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The financial rewards of blogging
February 21st, 2008 posted by white garapata under Alumni Stories, Opinion

Note: The following article is one of my works from being a part-time web content writer.

Blogging is not only a road for social networking. To other people, it is a tool for finding opportunities to make money, making web logging not just a mere hobby, but a lucrative investment.

The financial reward of blogging is one of the primary motivations why bloggers are vent with their thoughts in creating blogs sprouting like mushroom in one’s backyard. It is amazing how internet enthusiasts are spending lots of time posting and updating their own blog. Some are already making dollars; others are still beginning to understand its basic rules while waiting for the double digits to come up in their Paypal or credit cards. The Internet has become a hub not just for information superhighway, but also a money-generating investment that can provide a steady source of income especially for people that are hooked online and are subscribed to a steady connection.

The joy of blogging is in its dual role. It is an effective way of having a part time job like web content writers and editors and software programmers. On the other side of the coin, it can create more revenue if one can set up its own site and maintain it by himself while attracting and building its own clientele. It comes as no surprise that many bloggers take refuge in the interweb and do online writing seriously.

Earning online in blogging can help a person build a positive attitude towards money. As with any kind of job, one learns the real value of money and motivates a person to strive and develop the work attitude, like beating deadlines. Also, choosing to earn money online keeps a person in charge of his own schedule. Selling thoughts and ideas with the promise of generating money online also kills boredom and procrastination while chasing dollars on the web.

As blogging need no technical expertise of any programming language, generating income online gives you financial freedom. The beauty of blogging is that it is very simple to do once talent and style is acquired. A person writes and sells his ideas in the interweb without much complication and restriction. The key is to understand visiting readers — their motivation, interest, and passion in order to develop a style that will keep them coming back. A blogger can attract more readers and gain heavy traffic to his site by studying his readers and treat them, in a financial sense, not just readers but customers. More visiting readers mean having a good marketing sale of your blog.

But the lack of physical office does not separate a blogger from the rules of basic work etiquette. Self- discipline and resourcefulness will always remain the key ingredients in becoming successful in this chosen endeavor. The modernity of this type of employment compared against the conventional office people does not exclude the necessary attitude and personality that one expects to an employee. It is important to create and maintain a good impression, and this can be achieved by treating one’s blog site as a work lifeline and produce the best articles all the time.

Tags: blogging, internet

About the author: a director wannabe. A lonesome chimera.

white garapata has blogged 12 posts

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[ # 1788 ] Comment from JB [February 21, 2008, 3:03 pm]

do you know that makati companies are now hiring full-time bloggers for their corporate websites? i received a couple of offers through JobsDB about two weeks ago.

blogging is beginning to earn the “business respect” it deserves in this country. it’s creating a new revenue source for writers — who until recently had to make chump change writing for glossy magazines and newspapers.

[ # 1789 ] Comment from whitegarapata [February 21, 2008, 3:18 pm]

Hindi ko pa na te-testing mag apply. Actually, i am working with off shoring company na nakabase sa Makati as a home based writer.

Ang setback lang sa ganitong trabaho is medyo demanding sa pagpasa sa artikel. 10 artikels/day 500 words. hehe. Pero sanayan lang, hehe. Sa una nakaka-drain ng utak. sa ganitong trabaho pwede mo nang buhayin ang sarili mo.

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