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The honest to goodness truth about Kyusoku Bihaku L-Glutathione
May 24th, 2008 posted by shirohana under Uncategorized. [ Comments: 2 ]

We knew that is was only a matter of time before the L-GLUTATHIONE competition in the market reaches a fever pitch. We also had a sneaking suspicion that the competition might turn ugly ONCE THE OTHER BRANDS FEEL THREATENED and will do whatever it takes protect their interest.
It is truly saddening however, that even a well-respected and esteemed media institution can easily make itself available to irresponsibly disseminate unreliable and malicious information against competing brands all for the measly price of an ad placement.
Bad news for the news segment and ad ‘sponsor’ is that they might think that they have won the battle but they are gravely mistaken. Little do they know that what they did will prove to be their undoing because people will start asking, will seek for the truth themselves and once they find it, they will know which brands are taking them for a ride all along.
Our company has been around since 1999 in the glutathione industry, practically starting the glutathione craze in the country, flying low as supplier and product provider. With all those years of experience behind us, we decided to develop the best glutathione formulation and market it at a very competitive price.
Our brand, KYUSOKU BIHAKU L-GLUTATHIONE plus NAC and VITAMIN C ROSEHIPS, or KB to longtime and satisfied users, has taken oral glutathione supplementation to a higher level.
In doing so however, we knew that we have also painted a big red target on our backs. We have anticipated that the other brands will play catch-up and will try to buy time by spending serious money on smear campaigns. This is until they come up with their own copycat and watered-down versions of our formulation but still of inferior quality and still replete with useless fillers.

We have been waiting for this because we wanted to extend this ‘sponsor’ the honor of paving a wider avenue for us to tell the consumers why our product is way better than theirs. Thanks for making our job easier for us.
These are some of the facts that we have been honest about.
1. GLUTATHIONE, BE IT REDUCED OR FREE-FORM, IS NOT EFFICIENTLY ABSORBED WHEN IT IS TAKEN ORALLY. You only absorb less than half of the supplemental glutathione. This means that you are actually paying for something and getting less than half of the effectiveness. What is even more disappointing probably to the other brands is that some of the latest research shows that the reduced form of glutathione, while ideal via intravenous administration, is more easily destroyed in our gastrointestinal tracts and goes to waste. This means that users of this form of glutathione may be paying more for something that is even less effective.
2. KB IS PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE GLUTATHIONE. This means that KB is devoid of the usual fillers, like cornstarch for example, found in other brands. We decided to make KB that way owing to the fact previously mentioned because with fillers, you actually get lesser glutathione. When our pharmaceutical grade formula came about, one brand tried to strike out cornstarch from their labels immediately. They appeared to have done so in a hurry that their printer left out the comma preceding it. They may want to check that one out before printing their next batch of labels. Furthermore, they may have erased cornstarch from their labels, but it will still very likely remain within their capsules.
3. KB IS THE FIRST AND ONLY BFAD APPROVED BRAND THAT IS FORMULATED WITH NAC. NAC or N-Acetylcysteine is the best glutathione booster available today. Even the famous Dr. Robert Atkins in his book Vita Nutrient Solutions said that, “NAC raises glutathione levels in the body, something that oral supplements of glutathione itself cannot do.” We added in NAC to our formulation to make up for the inherent limitations of oral glutathione. Apart from boosting the body’s glutathione levels, the NAC in our brand also greatly helps in the absorption and retention of the supplemental glutathione.
KB as a set also comes with Vitamin C Rosehips for a very affordable price of Php 1,500.00 only. We have definitely innovated gave the consumers a quality product coupled with affordability. KB passed the tests conducted by the Department of Science and Technology and is duly registered with the Bureau of Food and Drugs. Our brand also recently passed the stringent test by the Office of Muslim Affairs and was declared Halal.
By coming out with the facts stated above, we have undoubtedly earned the ire of the other brands. Instead of tackling and disproving these facts however, they instead opted to play the game dirty. We can’t blame them because the facts that we have presented are the truth and one can’t exactly change it. They can only hope to twist it.
NOW, IN DIRECT ANSWER TO THE ‘NEWS SEGMENT’ THAT CAME OUT OF A SUPPOSED REPUTABLE NEWS ORGANIZATION, WE AGAIN PRESENT THIS FACT. The method that was used by this ‘respected’ testing institution is titration. Titremetry uses instruments that are also available in a junior scientist toy kit and is in other words unreliable. The particular usage of titration according to the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia is to define oils, fats, biodiesel and similar substances.
Any chemist will tell you that for testing amino acid content, the most ideal method would be to test it via High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) or Gas Chromatography (GC). We can only make assumptions why the ‘respected’ institution never used this two much more reliable and ideal methods. True the news segment and ad ‘sponsor’ scored high in titration but what does that prove? That their brand contains high-end diesel perhaps? We just don’t get it.
What is even more disappointing for us is the realization that even a respected news organization can easily be utilized for such malicious, damaging and irresponsible reporting. We urge the people to be more discerning of such news reports, documentaries, tv segments and the like because most of them are available for a price. Too bad, this ‘sponsor’ could have used their money in product improvement and give their consumers what they really deserve for the hard-earned money that they are spending for their product.
Even our model is a certified user of our KB. We are not going to scare you into buying our product, try and dazzle you with star endorsers and we will definitely not spend millions to sponsor a tv news segment or documentary just to malign a competing brand.
Only then will you realize who is telling the truth and you will truly be enlightened


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Kwentong porno
May 23rd, 2008 posted by stiban_graffiti under Uncategorized. [ Comments: 13 ]

Integral calculus kasi ang subject at ang hirap talagang unawain. Yung ngang pre-requisite nitong differential calculus ay hindi ko alam kung anong klaseng hocus-focus ba ang ginawa ko para pumasa. Panay kopya lang parati. Kasi naman talagang pang-utak henyo ang calculus. Ewan ko kung bakit sinama pa sa curriculum namin ito eh imposible naman kasing magiging mathematician ako balang-araw. Si Einstein lang ang alam kong may panahon sa calculus.
Simpleng tao lang kasi ako. Simple lang akong mag-isip kagaya ng mga kaklase kong utak-japanese cake.
Final exam na namin ngayon at kailangan kong maka-perfect para mahatak ko ang kulelat kong grado nung prelim at midterm. Pero, diyos ko naman, kahit anong klaseng isip ang gawin ko o pagkakamot ay walang maibibigay na kasagutan ang utak ko. Kahit naman kasi anong pakinig ang gawin ko nung nagtuturo si Prof ay para bang balang tumatagos lang sa bungo ko ang lecture nya.
Naisulat ko na ang mga formula sa armchair ko kanina pero hindi ko naman alam kung paano gagamitin ito.
Sinulat ni Prof. Dimagulangan ang mga problems sa black board. At habang binabasa ko ang mga tanong ay para bang sinisigaw nito sa akin na engot ako. Nababasa ko naman ang mga sinulat nya pero di ko maintindihan. Dapat kasi hindi na lang sumulpot ang calculus. Dapat kasi sa 23rd century pa naisilang sina Newton at Einstein. Ngayon, dahil sa kagagawan nila, nagdurusa ako.
Alam ko na wala akong maisasagot. Tinanong niya kung sino ang may mga permit na at ang mga wala pa raw ay maaari nang lumabas. May tatlong estudyante ang lumabas. Naiiyak ang isa na lumabas. Si Herbert yun. Madalas akong hiraman ng pamasahe nun. Working student kasi sya sa isang fastfood chain sa Robinson’s Galleria. Sarili nya pinag-aaral nya. Parang naaantig ang puso ko pero hindi ko malaman kung bakit. Me iba pa akong problemang dapat atupagin.
Sampung minuto na ang lumipas. Nabasa ko na ng sampung ulit ang mga given equations. Alam ko naman na puro dy dx lang ang maaari kong isagot pero intergral calculus ang kaharap ko ngayon. Ni hindi ko nga alam magbasa ng isang equation. Napakamot ako. Napayuko. Nag-iisip kunwari. Na-realize ko na mahirap talagang mag-isip lalo na pag hindi mo alam kung ano ang iisipin mo. Kailangan ko ng mirakulo. Kailangan ko ang karunungan ng Diyos sa mga sandaling ito. Kahit ngayon lang. Konting dasal lang ito at baka mauto ko siya. Our Father who art in heaven, thy intelligence be mine…Amen.
Sampung minuto pa uli. Walang response ang langit. Walang nakakasilaw na liwanag. Wala ring tunog ng trumpeta ng mga anghel. Marahil busy si God sa kakapanuod ng Tom and Jerry cartoon. Di ko na talaga alam ang iisipin ko. Tiningnan ko uli ang questionnaires. Umaasa na baka namamalik-mata lang ako at di problem solving ang exam namin kundi enumeration ng formulas o kaya essay-type lang. Kinusot ko ang mga mata ko at tumingin muli sa black board. Wala talagang pag-asa. Ito na talaga ang katapusan ko. Paalam makasalanang mundo!
Sinubukan ko nang tawagin sa isipan ko ang demonyo. Gipit na gipit na talaga ako pre. Sinabi ko na tulungan nya ako kasi naging pasaway naman ako sa mga utos ng alter-ego nya. Kahit kaluluwa ko ay isasanla ko para lang pumasa sa pesteng examination na ito. Naghintay ako ng ilang sandali. Walang lumitaw na hubad na lalaking kulay pula na me buntot at sungay. Wala rin akong narinig na tawang katulad nang kay Romy Diaz sa paligid. Nakakainis na talaga. Wala na ngang Diyos, pati ba naman demonyo wala rin. Kung ganun eh sino pa ang nagpapatakdo ng lahat ng ito? Ng sangkatauhan at ng buong kalawakan? Si Uncle Sam na rin kaya? Letseng mga Amerikanong iyan! Puro na lang sila ang may pakana!
Kay Superman na lang kaya ako mag-alay ng dasal tutal ayaw naman akong pansinin ni Jesus Christ? Pero fictional character lang din naman si Superman. Hindi rin sya totoo, ang totoo ay itong calculus na kaharap ko ngayon.
Naisip ko na kailangan ko nang lumingon sa paligid para sa kasagutan. Nakita ko ang katabi kong si Lucio na dumudungaw sa papel ko. Napa-ismid ako. Gusto kong kumuha ng fly swatter. Gusto ko syang batukan. Kokopyahan pa ako ng walang kwentang kaklase kong ito eh equal sign pa nga lang ang naidadagdag ko sa first given equation. Sinenyasan ko sya na wala pa akong sagot. Sa dami ba naman ng kaklase ko ay yung mas wala pang alam sa akin ang nakatabi ko. Sana kay Alexander na lang ako tumabi nung first day ng klase. Eh kaso me sitting arrangement na ginawa si Sir.
Binaling ko naman ang tingin ko sa kaliwa pero pader lang ang tumitig sa akin. Ano bang klaseng kamalasan ito?
Tumingala naman ako sa kisame. Limang butiking naglalaway lang ang nakita ko. Hindi ko alam kung bakit nag-uumpukan silang lahat sa ibabaw ko.
Tiningnan ko si Prof. Dimagulangan. Abala sya sa pagche-check ng exam ng unang section. Sinamantala ko ang pagkakataon at nilingon ko ang nasa likuran ko -si Lamielyn Santos. Hindi ko agad napansin ang papel nya. Nahatak kasi agad ang pansin ko ng kanyang malulusog na dibdib na dumudungaw sa kanyang blouse habang nakayuko sya at abalang sumasagot. Napatitig ako.
Alam ko naman na hindi ko makikita sa cleavage nya ang kasagutan pero halos lumuwa na ang mga mata ko dito. Para bang gusto nitong mag-bunjee jumping. Para ding may zoom ang mga mata ko na biglang luminaw ng tatlong ulit.
Nag-adjust pa ako ng resolution at naaninag ko na kulay yellow green ang bra nya. Cup C siguro sya kasi ang laki talaga ng hinaharap nya. Natural! Nakakaduling! Nakakapraning! Sobra! Kung kaya ko lang pahintuin ang oras ay kanina ko pa nilundag si Lamielyn parang si Venom. Tapos ang gagawin ko ay bubuhatin ko sya at ihihiga sa table ni Prof. Dimagulangan. Duon ko siya unti-unting huhubaran at dahan-dahang kukuhanin ang kanyang buong pagkatao at ispiritu hanggang sa bumunggo sa langit ang nagliliyab na maka-impyernong pagnanasa ko.
Nawawala na ako sa sarili at akma ko na sanang dadaklutin ang malalaking ano ni Lamielyn nang marinig ko ang boses ni Sir.
Nagising ang ulirat ko nang sabihin ni Prof na last 5 minutes na lang. Bigla akong natauhan. Sumakit ang puson ko pagkatapos.
Namulat ako sa katotohanang wala pa rin akong naisasagot. Nakupo! Tiyak na uulitin ko na naman ang subject na ito next semester.
Napansin ko tumayo na si Lamielyn at nagpasa na ng kanyang bluebook. Sinundan sya ng iba pa. Hindi ko na hinabol ng tingin ang dibdib nya. Ilang saglit pa pati si Lucio ay nagpasa na rin. Masayang lumabas ang mokong, Nakakopya siguro. Dalawa na lang kaming natitirang sumasagot. Nasa kabilang sulok pa ang isa. Ilan kaya ang naisagot nya? Ano kaya ang probability na makakakopya ako sa kanya? Malabo. Walang pag-asa.
Wala na talaga. Tiningnan ko ang papel ko sa huling pagkakataon. Halos maiyak ako.
Tumayo na lang ako at inabot ko ang papel ko kay Prof. Dimagulangan. Kitakits na lang kami uli next sem sabi ko sa sarili. Pero nang lalabas na ako sa classroom ay tinawag niya ako. Hinawakan nya ang kamay ko. Marahan nyang pinisil ang palad ko at ngumiti sya sa akin.
Tinanong ko sya kung bakit.
Binulong nya sa akin ang dahilan.
Nagulat ako sa sinabi nya.
Napa-sign of the cross ako pagkatapos.

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Days Hotel Philippines
May 22nd, 2008 posted by asia under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Hi Adamsonians,

I would like to present to you the company I belong with - DAYS HOTEL PHILIPPINES. I would like to offer all my fellow Adamsonians a 30% discount on room rates against published rates. You may contact us at 02-8996421 or 8980124. You can also reach us at 09198395567.

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Ready for change
May 22nd, 2008 posted by erwinilao under Uncategorized. [ Comments: 1 ]

While the world sinks down in economic despair and religious terrorism, often thought of as sparked by America during the last eight years, there comes a glimmer of hope that change is soon to come. You will feel that every American wants change and yes it will come. I hope that this happens in every country in this generation. Enjoy watching.

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Photos of the RCBC robbery
May 21st, 2008 posted by JB under Current Events. [ Comments: 2 ]

The recent robbery of the RCBC Cabuyao Laguna branch is the most depressing heinous shit I’ve seen in months.

And I quote:

Armed men stormed a bank in Cabuyao and shot dead nine people, mostly employees of the Rizal Commercial and Banking Corporation. The 10th victim died on Sunday in a hospital.

Ten people, mostly employees and some bank clients, shot execution style, whose only fault was they were “early birds” and happened to be at the wrong place and time.

Here’s the link to the photos of the crime scene — which I’m posting for the sake of our individual personal self-reflection. May they all rest in peace.

Warning: graphic photos.

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In Memory of Those Who Fought
May 20th, 2008 posted by erwinilao under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Just want to share with you a blog from one of our soldier members at

I would not want to sleep. Because when I do I am haunted. The many faces of anguish, that indescribable look of the mortally wounded. Some dead, others wishing they were. Some with their arms outstretched, extended, while others just plain dismembered.

I see Nature., the fields over the horizon. The mountains lining up the sky, meeting it in peace and serenity. I see skies after the storm, the sound of lush green leaves as dew falls over the sand. At night the moon shines unearthly bright, harrowing shadows transform into ghoulish figures, shattering the peace. And then it explodes. Like thunder. Only that after or prior, instead of lightning what gives are screams…streaking.

I dream, I dream.

They have been long gone memories. Should have been gone long time ago since I first step foot. Through the carnage I moved past away, walking away from the dead. The fallen left behind. Though not the memories. For in my sleep I dream. I dream. And I wish I would not sleep.  

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Bulag, pipi at bingi ang admin
May 17th, 2008 posted by orestes under Campus Issues. [ Comments: 1 ]

Ako ay si Jun Bigote, AUFEA president ngayon, expert sa Philippine History — Philippine History lang ha! Excellent lagi sa evaluation, e panu naman eto lang ang alam kong ituro!

Pinagmamalaki ko na Secretary general ako ng Tau Gamma! Siga ako sa Adamson, ang asawa ko ay asawa ng iba.

Galit ako sa mga teacher na ayaw sumampalataya sa akin at sa aking asawa.

Kinakawawa namin ang mga iniinterview na teacher sa CFCP. Minsan, may extension ng interview sa AUFEA Office.

Galit ako sa mga estudyanteng masamang tumingin.

Sinusuot ko and Tau Gamma t-shirt at kwintas sa loob ng campus pero papatungan ko na ng polo shirt kapag lalabas na ako ng campus kasi takot din naman ako sa Apo.

Lahat ng ito ay okay lang sa admin ng Adamson dahil duwag sila o sila’y bulag, pipi at bingi sa paghahasik ko ng lagim.

Tags: AUFEA, Adamson+University, Tau+Gamma

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The Top and Nothing But…
May 14th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus News, Uncategorized. [ Comments: 2 ]

[Written by Raul Agner; reprinted from Adamson News]

His father, a retired overseas musician, has all the reasons to play one cool triumphant rock anthem on his guitar or keyboard these days. So does his Alma Mater, Adamson University. For Levi Layague Miranda has just nailed one feat in his relatively quiet academic life: garner the topmost spot in the latest board exams for chemical engineers given last April 21-23, 2008 at the Manuel L. Quezon University in Manila.

Equally proud are her mother and two siblings who saw in him an average student who was nevertheless serious with his studies in spite of a sickly frame. After third year at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, he was refused reenrollment after incurring a second long absence due to illness. When he applied for transfer at Adamson, he was readily admitted and went on to graduate on October 2007.

Levi was born on November 29, 1983 in Las Pinas City to Liberato Miranda, a Batangueño, and Sylvia Layague, an Ilocana. He attended high school in Molino, Cavite. After his stint at the PLM, he moved to Adamson in June 2004 where he had to repeat his third year studies to catch up on the demanding chemical engineering course. His enjoyment of a full academic scholarship for two semesters meant he was able to cope up with the rigorous studies. Then the course became just too heavy that he couldn’t maintain the grades required by the scholarship program. He didn’t enjoy that benefit in his last years in the school, but he enjoyed studying anyway—thermodynamic s being his favorite subject. When pressed for his favorite teacher, he declined to name one but hastened to say that all the professors he studied under were helpful and very professional. It also helped that the University’s facilities were excellent enough to respond to the needs of the students. These included the library, where he loved reading technical books, the laboratories that had new equipment, the air-conditioned classrooms, and the relatively spacious campus.

When the results of the board exam were released, none was more surprised than himself because he didn’t expect to land at the top. Aside from his generally average performance in college, he found the exam really hard not even the one-year review he undertook was a guarantee he’d make it. That’s all water under the bridge now for this simple Adamsonian who chose a course that was her mother’s frustration (only a year short of her graduation at UST). One thing is sure though, he was not wanting in hard work, dedication, and discipline. At the moment, he’s just happy to have made a milestone for himself and the University. Not used to being lavished with attention and praise, he appears a bit awkward when congratulated, but acknowledges them the best way he can.

On May 25, 2008, he will lead the other new chemical engineers for the formal oath taking at the Manila Hotel. His proud family will be around to bask in the honor of his rare first-place achievement. The whole Adamson community warmly congratulates him for bringing a big honor to the institution. All Adamsonians at the moment are just happy and proud to be members of the tribe of Levi.

Tags: , Adamson+University, Levi+Layague+Miranda, board+topnotcher

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Adamsonians in UAE to build stronger link
May 14th, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Living Overseas, Org Announcements. [ Comments: none ]

UAE-based graduates of the University will gather on May 29, 2008 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Star Boutique Hotel in Dubai for a timely get-together dubbed “Proud to be Adamsonian,” the first ever reunion of Adamsonians working and residing in United Arab Emirates. The assemblage will be an initial move to put up an alumni association based in UAE. University president Fr. Gregorio Bañaga, Jr.,C.M. will be the event’s guest of honor and speaker.

Should you have further queries on the details of this gathering, you may contact Herma Dulay at +971502242725 or e-mail, or thru Ferdie Macanas at +971507683352 or e-mail

Tags: , Adamson+University

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A Tribute To Mom
May 9th, 2008 posted by erwinilao under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Here’s a link to my weblog, a very personal tribute to my Mother. Watch the video at the end and enjoy. I have seen that one live in San Francisco and I am sure you guys will enjoy it just like I did. Happy Mother’s Day!

Erwin Ilao


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  • erebus : managinip ka
  • erebus : hahaha
  • erebus : hoy jc mukha mo naka enroll ka sa control

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