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The New AdU Student Center
December 7th, 2008 posted by juan_dc98 under Campus Issues, News. [ Comments: none ]

Greetings Schoolmates

I am a freshman here at the University taking up Engineering. I am fairly new but I get around. I would like to know your views on some of the issues inside the campus.

I am not a very good writer but I can manage some sentences here and there so please afford me a little slack if you would so please.

Getting off my ride, I usually pass by the CS gate but I always prefer leaving through the “back door” which is of course the high school gate. I never did notice it at first but there is some commotion over there, both physically and in words – I am referring to the Student Center.

I am sure most of you have read the article the Chronicle published about this facility. Frankly, it got me excited, as an aspiring engineer, I thought I could learn a thing or two. Seeing the design to be modern and a bit “industrial” I was drooling over the prospect of being part of the action. Snooping around, I saw three engineering students already conducting their OJTs and I was envious. They were inspecting the site, counting the steel reinforcement of the girders and checking them for correctness according to the plans. This was something I wanted to experience for myself and I believe in future projects, I can also be a part of its creation.

The building presented itself to be not just the future home of students but also, as it is being built, be a tool for learning. Kudos to the Admin and its Architect for allowing us students to be part of this project.

However, my curiosity led to another, more bleak facet of this building. I have learned that the Architect who designed the building is being cussed and now being called “Unethical.” I am not sure why, nor what their professionals code of conduct states but from the whispers along the corridors and from some of the arki profs as well, the college of architecture is mad at the architect because the admin nominated him rather than nominating someone from the university’s own pool of architects.

Well, it is a slap in the face; having an outsider take reigns over what should be otherwise another’s. But technically speaking, I did some online researched and found the architect’s board website ( There is such a law as RA 9266, the Architecture Act of 2004. It states in one of its laws that an architect cannot take a project if it is already being lobbied for by another unless it is a competition. “Walang sulutan,” to put it bluntly. But reading from the Chronicle article, the Office of Student Affairs contacted this architect and asked him to prepare a design and was presented to the President, VP, Student Government, OSA and the Dean of the College of Architecture. I do not think that there were any competitors against this design and seeing that the College of Architecture knew about it they should have spoken out earlier.

To nip you even further, I was surprised to learn that an architect cannot just give free professional services – yep, you heard right, at least that is what the CoA is saying. I am not one for believing off the bat so I consulted my friend, Google.

There is a Code of Conduct for architects that disdainfully as it may sound, there is a price-list for their services depending on what they are designing or the type of service they give. So every architect has a fair chance of remuneration. Sounds simple enough, one cannot go lower than the prescribed fee because they will gain better advantage of getting the project – “parang twaran sa palenke.” But reading more, I see that pro-bono work is not a violation of this rule Paragraph 5-A “The Architect’s Responsibilities in relation to Colleagues and Subordinates.”

The Architect shall not render professional services, without compensation except for small civic or charity project. He shall neither offer nor provide preliminary services on a conditional basis prior to definite agreement with the Client for the commission of the project.


So it is not true that giving away free architecture service is a violation of their conduct, it is misread. The student center is a civic building, paid for by the students and used by students for non-academic activities – any Adamsonian is welcome in its premises and is not privately used.

Ok, so why am I writing this? I am writing this because I pity the man who gave his time, effort and resources, so Adamson can kick him in the gut and look like an ingrate. I am not here to save the world but I want my Student Center, so I hope we support its completion and not piss off the person responsible for its design and realization.

“Sir, humihingi na lang po ng dispensa para sa mga miron na naiingit, mabuhay po kayo.”

To the College of Architecture, here is a fellow architect, one of your own who went beyond his norms to answer a call of charity. I thoughts architects were selfish because you took away the engineer’s right to design architecturally, but here is a man who loved to be a student and gave back surpassing technicalities.

“Huwag bo sana kayo madadala”

So, what is in store for the author of this building, we’ll if a case is filed and wins, his license to practice architecture may be suspended or revoked – ouch!

So fellow Adamsonian, let us support the Student Center

juan_dc98 has blogged 1 posts

The Solar System flashes a smiley
December 1st, 2008 posted by JB under Current Events. [ Comments: none ]

Venus (upper left), Jupiter (upper right), and the moon align tonight, Dec. 1, to form some sort of a “smiley.”

An event similar to this one will take place about four decades from now. So this is all what we’ll probably see in our lifetime.

Photo taken just some hours ago by my Incubus-worshipping sister, Roch.

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