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A Tribute To Mom
May 9th, 2008 posted by erwinilao under Uncategorized

Here’s a link to my weblog, a very personal tribute to my Mother. Watch the video at the end and enjoy. I have seen that one live in San Francisco and I am sure you guys will enjoy it just like I did. Happy Mother’s Day!

Erwin Ilao


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About the author: 1990 - Freshman belonging to a seminary called the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross. The very first student to run out of St. Vincent's Bldg. from the Registrar's office when the violent earthquake of 1990 began. 1992 - Fresh out of the seminary and back to the corridors of the institution. Feeling the need to belong to something or someone. That was when I found SAMAKA. 1993 - Elected President of the College of Liberal Arts, really did nothing but hung out with Morfe, Echauz, Mercado and the Filipinism ideologue. Most were SI Fraternity members. 1994 - Got tired of student politics and joined the MASP, a popular group of Student Speech instructors who knew how to clean tables and do teachers' errands. At least we got paid and I got to "own" the Speech Lab off the 2nd floor of the ST bldg. 1995 - Elected as President of the Adamson University Student Government (AUSG). The election was a landslide courtesy of a no-show opponent, a dysfunctional left-winger, an ambitious "speaker", and my being a popular student teacher. Not that I did not deserve the position at that time. My term was the most peaceful the last fifteen years prior. Here are My Achievements: - Minimal pillboxes thrown off the campus since I keep them in my Cabinet at the AUSG office., - Less frat wars since I attended their drinking sprees in front of Cardinal bldg., - A more religious contribution from the AUSG, never before done, during the celebration of World Youth Day - More parties or celebrations like a week-long festivity during the Student Week, a College Student Government celebration, a fund-raising dance party for Lahar victims and other sorties we would not mention. I am glad I was part of this institution. I am proud to say that it was because of ADU that I am who I turned out to be. For more of me, visit

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