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Writing on the wall
September 27th, 2008 posted by AJ007 under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Campus Issues, Campus News, Opinion

Joe Bert sent me a picture thru my email. It was taken from a Friendster account, and not just some Friendster account but that of my friend, Celia Clave. The picture depicts a writing on the white board taken from the old Adamson Chronicle (TAC) office. We used the white board to write, to leave insults, grievances and things to remember during press works.

The writing on the white board was angry, typical of a loose cannon, devastated, a loser, the kind that hangs on teetering on the corner but still won’t give up the fight. And that writing was mine…

I am Allan Jay Q. Martirez. I am proud to say that along with Celia Clave and the rest of us, passed the Editorial Board exams in the summer of 1997. And it was not just some exam but an exam made and facilitated by Joe Bert Lazarte. Then that was my baptism of fire in the publication. I enjoyed it, the UAAP coverage for free, thanks to Tito Escaño, our Associate Editor who thought I could handle it back then, the prestige of the by–line, and being one of the prime movers of campus opinion.

Joe Bert Lazarte is not just a name, but a legend. He’s won numerous literary awards, if I’m a physicist in the league of Enrico Fermi or Oppenheimer, Joe Bert is Einstein. Yet my writing skill is no way near Fermi nor Oppenheimer if it was physics but the days after Joe Bert’s time and beyond has sown in me hatred as explosive as Oppenheimer’s Atomic bomb (thanks to Fermi).

Celia Clave is not just another name. She went up the ladder to become the Editor–in–Chief (EIC) and is a versatile writer that could write both English and Pilipino articles very well.

You see, back then, I look up to Joe Bert, Tito, Ronnie (my EIC during the time I first entered TAC), and Alvin Julian. The names I mentioned had become EICs themselves except for Tito who decided to quit it all and left the TAC undisciplined. I am one of those unruly members, and so I personally resented Tito’s decision. But life had to go on…

To be continued…

YouTube Preview Image

Continuation… 9:39 am 29th September 2008

Actually, when I was still a newbie at the publication, I heard the tenured ones discussing about the Chronicle. I remember one saying that if all the administrators in Adamson would be like Fr. Belita, then TAC wouldn’t have been a radical publication that it was during our time. I concluded quickly that those writers were after all unlike my comrades in our activist leftist organization in which I had been involved with before entering the Chronicle, that those writers, even in there subconscious minds only want reform in Adamson and that they are upholding the role of the campus publication to bring about that reform. Most important was, they were not loose cannons; they in fact commend people, an administrator at that, who they think is doing a good job.

Then they veered at a different topic attacking the revolutionary nature of change that the left espouses, saying that the rhetoric, the tone, the well-versed chants and the melodrama wouldn’t really bring about change. We were talking about political issues at that time, the vote shaving, and the possibility of the culture permeating into the college level; so I chipped in my two cents’ worth of opinion saying that even the political parties inside the school are partisan to the national level political parties and that the jockeying of these outside forces — including the traditionally corrupt and left-leaning groups — are obvious during the supreme council elections. It didn’t surprise anyone, when I thought I solved the “general relativity” of the whole argument. Tito Escaño just afforded me a mocking smile as if amused by my courage to tell them the obvious, sort of undermining their intellect. Alvin Julian managed to give me a nice smirk, Ronnie’s eyes pierced through his glasses. At least Joe Bert had the courtesy to veer to a different topic saving me from further embarrassment. It was their favorite topic, speciation, Hawkings, Camus, etc. … those thing that I can’t relate with, but save me from my state of being at that time, God, my cheeks were so red that time hehehe.

When I got terminated from the Adamson Chronicle due to reasons my enemies back then prod me into doing, rather knowing how irrational I could be when my pot head acted on a situation, I was cursing Joe Bert Lazarte and Tito Escaño. Because in my understanding of the situation, it wouldn’t have happened to me if they were there to shed light to the whole situation…

To be continued. . .

Last entry . . October 4, 2008 10:09 AM

But this is an old grudge.

An old issue that could have died out naturally a long time ago.

Frankly it affected me. It affected my well-being. It haunted me through it all. It’s as if I saw the world’s new face, the thing that I never anticipated. Can’t trust anyone, anymore, drifting from one job to another.

Frankly, how I wish I didn’t see that picture of that scribbling on the white board. It bears nothing but bad memories. As for me I forced myself to let go, to move on, not to feel the pain at all. But the sordid past has to catch up with me somehow.

I know you won’t be interested at all but what forced my hand to take that decision less that a decade back (8 years, as suggested by Aldrin Esteban) was my frustration over the Editorial Board of 1999 – 2000. I thought it was a new board, I thought it would serve as the “Sword of Gideon” that would root out the problems that the students were facing, and after all, they were our publishers. I thought it was a SELF–CLEANSING BODY.

On that fateful night that sparked it all, during that editorial board meeting, I thought we were going to talk about rectification, mending the wrong ways and devising a plan to correct on our wrong footing. But no! HELL NO!!!

By the looks of it, we were going to pamper the delusion that we inherited, that instead of looking into our accountability, we instead were going to hit on innocent people, much more OUR OWN.

Yes, we were harassed! The AUSG together with some left–leaning groups were at it, they were training their scopes on us, on our every mistake, our inability to publish, our publication’s content, our inability to liquidate. But those bastards who were after us only wanted to replace us all. How I remember them trying to infiltrate the board by seeding the editorial board exams with their members. Of course, they would harass us, they wanted to see us startled, make more mistakes. The calls every morning, every afternoon, asking us where we were putting the students’ money. Our in–fighting. I for one was tasked to track down a member’s activity who was then suspected of being a SPY. A “spy” for God’s sake that did not exist. Why were we even fighting when we only have to show them that we were not corrupt and redirect the issue to corrupt administrators, teachers who were incompetent, the “façade mentality” that takes on the direction of constructions in Adamson. There were so many issues to choose from to take “their” eyes off us. All it should have taken was one honest move.

On that night, six members of the editorial board were about to be punished with suspension, whose sins were merely not making themselves available during press works. Press works? WHAT PRESS WORK?

Oh, maybe, “press work” meant those late night “intellectual conversations,” or the nights in some fast food spending over PhP200 per head courtesy of our publishers. Or those were the nights spent in expensive bowling lanes, thanks to gullible students.

What ever happened to the old TAC Credo?

To Sin by Silence

When we must Protest

Makes Cowards out of Men…

Silence is no longer deafening, and the way it looks is no longer sinful but a comforting silence.

And why protest when all is on the take, when all is happy?

Cowards? Strength is in number.

After my termination, the constitution and by laws of the publication got revised. I really don’t know but I’ve heard that it was a happier law for them. First, I couldn’t contest my termination because of the new constitution, and then later, I heard it put a member through law school. Thanks to the students’ money, of course.

The old Chronicle board was the black horse for corruption. And those people who were in the bottom of the pecking order got promoted to Top Dog, a.k.a. “editor–in–chief” simply because of their loyalty. Those people with an unbearable idiotic IQ then claim “intellectual brilliance” borrowing lines from dead philosophers, posing as “left-leaning intellectuals” or even atheists.

I remember a conversation with Joe Bert. Not really an INTELLECTUAL conversation because my friend Joe Bert hates being called an “intellectual” to his face.

So, there was this time that he asked me why did I become a leftist. I gave him a rhetoric answer. He didn’t reply for some time, and then told me that if I only knew each and everyone in this country, then maybe I’d shun my convictions.

Tito Escaño once said that when your stomach begins to knock, “your shallow philosophy will fly out of the window.”

What I like best about Joe Bert and Tito is that, they hate posers.

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[ # 4456 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [September 28, 2008, 9:03 am]

“”I lose my temper, but it’s all over in a minute,” said the student. “So is the hydrogen bomb,” I replied. “But think of the damage it produces!” - Spencer Tracy

[ # 4457 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [September 28, 2008, 9:04 am]

I lose my temper, but it’s all over in a minute,” said the student. “So is the hydrogen bomb,” I replied. “But think of the damage it produces! - Spencer Tracy

[ # 4458 ] Comment from AJ007 [September 30, 2008, 3:03 am]

tabloid na tabloid pa rin ang dating ng taong ‘to comment ng comment galing pang wikipedia

[ # 4460 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [September 30, 2008, 7:58 am]

Hehehe. Di sa Wikipedia galing yun.

Actually Allan Jay, isa lang naman ang ‘kalabang’ tinutukoy mo sa 8-year angst mo - ayaw mo pang diretsuhin. Kakaladkarin mo pa ang ibang editor at staff noon sa mga pinaggagawa nyo noon. Kung ako sa iyo, magsuntukan na lang kayo ng kaaway mong mortal sa ibabaw ng Penthouse at tapusin dun ang matagal nyo na dapat tinapos o kaya kung talagang nanggigigil ka pa rin, tumbukin mo na kung sino man ang mga iyon. Ewan ko lang kung papatulan din nila ang post mo or baka maghihintay ka pa ng 20 years.

[ # 4461 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [September 30, 2008, 8:08 am]

Di sa ‘iyo’ umiikot ang Adamson Chronicle at hindi ‘kayo’ ang pwedeng magpahinto sa pag-ikot nito.


[ # 4462 ] Comment from JB [October 4, 2008, 3:31 am]

darn. allan, the way you mention my name, people might think we’re in love.

[ # 4463 ] Comment from clave [October 4, 2008, 9:31 am]

Good story telling, and its just one side of less-than-a-decade-story. You forgot to mention why the 1999-2000 Editorial Board terminated you. You keep on telling it’s because of the “prod”. Maybe until now you don’t know why. You want me to refresh everything?

Corruption: ask Joebert about it, it’s the reason we changed the printing press.

Press Work: where the hell you get that information of a Php200/head fast food expenses? Can you prove it? Did you ever went on the press work and did articles assigned to you? The answer is none!

How about the tutorial class worth three times (3x) of a regular tuition fee you passed on the publishers to pay?

How about the tape recorder you intended to maliciously spell me? How about the conspiracy?

You stated a half-truth of the real story. Just to appear as victim and justify that we all did a wrong decision of terminating you?

You are right if Joebert was there, he might not even kick you out.

You are not the bait; you are a big head ache.

You want me to post here the content of your writing on the white board?

I will send you all the pictures I have so you can recollect your memories 8 years ago….

[ # 4464 ] Comment from AJ007 [October 5, 2008, 4:12 am]

Hi Cel,

You know, I don’t really think we should go against each other again with this.
For all you know, you were a victim too.
I don’t really know if you realized by now what convenience it had been to some member of the board to just terminate me. You see, my termination took an extra step from regular. In basketball we call it “an extra hand” and that could be taken as a flagrant foul.

For the sake of nostalgia…

TUITION 3X THE REGULAR – Cel, do you remember the Office of the Treasurer sent you a letter about me petitioned subject, and you’re right, its trice the usual amount. Of course you could recall, because you talked to me outside the office about it telling me its way too much. Of course I agreed though in the back of my mind I know you let the petitioned subject of one of the members pass. Then again, its not trice the amount like mine.
Don’t worry, I still have the letter you asked me to prepare addressed to Fr. Payuyo, which served as a letter of intent that I will shoulder my petitioned subject.
I still have the receipt of the PhP20,000+ I paid for it.
I still have the promissory note I made for Fr. Rendon upon my readmission because I learned later that to removed my scholarship for that school year, so I had to pay up prelims and midterms which had been a back account that I have o hurdle until I finally graduated in 2007.

MY TERMINATION – Do you still remember the leaflets you made (OUT OF STUDENTS MONEY AS USUAL) against me. You stated my “3X the tuition” issue in there when in fact it was beside the point. Obviously, you’ll do that because I was your enemy and you want to undo me by any means necessary. I guess that explains the recorder tactic to “maliciously spell you” because in the same way, we were adversaries, and I needed to prove my case against board.

Cel, I reiterate, you were a victim too. We’re batch mates, I know you were also afraid of the outcome back then. I still have with me the Sworn Statement by Mark Zember Gamboa detailing how he was forced to sign my termination, Mark and the rest of them were threatened by your friend who is now a PERSONA NON GRATA in Adamson for unliquidated money that was spent. Talking about rising up in the PECKING ORDER to become TOP DOG.

I will post here the documents if you’d push me further.

HALF TRUTHS – No Cel, its not a lopsided story, it is what it is, a DILUTED story to keep the personal detail out of the light. You’re a chemical engineer, tell me what happens during mechanical agitation of a dilute solution?

But please be fair, like I said, you’re a victim too and I understand!

[ # 4465 ] Comment from AJ007 [October 5, 2008, 4:27 am]

Go ahead and post the pictures you are talking about, I’m gonna look for the documents I’m taking about.
I also have the pictures of the “GOOD TIMES” its good that he camera used has a time and date. Its about our wee hours “press work” to shake up our memories a bit.
We are all there…
It’s the happy times before I found my conscience.

UNFAIR right? Because it’s besides the point…

Then again, we were all survivors, only some of us took something extra. I don’t think I was in a strategic position for corruption then.

I am not saying that you are. ALL I AM SAYING IS YOU WERE A VICTIM TOO.

I am not here to undo you, I am here to justify us, I mean our batch, not to single you out.

[ # 4466 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [October 5, 2008, 4:40 am]

Nakakainis yung mga soap operang paulit-ulit pinapalabas gaya ng Marimar. Di na matapos-tapos.

Pwede ba, ang delubyong nangyari nung 1999 sa TAC sa term ni Celia ay natapos na. Matagal na. Kailan pa ba matatapos ito? Ang panahong ito ang pinakamiserable at pinaka-magulong panahon sa pamamalagi ko sa TAC at dito ako namulat sa maraming bagay.

Si Allan, kahit papaano gusto ko syang alalahanin bilang isang matapat na Chronicler na handang ipagpatayan ito sa mga kakalaban nito bago yung kaguluhan. Gusto ko syang isipin sa ganung paraan bilang isang senior ko at ganun din sa mga ka-batch ko na naging parte ng TAC kahit me mga pagkukulang pa sila. Mahirap magtanim ng galit ng sobrang tagal. Lalamunin ka ng apoy nito.

Yung TAC, isa lang syang maliit na kwarto. Kahit sino pwede pumasok. Kahit sinong tao na me sariling pag-iisip at me paninindigan at paniniwala. May kanya-kanyang pananaw sa mga isyu. Hindi tayo pare-pareho mag-isip sa TAC. Me matino, me gago, me pasaway, me abusado.

Ang sistema sa TAC ay gaya rin ng sistema sa Adamson. Me butas at me dumi din. Pero dito na pumapasok ang demokrasya sa maliit na kwarto na iyon. Dito na nagtutunggali kung sino ang mananaig. Kung para ba sa kapakanan ng mga estudyante o para sa sarili.

Minsan na rin akong umalis sa TAC dahil sa sistemang ito. Kusa akong umalis kasi di ko kayang mabago ito ng mag-isa. Pero nung umalis ako, di ko pinahamak ang TAC or kumampi sa Admin o kumanta sa mga sikreto nito. Di ako nagtraydor. Di ako nagtayo ng kudeta or pag-aaklas. Bumalik lang ako sa pagiging isang estudyante.

Pero bumalik din ako sa TAC dahil sa hiling ng isang kaibigan. Tinanggap ko ang sistema. Pero tinanggap ko rin na mababago ito sa maayos na paraan. Hindi sa madahas!

Nagsimula na ang pagbabago ng TAC lalo na sa editorial board. Umiral na ang pagsisilbi sa mga estudyante. Makikita na ang lahat ng editorial board members ay kasama sa paggawa ng dyaryo. AT ANG ADAMSON CHRONICLE AY HINDI NA SALAMIN NG EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. Na-distribute ang decision sa lahat. Di lang sa iisang tao.

Wala ka nang makikitang presswork na binubuo lang ng tatlong tao.

Naabutan ko na wala nang away sa editorial board matapos ang term ni Celia. Me pagkakaisa na sa Chronicle. NAGKAMALI SI ALLAN JAY SA KANIYANG PAMAMARAAN NG PAGBABAGO.

Mula sa kalagitnaan ng term ni Maui hanggang sa term ni Joni, me pagkakaisa at WALA NANG GULO sa editorial board. Dumalas na rin ang paglalabas ng isyu kumpara sa mga naunang termino.

Maliban lang sa ilang pasaway na sana ay binawian na ng buhay noon pa.

Sayang lang at di nalubos ang hinihintay na pagbabago sa pahayagan dahil sa pagkakasara nito sa isang napakababaw na kadahilanan.


[ # 4467 ] Comment from clave [October 5, 2008, 2:39 pm]

I have said enough, I should have ignored your blog for once, but someday 20 years from now, maybe my son could visit this site archives, and I will not take your writings just by sitting down and allow you to take my name or my term to mess.

Be specific. Did you read your blog all over again? It’s my term you bad mounted. Why you can’t be specific on him?

I maybe a victim in some way or another but I take it the other way, in your case it is your choice, it’s the result of misjudgment and presumption to take a change in one click or by digging the past just to prove convictions.

Yes your right, you think that in my term we will going to a process of self-cleansing or better said as rectification. You are part of it, we break the rules and make new laws, and we cut off the “traditional” way of the past and clean the dirt of insubordination.

The good thing after your termination is we moved on.

If you have confessed about the conspiracy between you and Jepoy, I may have terminated him as well.

Maybe the Old Adamson Chronicle was not closed.

I don’t want to go further on this, it’s a waste of time, and it’s an old issue and better said it should be in grave by now.

The intention of the those pictures in the my friendster is to compile all good and bad memories of the Old Adamson Chronicle in my senses, if that had offended you in a bitter way, asked an apology to Joebert.

Maybe we have to settle all this things between us in coffee talk for once. You have my number.

[ # 4468 ] Comment from JB [October 6, 2008, 1:06 am]

“Corruption: ask Joebert about it, it’s the reason we changed the printing press. ”

Hi Celia!

In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary, “Come again?”

i have to admit allan told us some pretty “shocking” things {and here im talking as a person who is rarely shocked), even stuff that ronie or I supposedly did that i was hearing for the first time in my life. it’s like “magic.” the kind of magic people pull out of a hat. incredible.

but i give everyone the benefit of the doubt, of course.

well, i sent allan the pic because i was browsing my friendly friends one day and i saw it and i was “shocked” (again!) to see that the writings were actually allan jay’s! shocked in a mildly positive way. i thought, wow, they actually preserved that? they actually took pictures?

but my bad, it only got allan so excited. look what he’s written now. but i’m sure things will be awesomely much clearer in the end.

[ # 4469 ] Comment from AJ007 [October 6, 2008, 9:11 am]

If you are for peace and so am I.
But strictly for you, I am not yet ready to make amends with people who hecklered me on my way out.
I feel for the reason that we should think about the children, yours, mine, and even for those who mocked me when I was down and out.
Actually, my wife told me to STOP it. She still remember you in fondness, sabi nya, mabait ka raw. She’s happy that you were our EIC.
My children are smart kids you know, my eldest in as fine girl who could read already. Yesterday, when I was looking for old files that I could have burnt a long time ago, she saw the leaflet you printed for me. She red it, she’s unstoppable. As though it was a fine Aesop in tagalong. For her in was nothing, she didn’t understand the drift, but she slowly syllabicated the text that dreaded the most in my life. Talking about irony.
My wife Dang was filled with surprise. Then said in jest that: “sikat ka pala, ‘di ko alam”
You are right Cel, it was my choice. So in a way, it was my choice too out of prevailing circumstance back then that I had to ask my professors one by one to give me an incomplete grade because I can’t go on with schooling anymore. My Profs who are my enemies took advantage and was glad to hand me a 5.0
I went out, worked as an R&D analyst in a Chinese – Filipino owned chemical company. There are things that I know but could not express because I was an undergrad and chose to keep mum.
In Atlanta Industries, I was interviewed by the technical engineer and commented that I would be slated for an interview with the HR Consultant because he was impressed somehow. The HR Consultant then insulted me for me string of 5.0s during the second sem of school year 1999 – 2000, all because I did not finish the sem. But it was my choice. I know I can’t explain to anyone the conspiracy, but it has been the bane to my existence since.
Cel, I am NOT in conspiracy with anyone back then. It was tricky and it had been a world of mirrors. Before you were declared as an EIC, remember we were in delinquent list courtesy of the EIC before you (remember the Philippine Enlighten Society book).
Even you agreed with his plan to form up an Interim Editorial Board to get us off the hook. Jeffrey Hanapon too agreed with it, and then all of a sudden, Julian showed up, Jeffrey accused me for spying to TAC for the admin, when he was OK with the interim thing. What a person!
You trusted Hanapon over me. You cut out my argument during that December night of 1999. You first agitated me with your remarks that: “Luste would have been terminated had it not from me.”
It sparked everything Cel.
Why must Luste be terminated?
Why must the 6 members be suspended?

Everything is still fresh, Esteban is right! It is hard to keep hatred this long.

[ # 4470 ] Comment from ShishiyoMakoto [October 7, 2008, 3:43 am]

Question: why did these other people the author seems having issue with keep a picture of the writing on the white board? To keep the humiliation for posterity by brandishing this picture online and letting their shout of victory echo through the internet bandwidth? To prepare it as defense and justification should things like this blog post show up?

[ # 4471 ] Comment from AJ007 [October 7, 2008, 4:30 am]


Hindi ko alam kung magagalit ako sa ‘yo o hindi na lang.

Humahanga ako sa iyo sa isang bagay na sina sabi mo ang saloobin mo na walang habas.

Iyan ang tatak ng isang tunay na lalaki.
Iyan ang tatak ng taong may prinsipyo. Dapat patas, payak at walang pag kiling kung kanino man.

Meron tayong isang “idiom” na halaw sa wiking Ingles: “benefit of the doubt.”

Alam kong ang matalinong lalaking kagaya mo, at sa kabuohan ng pagkalalaki mo na handa ka ring ipaglaban ang iyong prinsipyo.

Hanga rin ako sa iyong pagka humaling sa katarungan na kung hihiram ako ng linya buhat sa mismong sinulat mo… “Maliban lang sa ilang pasaway na sana ay binawian na ng buhay noon pa. Tama ‘yun, at alam ko sa katapanagn ng pagkalalaki mo ay handa mo ring patunayan na ang sinulat mo ay kaya mo rin isa buhay.

Ang pagiging TAMA o MALI ng isang bagay ay opinyon lamang. Sabin g dakilang si Napoleon Bonaparte, ang MORALIDAD (TAMA) ay pumapanig ayon sa pwersa na may mas maraming kanyon.

Nagkamali talaga ako sa aking pamamaraan dahil, tama ka, “Ang sistema sa TAC ay gaya rin ng sistema sa Adamson. Me butas at me dumi din… at may mga duwag at walang prinsipyo na handang magpalamon sa bulok na sistema.

May kasabihan kami sa kilusan dati na “and isang sistemang kinagisnan, kina tulugan, ay mahirap nang bakbakin sa pagkatao…”

Tama sapagkat ang sistema ay walang buhay, an gang tao ang gumagawa nito, smakatuwid and bulok na sistema ay gawa ng bulok na pagkatao. Ang pagbabago nito ay paghaom sa kabulokan, at halos kadalasan, di alam ng bulok na bulok s’ya. Depende pa yun sa pag hubog ng lina gisnan nya.

Kaya nagkamali akong sumabak pa sa kunwang pakikipag tuos sa kabulukan, upang lihisin ang isyu sa pinag tatakpan. Oo, may takipan, at sa palagay ko, di mo na ma kikita yun habang buhay.

Nagkamali akong naniwala at tinotohanan ang pagbabago. At higit sa lahat, nagkamali akong di nag wagi sa larangang iyon. At sapalagay ko, pasalamatan mo ang pagkakamaling iyon. Wag mo na akong pilitin kung bakit…dahil personal na ako lumaban ngayon, tama angh isang kaibigan natin…”punitive measures, ika nga…

Malamang hindi mo alam ang pagkakaiba ng kalidad sa kwantidad, pero ang mag isyu ng TAC dati ay may kalidad. At kung di lang sila iniipit ng admin, malamang, may marami silang isyu, na syempre, hindi basura, hindi tungkol sa SEX, hindi puro pag tuligsa sa admin na di naman tumbok, hindi puru FILLER…

At nga pala, nuong araw, kaya ni Ronie mag presswork kahit mag isa, kaya rin yun ni Julian, ni Tito, ni Jeobert, kaya wag mong ipag malaki sa akin ang mag basurang giniwa nyo na tinagtatawanan ng ibang school. Alam mo bang Orgy room ang tawag ng ilang estudyante sa opisina nyo dati?

And TAC ay isang opisina lang, transient lang ang mga tao dun, ang mga estudyanteng nan dun ay may roong writing fervor, di lang puro laban na utak pulbura. Ang pakikipag tunggali sa admin ay may “protocol” pa rin bilang propesyonal na manunulat. Siguro sa tabloid pwede yun, pero hindi sa student paper. Ang ideyalismong na sa TAC ay payak. Pero tama ka, may abusado, may gago…

Tama ka rin, makainis ang mga telenovela!

Mali ka lang sa isang bagay…


[ # 4472 ] Comment from AJ007 [October 7, 2008, 4:37 am]

There’s more to it Shishiyo,

I’m glad are trying to analyze things, keep it up. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

For now for the bebefit of the doubt, maniwala ka muna sa paratang nila, but real events of the past will catch up with it.

Thanks for asking, I appreciate it.


[ # 4473 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [October 7, 2008, 8:29 am]

To Makoto,

Una sa lahat, yung photo na yan ay sa friendster account ng dating TAC EIC galing. Friendster. Friendster. Kahit anu naman pwede nyang ilagay sa photo gallery nya para ma-view ng mga friends nya at yung ibang interesadong mag-view nito. Ini-email lang kay Allan yung photo ng isa pang Chronicler at hiningi ang opinyon nito hinggil sa letrato.

Si Allan ang nagpalaki at naghukay ng isang lumang issue mula sa ‘lumang larawan’ sa paggawa ng post na ito.

Well, karapatan nyang mag-post dito at magsabi ng mga pananaw at hinanakit at galit nya. Mas maganda na nga rin para kahit papaano mabawasan yung sama ng loob nya. He has to speak out his angst.

Atsaka yung photo na yan ay kinunan dati nung 2000 bilang ‘evidence’ na di pwedeng itanggi ni Allan, in case na kailanganin. Nasa kaguluhan ang TAC nun, maraming nagmamagaling. Aakalain mo ngang mga pulitiko ang mga kasama mo at di mga manunulat. Nagkataon lang na napaka-memorable nito sa taong kumuha nito.

Actually, inamin na rin ni Allan na di pa sya nakakaganti. (Baka nga, nag-iipon sya ng mga statements dito mula sa amin para sa kanyang planong paghihiganti. Eh kaso, nakatunog na kami. Masarap sanay sumayaw sa lumang tugtugin.)

[ # 4474 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [October 7, 2008, 9:12 am]

“Malamang hindi mo alam ang pagkakaiba ng kalidad sa kwantidad, pero ang mag isyu ng TAC dati ay may kalidad. At kung di lang sila iniipit ng admin, malamang, may marami silang isyu, na syempre, hindi basura, hindi tungkol sa SEX, hindi puro pag tuligsa sa admin na di naman tumbok, hindi puru FILLER…”

- sinabi mo dito na kaya konti ang isyu noong unang terms ay dahil inipit sila ng Admin. Okay, me explanation ka. Sinisi mo ito sa admin.

Maganda naman tlga ang mga isyu ng TAC noon kaya me archives kami dati sa opisina. Kaya nga nung nalaman kong pinasara yung TAC nung 2005, una kong tinanung kung naitabi ba nila ang mga lumang issues lalo na yung mga lumang-luma na.

Pero kung magsasabi ka ng kung anu-anu tungkol sa mga issues ng TAC pagkatapos ng pamamalagi mo dito, na kesyo basura, filler, panay tuligsa, at kung anu-ano pang nakakahiyang salita - EH ANO ANG MAGAGAWA KO? ITO ANG OPINYON MO AT ITO ANG GUSTO MONG ISIPIN.


“At nga pala, nuong araw, kaya ni Ronie mag presswork kahit mag isa, kaya rin yun ni Julian, ni Tito, ni Jeobert, kaya wag mong ipag malaki sa akin ang mag basurang giniwa nyo na tinagtatawanan ng ibang school. Alam mo bang Orgy room ang tawag ng ilang estudyante sa opisina nyo dati?”

- Alam ko rin yan. Kaso hindi naman natin pwedeng ilagay ang mga taong iyan sa TAC habambuhay. Hindi rin sila pwedeng mag-stay sa student pub forever. Sayang diba.

Ang focus kasi ng post mo ay ang kamalian ng ‘Editorial Board’ noon na nasabi ko na malaki na ang pinagbago mula nung term ni Celia. Ang mga sumunod na terms ay hindi na naranasan yung kaguluhan at pagkakawatak-watak ng ed board. At ito ang pinagmamalaki ko. Kaso hindi mo ito sinupalpal (kasi wala kang masusupalpal sa pagbabago sa edboard) at lumundag ka na lang sa mga na-publish nitong isyu. Dito ka ngayon bumutas.

Yung ‘Orgy room’ na tawag sa opisina gaya ng pagkakasabi mo na tingin ng ibang estudyante - Honestly, ngayon ko lang narinig ito. Ilan ba silang nagsabi nun para mabanggit mo? Pito kasama ka? Baka nga mas marami pa yung nagsasabi na BODEGA ang Penthouse.

Kahit anu naman pwede nating sabihin dito eh at malay ba nang mga makapagbabasa sa thread na ito kung pawang katotohanan ba ang mga pinagsasabi natin dito. O pawang mga kathang isip lamang. Pwede ko ngang sabihin na nagkaroon ng apparition si Virgin Mary sa Penthouse nung 2001 kaso ako lang ang nakakita. Pwede ko ring sabihin na me floor show sa Penthouse at naghuhubad ang mga babaeng Chroniclers tuwing Friday night. Pwede ko ring sabihin na sumasamba yung mga sumunod na batch kay Guethyomejori Gumphatro - ang bathala ng mga ipis.

[ # 4475 ] Comment from AJ007 [October 7, 2008, 9:33 am]

To All


Writing on the Wall II (or Simply WWII)

Yeah, I know it is cheeky 

It has been a mild ride in the past yet a bit bumpy.

Shishiyo, actually I am a Samurai X fan too. Do you watch Cowboy Beebop too? Or BT – X maybe? I like the story line of those cartoons. I am a Star Wars fan too. Specially the part that Senator Palpatine’s beautiful mechanization, turned the entire galaxy into galactic empire.

It is a nice movie, the screenplay is good, the lighting, the special effects, and the storyline is the best. The kids ought to get a good lesson from it.

That there is always a suave whispherer on the ear of a female ruler, Queen Amidalla have Senator Palpatine. Historically, Czarina Alexandra had Rasputin, the Empress Dowager Ci Xi had her general, Elizabeth I too had her “special” minister. Those are people that we observe because they are big people.

Just to clear things out, I am not writing half truths.

And the claim by my friend Celia that I didn’t attend any press work is a blatant LIE. You see people who started things with a LIE must finish it with more lies. Goebbels has it that “a lie told a million times becomes the truth.”

EXAMPLE: IF I didn’t attend any press work, then I wouldn’t have any article during my stint. But I have, and like the rest of the documents and pictures that I am suppose to post here, I will post the rest of my articles. Even my drafts which are all , hand writing if it needs be.

But lie is easily detected through inconsistency and this should highlight the attitude, the personality or character of people who spread lies.

EXAMPLE: When Calve talked to me about my petitioned subjects that fetched a 3X THE REGULAR TUITION, it was NOVEMBER, they published the leaflet against me accusing me of passing the accountability to TAC was between late December 1999 or early January 2000. See?

Then again, it’s there words against mine or mine against there’s how I wish they nail me or pin me down on my accountabilities too.

AGAIN, I don’t deny the writing on the board, I claimed it was mine, I’m not surprise that an underdog will wag its tail to top dogs. Ah in Star Wars there is Jar Jar Binks, he casted a vote making Palpatine the Emperor.

[ # 4476 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [October 7, 2008, 9:38 am]

Pero Allan, medyo nalilito na kasi ako sa pinatutunguhan ng argumentong ito. Baka umabot na ito sa Jupiter. Baka naman nalilihis ka na sa pinaka-aim ng post mong ito?

Madumi na kasi ang mga naisusulat dito. Para na tayong naghahagisan ng putik sa kahit saang pwedeng hagisan. Ang dami nang nauungkat.

Kung gusto monng gumanti at marinig yung side mo, pwede i-narrow down mo yung mga statements mo dito. Isa-isa lang. Puntiryahin mo na yung gusto mong puntiryahin KESA naman yung ganito na kung saan-saan mo kami dinadala. Ang dami kasing kwento eh.

Anu ba talaga ang pinaka-kwento at ang pinagmulan ng problema?

Alam ko me sasabihin ka. Okay. Peace.

[ # 4477 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [October 7, 2008, 9:58 am]

Hindi WWII

Mas okay kung WOW II. Peace.

[ # 4478 ] Comment from AJ007 [October 8, 2008, 7:43 am]

PEACE? Don’t be ridiculous Esteban,
Wala kang kasalanan ka akin…
Though I know you enjoyed distributing those leaflets against me…


[ # 4479 ] Comment from AJ007 [October 8, 2008, 8:29 am]

Just this once, I’m gonna explain to you the contents of this blog.
Pero ‘di ko alam kung lalo ka lang malilito, anyway, I’m gonna give it a try. Susubokan ko kung may kakayahan kung umunaya.
‘Di na akogagamit ng “analogy” para diretso tayo sa punto.

Sa lumipas na 8 taon, nananahimik na ang buhay ko. Ang galit ko ay nakakubkub lang sa dibdib ko. ‘Di ko alam kung maaabot ito ng kamalayan mo pero, sinubokan kung kamimutan ang lahat.

Siguro gusto mong itanong sa akin bakit iyon masakit sa akin.
Ito ang sagot: Dahil pinag bintangan nyo akong magnanakaw na ipinasa ang tuition na “3X the regular” sa TAC.
Ito isa pang sagot: Dahil na terminate ako sa kasong pinalalo lang.

Ito ang eksplenasyon sa unang dahilan kung bakit pa rin ako umaapoy sa galit.

Dahil hindi ako MAGNANAKAW. DAHIL AND TUITION NA IYON NA “3X THE REGULAR” ay hindi binayaran ng TAC at ako ang nag bayad ng pa utay-utay, kaya mali, malisyoso at kasinungalingan ang paratang na iyon.

Dahil, di dapat ako sumigaw at lumabas sa EDITORIAL BOARD MEETING ng gabing iyion ng Disyembre kung hindi ako pinaringgan ni Celia na “KASI SI LUSTE AY MATAGAL NA SANANG NA TERMINATE KUNG ‘DI DAHIL SA ISANG TAO DITO…”

Yung lang muna, kung kayang I - assimilate yan ng utak mo, malalaman mo pa ang ibang dahilan

[ # 4533 ] Comment from indierock [October 21, 2008, 1:23 am]

nga naman

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