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A MASPozie (posted as an autobiography at
March 20th, 2008 posted by erwinilao under Uncategorized. [ Comments: 8 ]

She walked along the corridors of the University with a sort of planner in tow, dressed in maroon-colored executive looking suit, sometimes wearing a skirt while at times in shapely pants. The heads turned when she passed by as admiring students mostly freshmen oogle and wisper a remark amongst themselves, the source of the attention unaware as she idly mind her unending errands.

She was beautiful and respectable-looking, quite a sight to behold and even now I still remember her making my heart skip a beat. She was the reason why I auditioned. I wanted to know her more. During that stage my feelings for her was quite mild, kept intact and controlled. Nobody should know. Not even the girl.

And as I was fortunate to be part of the group called the MASP, I gradually came to experience one of the most exciting part of my college life, teaching my fellow students and getting paid for it, as well as looking closely to a love that faded in sight.  

The Model Approach in Speech Program (MASP) was designed to assist students who have speech difficulties. Realizing the fact that most Adamsonians come from the provinces, and the fact that learning English is different from using it as a daily dialect, the English Department created a group composed of University students who have the skills in public speaking. Aside from the ability to teach, the fundamental use of these so-called speech instructors were to model the correct usage of the English language, so much so that the outcome would be to imbibe the American accent in speech.

It was a tough call in a school setting where “fashionable” is mostly pronounced in the second syllable, and where “Peter Piper” mostly end up having “paper”. “Betty Botty bitting a bit of better butter” would be a tough tongue twister and “selling sea shores” is better than “shilling sea shells”. It was a fun job to be honest, and modesty aside it was a ticket to popularity. Throw in the monthly stipend you get from the University, the free tuition that comes with it and the camaraderie that you get once you get in, then everything else seems heavenly. Icing on the cake is the privacy of my abode, the Speech Lab, where memorable things happened. And then there was the girl.

We had a chat one time. She came one afternoon, sad and needing comforting. I did not know why she would come to “my” place for that. She was in some sort of a cooling off period with her boyfriend and so she was looking for me. Talk about a rebound or becoming a spare tire but I did not feel that way. As a matter of fact I did not feel anything when she related how she felt about me and how we could be a potential couple. I did not feel anything at all. Like a far away star you look up and wish on, this one came hurtling down Earth and was nothing more than an insignificant rock. Love faded away when the de-mystification began. She was just an ordinary girl after all.

I stayed two years with the program, content and satisfied with the daily chores. They ran from the menial like washing dishes, buying teachers’ lunches, and cleaning the restrooms, to the unprofessional like substituting for a perrenially tardy professor and checking student quizzes. There were the research papers that never gets read with the folders and slides collected and “recycled” at the corner store. And also, there were the memorable drinking sprees that followed every allowance.

The most I treasured was the friendship. It was here that I bonded with three of the most fabulous guys I have ever met in my life. Three of whom I cherished every moment and spent evenings of intellectual discussions, from the mundane and trivial, to the philosophical. Such was the impact that being a MASPozie has brought upon me and to some other student/speech instructors like me. We are extinct, yet we cannot dump aside the memories of our clan. For in the stories that we share, there were those hundreds of students who listened to us and learned from us. And they too will remember those days.

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A Wonderful Cross
March 17th, 2008 posted by erwinilao under Uncategorized. [ Comments: 2 ]

This is the week in a year when we recall the passion of Jesus Christ and try to follow in His footsteps by offering our very own sacrifice. For most Catholics, this is the week that is at the very core of their faith, one that they hold on dear and revere as the ultimate form of God’s love.

I take this time to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice and dwell on His human agony. For He suffered the greatest of human suffering and endured the pain that is both real and excruciating. Why He has done so is known by us who believes and is celebrated by all who benefitted from this act. Once alienated by sin, we are brought back into the grace of God through Jesus’ redeeming love. The blood that flowed and the tears that fell are the price for our redemption and was the glorious evidence of God’s love throughout eternity. For it was when we were sinners that He loved us and demonstrated that our lives matter. It was when we turned away that He embraced us back. 

Here’s to a Holy Week that may be blessed and meaningful. I hope you spend some time in reflection of Jesus’ redeeming love. 

YouTube Preview Image



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Para sa mga agrabiyadong dukha
March 11th, 2008 posted by robie_14 under Literary. [ Comments: none ]

Naipost ko na nung nakaraan ang isa kong lathalain na pinamagatang “Mga Luha sa Ilalim ng LRT”. Ngayon naman, narito po ang isa lathalain ko na nailathala na sa diyaryong PilipinoStarNgayon at ito ang…


Hustisya. Kaygandang sabihin ang salitang ito. Hustisya o hustisya poetika? Hustisyang talaga o hustisyang Diyos-ko-bahala-ka-na? Ano pa nga ba’ng magagawa ko? Batid naman ng lahat, tatlo lamang ang ngayon ang nagkakaroon ng hustisya sa bansang ito. Iyung malalakas, makapangyarihan at iyun g mayayaman! Kung simple kang tao, mahina ka. Kung wala kang lakas, lolokohin ka, tatakutin ka pa. Kung mahirap ka, pasesiya ka, magtiis ka. Pero kailan ko makakamtan ang hustisyang ito? kapag nagkaubus-ubos na ang kabuhayan ng aking pamilya? Hanggang kailan ako mananahimik? Kailan?

Labingwalong taon akong pinalaki ng aking ina. Ipinakatagu-tago at pakaingat-ingatan at pagkatapos…pagkatapos… naglalakad lamang ako sa madilim na eskinita pauwi galing sa paaralan ay bigla na lamang may humarang sa aking mga lalaki. Hindi ako nakasigaw dahil tinakpan ang aking bibig. Para akong sisiw na dinagit ng mga gutom na lawin. Dinala ako sa isang bakanteng lote. Pinunit ang aking puti at asul na uniporme. Nang malantad aking makinis at sariwang katawan ay lalong naging ulol ang dalawang lalaki. Hinatak pababa ng isa ang aking panty at pinatungan ako. Nang matapos ay ang isa naman. Iniwan ako ng mga walang hiya.

Nakauwi ako ng bahay na hindi makagulapay. Sinabi ko sa aking mga magulang ang lahat. Nagpunta kami sa himpilan ng pulisya. Agad nagsagawa ng imbestigasyon. Ilang araw pa at nahuli ang dalawang gumahasa sa akin. Mga anak pala ng mayayaman sa aming lugar ang dalawa. Ang isa ay anak ng congressman at ang isa ay anak ng isang taga-Malacanang. Parehong drug addict.

Natutuwa ako sapagkat nahuli na ang dalawa. Mayroon naman palang hustisya sa bansang ito. nakakalma na ang loob ko. Sino ang maysabing walang hustisya sa bansang ito?

Subalit makaraan lamang ang ilang araw nalaman namin na nakalaya na ang dalawa. Hanggang sa tuluyan nang mawala. Nasa ibang bansa na! (putang ina!!!) ang tanging nausal ng aking ina.

Tama nga na walang hustisya rito. Ang hustisya ay para lamang sa mayayaman at hindi sa katulad kong mahirap.

Hanggang ngayon patuloy pa rin akong sumisigaw ng hustisya at siguro nga hindi ko na makakamtan pa…

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Face up to critics…or plant kamote*
March 9th, 2008 posted by JB under Alumni Stories, Opinion. [ Comments: 2 ]

[Emailed and written by Dennis Torrecampo (Adamson Chronicle editor-in-chief, 1991)]

Newbie or veteran, writers should be open to criticisms, even scathing ones. Feedback, wherever it’s coming from, good or bad, is a healthy indicator that what you write matters. Or that you get read after all. To wounded soldiers, pain is a welcome sign of life. A writer’s life does not exist in a vacuum, much more that of a campus journalist’s. Welcome the noise of arguments or step out of the kitchen.

Writing is a two-edged sword of privilege and responsibility—through a writer, voices get heard. As a conduit of various opinions, a writer distills thoughts and filters out what seems to make sense. Which is why a huge amount of writing centers on research—a writer has to weigh several viewpoints and see how they measure up to the issue at hand. Some write-ups may be found wanting, which signals a room for improvement later.

Much more specifically, writing news or journalism is literature in a hurry and must effectively reflect the pulse of the time. If you missed a beat, probably you weren’t listening hard enough. Which is why writers cannot afford to be arrogant. The privilege of being the mouthpiece comes with a price. The writer must be prepared to pay that due.

“Official student publication” is not just a string of words. There is a binding reason why The Adamson Chronicle or any other campus publications are so called, in addition to having the students as their publishers. Humble representation, intelligence and leadership come with being a campus journalist.

Campus writers are expected to be the beacon for intellectual discourses, the lighthouse that guides students’ way, and the heartbeat that drives the students’ sentiments and advocacies. Mediocrity is unacceptable. You are one on top of so many readers and any writer owes that audience an article worth their time, money and effort.

There is as much honor as there is burden attached to bearing that Press badge such that not just anybody can stake his or her claim to it. That is what makes the pen mightier than the sword. Either you use it well or just don’t. There is no other way.

In this age of interactivity and collaboration, it is simply irresponsible to be ultrasensitive when your write-up just didn’t quite make the cut. Learn from it, move on, and do your homework next time around.

To confront criticisms, the trick is to stick to the issues at hand and to not personalize what may be an offensive remark. It is alright to be passionate when you make your response, but make sure you back it up with facts. That is the writer’s best defense. In the end though, do not expect to please everyone but earn their respect at the least. That is when you know you really know what you signed up for.

Every write-up is a reminder of the writer. Whether that writer has done his or her job well, it is for the readers to judge and for the writer to respond accordingly. Surely, you as a writer do not want to be remembered for a lousy write-up. Or worse, forgotten for an article that is neither here nor there.

* There is no malicious intent to ridicule the kamote or the act of planting, but used here mainly as a figure of speech for suggesting finding something more productive and probably harmless to do.

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Fighting tuition fee increase
March 7th, 2008 posted by erwinilao under Alumni Stories, Campus Issues, Opinion. [ Comments: 2 ]

I sat up for hours last night thinking about my dear Adamson University, and the looming dialogue on tuition fee increases that is about to transpire in the coming months. I recalled how we handled it during my term and was able to bring down the TFI from the proposed 12% to 6% in the school year 1995-1996. And then a thought occurred to me, that if the current AUSG is not preparing for the dialogue that is about to come, they will not have a chance of winning the argument. So for those in the student body, allow me to give in my dibs and unsolicited advice on how to present a valid and compelling argument against TFI.

From the point of view of the administration, the TFI is an accepted fact of running a business for reasons of competitiveness and economics. Students need high quality teachers and there is no way to retain them if they do not get paid well. The facilities needed maintenance and the only way to do that is to spend. New equipment needs to be purchased and upgrading old computers also will cost money.

From the point of view of the Faculty, raising tuition fees is justified simply because they need it to cover their adjusting cost of living. Without increasing fees, there is no way they could get a pro-rated amount of increase to cover the labor contracts they already entered into thereby guaranteeing a stable raise in income. For them, the students’ families can bear the brunt of tuition hikes since they have already done so for a number of years. It is expected in an inflating economy that education expenses share the bulk since education is an investment that will hopefully pay off in the long run. The teachers would normally be sharing the same view as that of the Administrator, that every year expenses go up and so does salaries and operating costs.

So that leaves the AUSG, the sole legal representative of the studentry in these proceeedings, virtually alone in the stand against TFI. They will have to come up with a strong presentation of ideas that will negate if not neutralize these points. The only thing that could save them is good research and a strong negotiating skill. These are the things they would have to do:

1. Present to the group a reasonable scenario proving that TFI is not necessary, and

2. Convince the conniving factions that TFI is not beneficial.

The AUSG has about fifteen minutes to deliver the presentation, after the University Controller submits the projected Financial Budget for the coming year. In order to come up with a strong position, they would have to weaken the position of the Administration by questioning all the entries in the proposed budget. They should look at redundant entries, unreasonable budget allocation, unexplained accounting items, promises made over the years that were not delivered, wasteful spending and other financial allocation that does not make sense. The outlook of the team when they pore over these documents should be to make every bit of entry justified. If not, the AUSG should come up with a reversal of the specific item thus bringing down projected costs. A review of the actual Financial Statement of the Admin will also be made available for them to scrutinize. If they compare what is current versus what is projected for next year, they will be able to find a lot of things that are not justified and should therefore not be included in the budget.

And this is just the preliminaries. It usually takes four meetings in a span of three months to settle this issue. And this is when the AUSG will prove to be strong. For in these coming months, the graduating officers of the AUSG will have left the campus life behind, with nary a care as to what the students will pay for in the coming year. They would be busy looking for jobs in a crazy society where all their ideals will be crushed. This happens every year and this is a reality that the AUSG will have to face. It would take commitment from the leadership of the AUSG to attend every dialogue and attempt to strengthen their position. They usually forfiet this chance of a mediation by the Alumni, when the radical of the factions will resort to street demonstrations and leave the negotiating table behind. This happens because it is easy to shout than to listen. If this year will be an exception, then I have high hopes that any TFI would be justified.

A rationalization of fee increases usually come with a solid set of numbers. Data that shows inflation rates, purchasing power of the peso, median income of average Adamsonian families, economic indicators such as GDP and minimum wages, labor conditions, and comparative rates of increases of all Universities in the area, will be useful in presenting a valid case. The bulk of any argument in this scenario should be quantitative and so a consultant like an economics professor may come in handy.

More than the numbers, an argument based on the qualitative merits of any increase should also be given. How are the facilities nowadays? What more do we need to be competitive? Where does Adamson want to go? Is this in the same spirit of the Founding Fathers? Is the poor well reached out? These and more questions dealing with the essence of Adamson University as a non-profit, Catholic institution, will help bolster that AUSG stance that it is not necessary and beneficial to increase fees from a specific percentage to the proposed. And this is where lies all true wisdom…the AUSG needs to come up with a number other than ZERO!

Based on experience, leading students in the fight against TFI can be troublesome. Most radical leaders think that it is brave to say they do not want an increase. They feel that it would be a sell off to agree to a certain number. So most of them carry the fight to the streets and forego the process. They do not realize that had they done their research and met with the opposition in a spirit of dialogue, they would have a winning situation.

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The dude
March 6th, 2008 posted by JB under Literary. [ Comments: 2 ]

My sister owned a single morbidly obese female guinea pig (which I mentioned some years ago). It remained that way until one of the neighbors (who also happened to own a bunch of guinea pigs and had a guinea pig population boom problem) saw our single morbidly obese female guinea pig and kindly offered to donate one more. And because we’ve always been kind to neighbors with a guinea pig population boom problem we said, Sure, okay, that’s fine, what’s another useless mouth to feed, eh?

Now we have two small mammals, both fat females, who prowl the small yard in front of our house like two fur balls gnawing at whatever wooden thing there was. They live in this neat little cage whose door was always kept open so they can go in and out of it as they please. The cage also has a little handle, which might come in handy just in case a nuclear war breaks out and there arises a sudden need to quickly transport the guinea pigs to a safe, bomb-proof place.

All was well. The two matrons of our yard lived a nice, well-fed, protected straight-out-of-Disney existence. They sometimes threw sarcastic remarks our way whenever we tried to feed them my smelly fingernail clippings. But overall, life was good. At least, until the puppy came.

Well, the puppy, let’s call him Dude for convenience, was a little mischievous fellow whose sole purpose in life was to be an ultra-efficient poop-and-piss processor – place anything in its mouth and the puppy, a marvel of nature, quickly turned it into either (a) poop that stank; (b) pee that stained. Based on this alone, we suspected the puppy was probably a Filipino politician in his past life.

Suffice it to say that Dude, we had decided, needed a little strategic housebreaking. And this being the modern day of the internet, we used, in the wise words of George Bush himself, “The Google.”

However, as it turned out, trying to find accurate information on what we really wanted to accomplish was no easy feat. The following were the exact search words we used – all in the order of increasing desperation.

“How to housebreak a dog.”

“How to patiently train a dog to shit in designated places.”

“How to FORCE the dog to shit in designated places.”

“How to strike fear in the heart of dog, so he shits ONLY in designated places.”

“How to COMPLETELY STOP dog from shitting.”

“How to turn goddamn dog into fine paste using only household utensils.”

“How to instantly vaporize goddamn dog using laser built from readily available computer components.”

I don’t have to tell you that for some reason, nothing worked. So at this point, to protect our house from further poop-trefaction, it had become a cardinal rule to closely watch the puppy for the tell-tale signs of it answering the call of nature. If and when one of us humans witnesses any of the said tell-tale signs, it was our responsibility to swiftly rise to the occasion, leap into action, and whisk the Dude to a more poop-receptive place — hopefully right in the nick of time.

One morning, as I worked furiously on my PC chasing a deadline, Dude came out of nowhere walking with that strange gait — and the thought flashed in my head: the puppy…oh, shit! My knee-jerk reaction was to dash for it. However, somehow I tripped on something, and I fell down in dramatic slo-mo like some doomed redwood tree, my left knee hitting the concrete floor hard. I swear I heard a bone crack.

The dog came galloping up to my face and nervously stuck out his tongue, panting like crazy.

Dude: Now, I’m gonna tell all my friends what an idiot you are!

Me: Dude, you have no friends.

Dude: Well, let’s see about that when I grow up and finally become a hot bitch!

Me: Dude, you’re a male dog.

Dude: Nevertheless!!!

Of course, this meaningful exchange didn’t actually take place. What really happened was that the dog yawped and barked and heartlessly tried to eat my hair as I lay there writhing in mind-numbing pain.

My left knee would swell and bruise and blacken and I would spend the next few days glaring at the dog. Meanwhile, there was work and more work and there was less and less time to leap into poop-related action.

Later on, Dude found a new way to amuse himself: by sexually harassing the two female, morbidly obese guinea pigs in our front yard.

Somehow, it was a tragedy waiting to happen. The universe actually aligned itself for this unspeakable development to find fruition.

First, there was my sister’s stuffed toy, which looked like a little monkey with the same body size as Dude, but for some reason Dude thought it was another dog he could actually have sex with.

Second was that the “poop-receptive place” I mentioned several paragraphs ago was actually the front yard, and the front yard, as everyone at this point realizes, was where the two fat furry garden matrons ruled and rooted.

And so Dude meets the two guinea pigs, resembling the stuffed toy he had been humping, and all hell breaks loose. Sometimes, deep in the night, you could hear the guinea pigs screaming the hopeless, painful screams of the royally fucked. We humans tried to prevent it whenever we could, but whenever we let the Dude out to answer the call of nature, he would chase the screaming guinea pigs as soon as the last piece of turd squeezed out of his asshole. And to add insult to injury, the puppy began to really, really fancy the guinea pigs’ own droppings. Look what we have here: Dude trying to rape the guinea pigs and literally eat their shit, too. Ain’t he a sweetheart!

I haven’t written a single piece of fiction in the past several months, and I feel guilty about breaking the dry spell by writing about the Dude. My left knee is still swollen. And as I write this, the Dude has just begun trying to eat my brother’s shoe. The house smells of shit. I turn on the TV, and the news also stinks of crap.

Maybe later, I’d go out and visit the two “rape victims” in the front yard, see if they still have the same old, fiery sarcasm in them. Meanwhile, the Dude walks with that strange “I’m gonna poop” gait again, but I’m wiser this time. I’m not going to fall for that, you bastard. I now know when to recognize genuine, true-to-the-core poop. But…

Oh, shit. You win.

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Intriguing sound clips from the NBN-ZTE deal
March 4th, 2008 posted by JB under Current Events. [ Comments: 2 ]

Someone named Arturo Magno sent me an email about this new blog, which actually serves as a repository of a number of audio clips involving the principal characters in the so-called ZTE scandal.

Some notable points:

  1. Jun Lozada asking Joey de Venecia for Php200k a week.
  2. Jun Lozada bragging to Joey about “I’m practically calling the shots now.”

Very intriguing, as at least it paints a more “normal” picture of Jun Lozada as an “ordinary” government employee who loves to “swing deals.”


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An Adamsonian healer
March 3rd, 2008 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

By Prof. Bonifacio Escoda

“In the context of the administration of the Sacraments, all priests are healers. But some others are given by the Holy Spirit charism of healing for the purpose of building up church communities and strengthening the faith of the people,” Rev. Fr. Rene Ruelos C.M., current parish priest of Saint Vincent de Paul Parish Church, explained.

The solemn ordination of priests makes them healers. Parish priests are called “cura pároco” (healer of the parish) in Spanish.

Father Fernando Suarez—now identified as the most popular local “healing priest”—undoubtedly is one of those in the contemporary times who were given such of unusual gift. (The term healing priest, which is actually another misnomer, was coined by a certain member of the Charismatic Movement in the 1980s.)

This Chemical Engineering graduate of Adamson University in 1988, who hails from a humble family in Barrio Botong, Taal, Batangas, noticed this gift of healing at the age of fifteen, almost two decades before he was ordained as priest. This was when an old lame woman he met outside Santa Cruz Church in Manila walked after praying one Glory, Hail Mary, and Our Father. But such experience scared him so much that he kept this to himself till his gift of healing became public in a parish in 2004 in Ottawa, Canada—following his ordination as member of the Companions of the Cross.

Read more »

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What makes Finnish teens so smart?
March 3rd, 2008 posted by JB under Current Events. [ Comments: 3 ]


Finnish teenagers are among the smartest in the world. They earned some of the top scores by 15-year-old students who were tested in 57 countries. American teens finished among the world’s C students even as U.S. educators piled on more homework, standards and rules. Finnish youth, like their U.S. counterparts, also waste hours online. They dye their hair, love sarcasm and listen to rap and heavy metal. But by ninth grade they’re way ahead in math, science and reading — on track to keeping Finns among the world’s most productive workers.

“In most countries, education feels like a car factory. In Finland, the teachers are the entrepreneurs,” says Mr. Schleicher, of the Paris-based OECD, which began the international student test in 2000.

One explanation for the Finns’ success is their love of reading. Parents of newborns receive a government-paid gift pack that includes a picture book. Some libraries are attached to shopping malls, and a book bus travels to more remote neighborhoods like a Good Humor truck.

Finnish students have little angstata — or teen angst — about getting into the best university, and no worries about paying for it. College is free. There is competition for college based on academic specialties — medical school, for instance. But even the best universities don’t have the elite status of a Harvard.

Taking away the competition of getting into the “right schools” allows Finnish children to enjoy a less-pressured childhood.


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“100 years in the future”: predictions from 1900
March 3rd, 2008 posted by JB under Random Thoughts. [ Comments: none ]

Click to enlarge and read.

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  • erebus : ang blog na ito ay hindi joke, i hope that da admin of this blog will blocked ece boses etc.
  • eCe_bOsEs : bad magsabi ng pangalan boldstar_Adududu!!! baka ma-karma ka nyan...
  • boldstar.AdU : hahaha.. machong bading! ralph corsiga.. hahaha..
  • epalbusters : PANAWAGAN: wag kayo magpatulong kay jc, ano naman itutulong ng mga yan, puro blogs lang alam nyan, sa academics,wala, as in wala, nagkukunwari lang na may alam pero wala naman,
  • jctronix : @epalbuster: say what you want..manawagan ka pa..alam naman ng mga nagaavail ng tulong namin kung ano talaga ang ginagawa namin..kahit na wala naman kaming natatanggap na kung anu man..
  • jctronix : @boldstar:!
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • epalbusters : i know u always change,ikaw yata ang makapili ng dept.wag kayo magtiwala kay jc, doble-kara yan,kung saan may pakinabang, dun yan, great pretender
  • boldstar.AdU : away na to. hahaha..
  • jctronix : @epalbuster: i dont know kung paano mo nasabing anay ako. as far as i can see it tumutulong lang nman kasi ako. pero kung may point ka naman I would gladly change. sabihin mo lang kung ano yung nagpa-anay sakin..thanks!
  • jctronix : si mam de ocampo prof ko ng controls pero last 2 sems na ata..parehas tayo ng exams ng finals as others noted
  • jctronix : @erebus
  • epalbusters : mag aral ka maigi erebus, dont spend your time in blogging, lalo kang babagsak your lesson well..
  • epalbusters : ingat sa paglalakad, baka madapa ka
  • epalbusters : hello erebus..tapang mo ah..tingin-tingin ka lang sa paligid mo, ikaw din..kilala ka na yata..
  • erebus : managinip ka
  • erebus : hahaha
  • erebus : hoy jc mukha mo naka enroll ka sa control

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