAU. He was previously the President of the Association of campus Student Advisers (ACSA) of Adamson University for three years.

[from Adamson News]

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ECE student to contend at SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards
January 7th, 2007 posted by jaycee under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: 1 ]

Dennis B. Paus, a 5th year Electronics and Communication Engineering student, is selected as one of the ten finalists of the SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards. His entry SISA (Simcard Interface Security Access) will soon compete with 9 other finalists on March 9 and 10 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

The said award-giving body is in search for the freshest and most innovative ideas for the Philippine mobile telecommunications industry. Among those who will compete against Paus’ work are: 3S- SMART Safety aSsistance, Ateneo de Manila University, Ted Angelo T. Chua; e-Spy, Bulacan State University, Jennylyn T. Mendoza; Early Natural Disaster Warning and Prevention System with the Use of a GSM Network, Feati University, Rizalino D.G. Panganiban; GRACE 2007 (GSM-AC lines Remote Applications & Control Equipment), New Era University, Alexis D. Siojo; SMART CAR:SMS Car Security System, Systems Plus College Foundation, Rommel Alfonso; Smart LockInterCom, Bulacan State University, Lyndon R. Cruz; Smart PhoneGuard, Bulacan State University, Reginald M. Payuran; SMARTHOUSE: SMS Based Home Security System, System Plus College Foundation, Jeremy Velasquez; and Vehicle Emergency Locator, Ateneo de Davao University, Glenn C. Tancontin.

The recipient of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place shall get Php 500,000, Php 300,00, and Php 150,00 respectively.

On the same occasion, SWEEP will also look for the victor of 3rd PalaECEpan contest. Interested parties must fill up an entry form and submit it until January 3, 2007, 12 nn. Visit

[from Adamson News]

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Honoring another Adamsonian
January 7th, 2007 posted by jaycee under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

Engr. Ramon C. Maniago, Ph.D was recently awarded the title of Fellow by the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) at the 54th Annual national Convention held last 24 Oct. at the World Trade Center in Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

Dr. Maniago is currently the Vice-Dean of the College of Engineering of the Adamson University. He earned his MS in Management Engineering, Meritissimus; and Doctor of Philosophy in Management, Benemeritus, in the same institution.

Prior to the distinction, Maniago got a wide array of distinguished achievements including: Most Outstanding PSME Chairman, 1985; awardee, The Outstanding Mechanical Engineer (TOME) in the field of Education, 2000; conferment as Asean Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, by the PTC and ASEAN Confederation of Engineers in 2003; elected in the highest position as National President of the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) in 2003; served as the Chairman of the International Conference on Environment Management at the World Trade Center in 2004; and James J. Meany Awardee, given by the Philippine Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU), in 2004. -adu news

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