My Travel to Northern Mindanao
October 30th, 2008 posted by AJ007 under Alumni Stories, Opinion, Travels


It was quite an experience to visit Cagayan de Oro City for three (3) days last week. It was a business trip and it was my first. I had to deliver, demo and install our spectrophotometer unit that Del Monte Cagayan de Oro bought from our company.

Cagayan de Oro is so beautiful a place. From the sky, as the plane prepares to land, one could see the inviting topography over the so – called Macajalar Sea.  Approaching Lumbia National Airport, the rock signage saying “Welcome to Cagayan de Oro City, City of Golden Friendship” couldn’t be missed.  Plus the eagle looking bird flying at the tip of the runway when the plane touched had been impressive.

Outside the airport, I was met by our friendly sales parson with a cheerful:  “Welcome to Cagayan de Oro, Dong”

The greetings actually melted my heart.  Suppressing tears, I crisply replied, “thank you…”

To me, it was a sort of being accepted to be addressed to as “Dong.”

Lumbia National Airport, as I realized later was built on top of a mountain.  A taxi ride down town fills your eyes with fresh scenic beauty of the place. But there’s a disruption, an SM mall somewhere down the road, well of course commercialization is inevitable.  Posh subdivision nearby could be noticed with its big entrance gate. After few minutes, we reached town. I got checked in to a small hotel called Demiren Hotel,  aside from our sales person (who acted as my tour guide as well) and the taxi driver, the front desk clerks were the first few people I talked to and they are all amiable, straight to the point and honest. It was already 11:00 am I was given specific instructions by our sales person to rest, take my lunch and be ready to be picked up after an hour.

Lunch has been delicious, fresh fish and squid, grilled delectably with special seasoning served with sauce suited to a Filipino pallet. And you can get it for PhP 65.00, of course that’s minus the hoity – toity hypocrisy of a fine dinning restaurant in Manila. In CDO, your PhP 65 meal is served and eaten in a nice well ventilated and clean place, among the nice people of Cagayan de Oro City. After my meal, I still have time to relax back in my room while watching cable TV. I changed and checked the time.

At about 12 O’ clock, I went to the reception area, the sales person had been waiting for me. Going to Del Monte, we had to cover a long stretch of road. “On your right Dong is the Nestle plant.The Del Monte Cagayan de Oro is a big facility facing the Macajalar Sea. I was nervous, I know for the fact that chemists there are well trained. The stereotype that Cebuano speaking people basically hates Manileño arrogance hit me like reality so I am constrained to check my manners. I really worked hard to remove any sign of being haughty in me.

We were waiting at the gate for a go signal to enter. We’ve already deposited our cell phones at the guard and my heart is killing me with loud palpitations. I was jittery. If the chemist would decide not to buy our product, then I had to haul it back to Manila. If in any way I miss at presenting  any of the important features of our machine, then I’m a cooked goose. If in any case I sound incompetent, then it is all over and done with.

Moment of truth. After a few meters of walk, I found myself inside a nice laboratory, white and surgically clean as a multinational laboratory should be. People are nice too but consumed with work.  These are scientists, no doubt about it and I’m sure, they would not forgive me for merely parroting what was stated in the user manual. 

Just after the smiles, the handshakes and pleasantries came a nice smacking activity

 “AJ, we are dealing with (I can’t tell the specific information, lets just use A and B) wavelengths A and B, can you show us a special feature of your machine that could read through the absorbance and transmittance the said wavelengths.”  Said the Chemist tersely.

Trying hard to muster courage, I said lamely: “Yes ma’am.”

Then I tried. Gosh! What’s happening? There’s no reading. My temple is sweating profusely.  I took out the cuvett and wipe the sides with tissue paper. Put it back in and run the test. Same result. God damn it! God what have I done?  I tried to probe the wavelengths, there was some faint reading in other region, but it was too far from the specified, the valleys and peak are here but not on the specified. It’s all flat. I prayed hard: “God, just let me through this, I’ll belay plans of posting my proof against the TAC EB 1999 – 2000, promise just let me through this…”

Then I realized that it was time to concede and end the pain. I politely told the chemist that there no reading on the said wavelengths A and B. The chemist smiled. I said to myself: “well this is it, She’s just kind enough to pass it off without embarrassing me, thanks God, I swear, I’ll belay the posting of the proof, promise…”

But She said: “Actually, AJ,  yun yung gusto namin, na walang reading dun sa region ng wavelength nay un, dahil pag meron…”

“WHAT?” I said rather triumphant. It was a test

I said a prayer again: “Oh God, you really want me to clear my name and be vindicated. I am gonna post my proof on my second blog when I get back to Manila.”

I went back to my hotel, change into walking attire, and strolled around the City. I found an Internet Café and emailed the result to Manila Office. Then I went on with my walking spree.

They have a place there called Divisoria, but its clean, the Xavier College Ateneo de Cagayan is within the loop, UAAP blog has it that Adamson Falcon Cager Olalia has been scouted from Xavier College. Walking onwards along Trino Bros street is a Plaza and near there is a big church called Saint Agustine Cathedral.

I went inside the Church and notice a nice garden beside it. So I walked over to the Garden and “surprise!” there is another nice view. The mountain ranges of Bukidnon and a river.

The sun was setting so I just stayed there until the sun hid behind the mountains. It was perfect.

That moment, I remember what Tito told me about inner peace, about having loving children. And I remember my own kids. I love the place, I wish they’re there with me. In a place where no one knows me. In a place where my name is not yet smeared by college politics.

I walked again, not knowing where to go, until I’ve decided that I want to eat “batchoy” when I was a small boy in Bacolod I always loved “batchoy.”

Then it was time for bed. I walked back to my hotel room. And chanced upon a nice movie on cinemax, it was “The Company.” It’s about CIA during the 60’s when James Angleton was chief of counter intelligence. It’s nice, packed with emotional script about espionage, betrayal of trust and all that jazz.

The next morning, I had to present our machine before the quality control people and those manning there standards room at Del Monte. It was a breeze, modesty aside, but our machine presented itself.

A taxi ride back to the City had been nice. The taxi driver had been telling me stories about the place. He told me it is the most peaceful place in the whole of Mindanao.  A snatcher caught three times gets executed by vigilantes. I’m impressed. He further told me that even the MILF wouldn’t dare wreck havoc in the place or else they’ll run out of resting places, according to the guy, the Military Intelligence Group (MIG) are in place in the whole City, and they’re more interested in keeping the peace.

The next morning, my CDO visit is over. I tried t o sleep early but I couldn’t. I just lay down on my bed until it was 4 am. I did my usual routine and catch a taxi that will take me to Lumbia National Airport.

Overhead I could hear helicopter engines hovering. It was MG520 attack helicopter. The Radio Mindanao Network announced the ongoing was in North Cotabato just below the slopes.

I took my boarding pass at the airport and waited for my plane. It was late, I noticed the Bronco bombers of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) using the runway.  There are fatigue choppers and MG520 helicopters landing and taking off. It barely stopped due to hard rain but after the rain, the PAF Broncos and choppers took to the air again.

At last my plane arrived. And before I knew it, I was admiring the sky view of Cagayan de Oro again. I saw SM, the Del Monte plant, the Nestle and the City itself, I realized that the City is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Bukidnon hence, Cagayan de Oro, the Valley of Gold.

But it was Good bye.

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  • impostor : Joebert Lazarte is such a LOOSER! He & his brother is all over the news - Re: Kathrina's Scandal! He maintain a PORN SITE for a living!
  • impostor : Joebert Lazarte is such a LOOSER! He & his brother is all over the news - Re: Kathrina's Scandal! He maintain a PORN SITE for a living!
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