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Writing on the wall
September 27th, 2008 posted by AJ007 under Adamson Chronicle, Alumni Stories, Campus Issues, Campus News, Opinion. [ Comments: 24 ]

Joe Bert sent me a picture thru my email. It was taken from a Friendster account, and not just some Friendster account but that of my friend, Celia Clave. The picture depicts a writing on the white board taken from the old Adamson Chronicle (TAC) office. We used the white board to write, to leave insults, grievances and things to remember during press works.

The writing on the white board was angry, typical of a loose cannon, devastated, a loser, the kind that hangs on teetering on the corner but still won’t give up the fight. And that writing was mine…

I am Allan Jay Q. Martirez. I am proud to say that along with Celia Clave and the rest of us, passed the Editorial Board exams in the summer of 1997. And it was not just some exam but an exam made and facilitated by Joe Bert Lazarte. Then that was my baptism of fire in the publication. I enjoyed it, the UAAP coverage for free, thanks to Tito Escaño, our Associate Editor who thought I could handle it back then, the prestige of the by–line, and being one of the prime movers of campus opinion.

Joe Bert Lazarte is not just a name, but a legend. He’s won numerous literary awards, if I’m a physicist in the league of Enrico Fermi or Oppenheimer, Joe Bert is Einstein. Yet my writing skill is no way near Fermi nor Oppenheimer if it was physics but the days after Joe Bert’s time and beyond has sown in me hatred as explosive as Oppenheimer’s Atomic bomb (thanks to Fermi).

Celia Clave is not just another name. She went up the ladder to become the Editor–in–Chief (EIC) and is a versatile writer that could write both English and Pilipino articles very well.

You see, back then, I look up to Joe Bert, Tito, Ronnie (my EIC during the time I first entered TAC), and Alvin Julian. The names I mentioned had become EICs themselves except for Tito who decided to quit it all and left the TAC undisciplined. I am one of those unruly members, and so I personally resented Tito’s decision. But life had to go on…

To be continued…

YouTube Preview Image

Continuation… 9:39 am 29th September 2008

Actually, when I was still a newbie at the publication, I heard the tenured ones discussing about the Chronicle. I remember one saying that if all the administrators in Adamson would be like Fr. Belita, then TAC wouldn’t have been a radical publication that it was during our time. I concluded quickly that those writers were after all unlike my comrades in our activist leftist organization in which I had been involved with before entering the Chronicle, that those writers, even in there subconscious minds only want reform in Adamson and that they are upholding the role of the campus publication to bring about that reform. Most important was, they were not loose cannons; they in fact commend people, an administrator at that, who they think is doing a good job.

Then they veered at a different topic attacking the revolutionary nature of change that the left espouses, saying that the rhetoric, the tone, the well-versed chants and the melodrama wouldn’t really bring about change. We were talking about political issues at that time, the vote shaving, and the possibility of the culture permeating into the college level; so I chipped in my two cents’ worth of opinion saying that even the political parties inside the school are partisan to the national level political parties and that the jockeying of these outside forces — including the traditionally corrupt and left-leaning groups — are obvious during the supreme council elections. It didn’t surprise anyone, when I thought I solved the “general relativity” of the whole argument. Tito Escaño just afforded me a mocking smile as if amused by my courage to tell them the obvious, sort of undermining their intellect. Alvin Julian managed to give me a nice smirk, Ronnie’s eyes pierced through his glasses. At least Joe Bert had the courtesy to veer to a different topic saving me from further embarrassment. It was their favorite topic, speciation, Hawkings, Camus, etc. … those thing that I can’t relate with, but save me from my state of being at that time, God, my cheeks were so red that time hehehe.

When I got terminated from the Adamson Chronicle due to reasons my enemies back then prod me into doing, rather knowing how irrational I could be when my pot head acted on a situation, I was cursing Joe Bert Lazarte and Tito Escaño. Because in my understanding of the situation, it wouldn’t have happened to me if they were there to shed light to the whole situation…

To be continued. . .

Last entry . . October 4, 2008 10:09 AM

But this is an old grudge.

An old issue that could have died out naturally a long time ago.

Frankly it affected me. It affected my well-being. It haunted me through it all. It’s as if I saw the world’s new face, the thing that I never anticipated. Can’t trust anyone, anymore, drifting from one job to another.

Frankly, how I wish I didn’t see that picture of that scribbling on the white board. It bears nothing but bad memories. As for me I forced myself to let go, to move on, not to feel the pain at all. But the sordid past has to catch up with me somehow.

I know you won’t be interested at all but what forced my hand to take that decision less that a decade back (8 years, as suggested by Aldrin Esteban) was my frustration over the Editorial Board of 1999 – 2000. I thought it was a new board, I thought it would serve as the “Sword of Gideon” that would root out the problems that the students were facing, and after all, they were our publishers. I thought it was a SELF–CLEANSING BODY.

On that fateful night that sparked it all, during that editorial board meeting, I thought we were going to talk about rectification, mending the wrong ways and devising a plan to correct on our wrong footing. But no! HELL NO!!!

By the looks of it, we were going to pamper the delusion that we inherited, that instead of looking into our accountability, we instead were going to hit on innocent people, much more OUR OWN.

Yes, we were harassed! The AUSG together with some left–leaning groups were at it, they were training their scopes on us, on our every mistake, our inability to publish, our publication’s content, our inability to liquidate. But those bastards who were after us only wanted to replace us all. How I remember them trying to infiltrate the board by seeding the editorial board exams with their members. Of course, they would harass us, they wanted to see us startled, make more mistakes. The calls every morning, every afternoon, asking us where we were putting the students’ money. Our in–fighting. I for one was tasked to track down a member’s activity who was then suspected of being a SPY. A “spy” for God’s sake that did not exist. Why were we even fighting when we only have to show them that we were not corrupt and redirect the issue to corrupt administrators, teachers who were incompetent, the “façade mentality” that takes on the direction of constructions in Adamson. There were so many issues to choose from to take “their” eyes off us. All it should have taken was one honest move.

On that night, six members of the editorial board were about to be punished with suspension, whose sins were merely not making themselves available during press works. Press works? WHAT PRESS WORK?

Oh, maybe, “press work” meant those late night “intellectual conversations,” or the nights in some fast food spending over PhP200 per head courtesy of our publishers. Or those were the nights spent in expensive bowling lanes, thanks to gullible students.

What ever happened to the old TAC Credo?

To Sin by Silence

When we must Protest

Makes Cowards out of Men…

Silence is no longer deafening, and the way it looks is no longer sinful but a comforting silence.

And why protest when all is on the take, when all is happy?

Cowards? Strength is in number.

After my termination, the constitution and by laws of the publication got revised. I really don’t know but I’ve heard that it was a happier law for them. First, I couldn’t contest my termination because of the new constitution, and then later, I heard it put a member through law school. Thanks to the students’ money, of course.

The old Chronicle board was the black horse for corruption. And those people who were in the bottom of the pecking order got promoted to Top Dog, a.k.a. “editor–in–chief” simply because of their loyalty. Those people with an unbearable idiotic IQ then claim “intellectual brilliance” borrowing lines from dead philosophers, posing as “left-leaning intellectuals” or even atheists.

I remember a conversation with Joe Bert. Not really an INTELLECTUAL conversation because my friend Joe Bert hates being called an “intellectual” to his face.

So, there was this time that he asked me why did I become a leftist. I gave him a rhetoric answer. He didn’t reply for some time, and then told me that if I only knew each and everyone in this country, then maybe I’d shun my convictions.

Tito Escaño once said that when your stomach begins to knock, “your shallow philosophy will fly out of the window.”

What I like best about Joe Bert and Tito is that, they hate posers.

AJ007 has blogged 7 posts

The first Adamsonian clean-up in two years
September 26th, 2008 posted by JB under From The Admin. [ Comments: 1 ]

I’ve just upgraded this blog’s Wordpress, from the archaic 2.0-something, to the latest 2.6.2 version, so some of you might be in for some surprise when you log in.

Since the blog went online sometime in December 2006, I never really got around to “religiously” upgrading it to whatever new version the folks at would release every few weeks or so. That’s why this upgrade is a big leap: design changes and improvements are invisible on the front end and can be seen only when you log in. This new upgrade supposedly makes more secure, and makes writing new blog posts more efficient. And, well, enjoyable.

JB has blogged 119 posts

I miss my college lyf!!!
September 26th, 2008 posted by anNe under Achievements, Alumni Stories. [ Comments: none ]

hayz!!! ngaun ko lang nlaman about sa site na to ng mga ADAMSONIAN kung kylan wala na ko sa AdU.  parang kylan lng lamn pa kmi ng mgakaiigan ko sa CAMPUS at ilang TAMBAYAN mlapit jan sa AdU pero ngaun kung san lupalop na ng mga company ngaun,minsan nlang mgkta, kht uso na ang text or twag sa fone minsan nlang din nga2wa dahil my kanya2 na pnaprioritize…Bilis tlaga ng pnahon parang kylan lang 1styr pa lng kmi and halos mahiyain pa at ndi gnun ka fwendly, pero 4yrs after eto na kmi ngaun facing the new challenge of our lyf ndi na sa loob ng university na ADAMSON kundi sa OUTSIDE WORLD na, sa iba’t-ibang company..hay!!!..parang kylan lng enjoy na enjoy pa nmin ang college lyf mga proffessor lng ang problema, konting tampuhan ng kabarkada, konting gimik, mga kalokohan na wala kaming ibang gnawa kundi puro tawa lng..Hangang dumating na ang most special and memorable moment ng tropa ang mkarating ng PICC 2gether w/our parents and professor kung saan nasaksihan nmin pare-pareho na ganap na nga kming PROFESSIONAL…

Eto na kmi ngaun ndi na kmi estudyante at ilang pasaway ng AdU my sari-sarili  na kming trabaho, kung dati more ang happenings ngaun halos minsan nlang kung mgkita, ndi na nman kmi pwede ang pag cut ng oras ng work mu, unlike b4 kapag tnatamad kmi or ayaw nmin ng prof canteen ang punta nmin ang kain lng ng kain..<sigh> d2 kc sa work bwal ang take two at ma-late ang deadline,hayz anu ba yan sarap mgaral..hehehe! but we have to move on..go with the flow nlang kmi…!!!

b4 i finally end this post i want to say thankyou to all my prof.classm8 and ofcourse to all my close and trusted fwends na isa sa mga reasons y nging memorable ang moment ko sa ADAMSON...godblessyou alwayz!

anNe has blogged 1 posts

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy in Adamson University
September 24th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy (BKP)—partner NGO of the University whose advocacy is literacy—conducted a Read-Aloud workshop at the JP Auditorium last September 6 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The workshop was participated in by volunteers from ICES partner communities in Payatas and Cabuyao, some BED teachers, senior Education majors, scholars, and student assistants. Facilitators came from the Open Heart Foundation and the University.

The seminar-workshop was an abridged version of the Concentrated Language Encounter (CLE), a proven method for improving literacy developed by Rotary International. The method was based on extensive research in linguistics by Rotarian Dr. Richard Walker from Australia. It has been proven to work in any language, at any level, in any culture. CLE is potentially a powerful tool in exposing kids to the world of books as it does not only develop skills, but makes learning fun. Hence, attendees and volunteers can bring this knowledge with them when they put into practice the different reading programs they have for their respective communities.

Helping build mini-libraries and implementing a reading program are the two-pronged mission of OSAS through ICES with the help of BKP. Since this is the second workshop in the University, our SSVP-OSGP has used the method when they do their apostolate for street children and orphans. It is hoped that our BED teachers and Education students can also make this as a supplemental teaching aid.

[Reposted from the email]

Ramon Millonte has blogged 17 posts

Firm grants scholarships to engineering students
September 24th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

written by Jane C. Mangalus

Proof that big local and international companies believe in the academic smarts of Adamsonians is the continuous support these organizations extend to AdU students.
Fluor Daniel, Inc.-Philippines (FDIP)—the local subsidiary of the international engineering firm, Fluor Corporation, known to be one of the companies that go beyond just doing business—recently signed a Memorandum of Scholarship Agreement with Adamson University last Sept. 8 at the Asian Star Bldg., Filinvest Corporate City in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The company’s philanthropic tradition goes a long way back and has been making a positive impact on the global community.

Present during the event were Engr. Jesus Manalastas and Dr. Ramon Maniago (Dean and Vice Dean of the College of Engineering respectively) , Mrs. Marie Anne Racelis (College Scholarship Coordinator) , Mrs. Alice Quilicot (Director, Office for Student Assistance and Scholarship) , and the deserving scholars with their respective parents. FDIP was represented by Engr. Danny Spinks (General Manager) and Ms. Medy Camba (Controller) .
Granted partial scholarship benefits were Marvin Andalajao (BS Electrical Engineering) , Gerardo Villanueva, Jr. (BS Electrical Engineering) , Kenneth John Zinampan (BS Electrical Engineering) , and Kazuniko Furukawa (BS Mechanical Engineering) while Aubrianne Aranas (BS Electrical Engineering) and Jordan Rulloda (BS Electrical Engineering) were granted full scholarship benefits.

FDIP started to endow assistance to deserving engineering students of AdU since School Year 1998-1999 as part of its social responsibility program. A provision of the MOA states that the grantees ‘shall carry the required regular academic load for each school term and an annual weighted average of 85 percent or higher per semester with no failing grade in all academic subjects and must have not dropped, officially or unofficially, in any of his subjects.’

[Reposted from the email]

Ramon Millonte has blogged 17 posts

DOST honors Adamson alumnus
September 24th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

Engr. Julius Maridable, Ph.D., one of the 75 Most Outstanding Alumni of AdU, was given recognition by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) during the National Academy of Science and Technology Award’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Dubbed Energy Security and Sustainability: Assesing the Present and Foreseeing the Future, the meeting was held last July 9-10 at the Manila Hotel.

Engr. Maridable—currently the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs at De La Salle University-Manila— received The Outstanding Scientific Award for his paper titled Modeling and Optimization of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction On Essential Oil from Lemon Grass Using Response Surface Methodology. This research is a collaborative effort with his five co-authors Huynh Kpha, Dr. Pag-Asa Gaspillo, Ms. Mith Hasika, Roberto M. Malaluan, and Junjiro Kawasaki.

Engr. Maridable graduated from Adamson University in 1976 with a BS in Chemical Engineering degree.

[Reposted from the email]

Ramon Millonte has blogged 17 posts

AdU a partner in “His Art, Our Heart” Amorsolo Retro Show
September 24th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

Masterpieces by the country’s First National Artist Fernando C. Amorsolo will be mounted at Manila’s leading galleries and museums in a retrospective dubbed His Art, Our Heart from September 2008 to January 2009.

The University’s three Amorsolo paintings, “Fruit Harvesting” (1950), “Sunset Over Malabon Fish Ponds” (1950), and “Portrait of Sofia Adamson”—all donated by the late Sofia Adamson—were loaned to the Metropolitan Museum of Manila and the National Museum for the four-month multi-venue exhibition. “Fruit Harvesting” and “Sunset Over Malabon Fish Ponds” will be showcased at the Met from Sept. 26, 2008-Jan. 17, 2009, while “Portrait of Sofia Adamson” will stay at National Museum from Sept. 25 2008- Jan. 15, 2009. These three paintings were first displayed at the lobby of the SV Building last February 11, 2008 during the University’s 76th year celebration.

On November 24, 2008, the School will offer Henyo ng Sining Biswal: Isang Pagpupugay—an Amorsolo tribute-program. A lecture on the life and works of Amorsolo, an essay writing contest, and a presentation of diverse folk dances will involve the AdU community—to instill a deeper appreciation and understanding of the painter and of the significance of culture and the arts to the one’s holistic development.

Participating museums in the His Art, Our Heart retro will run their own respective exhibitions of Amorsolo artworks: UP Vargas Museum (Roxas Ave., UP Diliman, QC) on Sept. 23- Nov. 16, 2008; Lopez Museum, (Benpres Bldg., Ortigas Center, Pasig) on Sept. 24-April 4, 2008; Yuchengco Museum, (G/F, RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave. corner Gil Puyat, Makati) on Oct. 1, 2008-Jan. 17, 2009; GSIS Museum (GSIS Financial Center, Pasay City) on Oct. 2, 2008- Dec. 20, 2008; and Ayala Museum (Makati Ave. cor De la Rosa St., Greenbelt, Makati) on Oct. 24, 2008-March 8, 2009.

For particulars, call 818 8181, or e-mail info@amorsoloretro. com or visit the website www.amorsoloretro. com.

[Reposted from the email]

Ramon Millonte has blogged 17 posts

Legion of QuEEzers reaps awards in IIEE-CSC
September 24th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

During the 4th Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers Council of Student Chapters Regional Conference (IIEE-CSC), members of the Legion of QuEEzers of Adamson University battled with participants from reputable universities and colleges in the metropolis for the 8th Regional Math Wizzard competition and 22nd Regional Quiz Show held at the OZ Audio Visual Room last Sept. 11-12, 2008.

Kenneth John Zinampan, Gerardo Villanueva, Jordan Rullosa, and Ringo Orillo clinched the 1st runner up spot for the 22nd Regional Quiz Show. For the 8th Regional Math Wizzard contest, these four EE students were joined by co-QuEEzer John Arvee Amper–where they also bagged the 1st Runner Up title.

Participating schools were TIP-Manila, TIP-QC, PUP-Manila, MIT,NEU, RTU, PLM, TUP-Manila, UST, PLV, CCP, FEATI, and URSM.

(Legion of QuEEzers is a group of Electrical Engineering Students of the University. Members are arduously trained to compete in various competitions. )

[Reposted from the email]

Ramon Millonte has blogged 17 posts

Honest Adamson employee
September 24th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: 2 ]

No one was around to dissuade him from keeping what he saw and the find was quite tempting but Celso Tabasa—a long-serving janitorial staff of the University—didn’ t succumb to the temptation.

Tabasa returned a bag stuffed with cash, cellphone, and important class records to the owner, Prof. Sonny Viar, faculty member of the Foreign Languages Department. Prof. Viar left his bag in his room in the CS Building after holding class last Sept. 10. Being the assigned janitor of the building, Mr. Tabasa saw the unattended item while performing his duties, keeping in mind that he will surrender it to the real owner.
Tabasa has been working for the University for more than 25 years.

[Reposted from the email]

Ramon Millonte has blogged 17 posts

Where is my Sandra?
September 23rd, 2008 posted by takeshi under Uncategorized. [ Comments: 4 ]

Mga Adamsonians I need help po… I am Joel a graduate of EAC madalas tumambay diyan sa may Adamson sa may inuman bago magkabayan sa may Kalaw… Nakilala ko si SANDRA (best friend niya si Apol…) taga Guadalupe si Sandra I just forget her house — diyan din sa lugar na yan sa may Kalaw… Or restaurant… Na tambayan daw ng mga Ilocano at mga Apo! Napamahal sa akin si Sandra… Unfortunately I had to leave for the US and that’s the time we lost contact…

Please I’m back already dito sa Manila… Please do help me find my true love… Sandra if you guys happen to know her or have an idea regarding her do give me a call or text at 09153155383 or 09189859084.

takeshi has blogged 1 posts


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