“And they’re turning us into monsters”
February 19th, 2008 posted by JB under Alumni Stories, Media & Entertainment, Opinion


“Wow! Ang galeng!”
- Steven Spielberg

“Amputs! Ayuz! Parang tutoo!”
- Spike Lee

“Sobrang ma-Force-y! Grabe!!!”
- George Lucas

“Asan ang b**bs?”
- Larry Flynt

My brother Marvin and I made this little video. Alright, it was Marvin who actually did most of the work, while I just reacted in my usual anal-retentive way over his shoulders. He did most of the dirty work of video editing; I just gave him the images stolen borrowed from all over the interwebs, the sequencing, and basically how I wanted it to come out. He would have made it much more fancy and “MTV-like” (he’s very good with these things), but I wanted something that’s just fast and clean. It’s our own take on the fun happenings currently changing lives and giving a 2010-boosting exposure to everyone concerned at the Philippine Senate.

Marvin did the editing using Swishmax and Sony Vegas version 5.0. Credit goes to all the unnamed sources of the images. The song is “Kids with guns” by Gorillaz. And when you think about it, it’s quite hilarious. Darkly hilarious.

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Tags: Adamson+Chronicle, Adamsonian, Adamson+University

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[ # 1770 ] Comment from bondgirl [February 20, 2008, 7:45 am]

galing ng mga napiling images at clips.

[ # 1784 ] Comment from mark solis [February 21, 2008, 2:19 am]

cool! cool! cool! cool!

bagay na bagay yung chorus na “and they’re turning us into monsters.” lalo na yung time magazine cover na pinagyayabang ni gma chosen by god daw sya. he he he he

[ # 1819 ] Comment from Andres Henry [February 24, 2008, 2:06 am]

pare, where can we get the mp3 of this song? ibang version sya from the album version di ba?

[ # 1823 ] Comment from ShishiyoMakoto [February 24, 2008, 12:19 pm]

Can you pls provide me a copy of this vid in MPEG-2, mp4 or AVI format? I tried viewing the video from Google but lately, my net connection’s slow. Thanks!
Di ko pa man napapanood ang video, I already look forward to a great clip; if Joe Bert is a prolific writer, I think Marvin is on the way to be a great filmmaker.
Kudos to Marvin G. Lazarte! (Bert, masyado na maraming papuri sayo dito eh, you’re brod deserve no less for this clip)

[ # 1826 ] Comment from JB [February 25, 2008, 2:25 am]

andres, you get get the mp3 from this link:


if that doesnt work, you may dl it using any p2p software, just know that it’s a Hot Chip Remix; the original radio edit version is not so much fun.

thanks, people. shishiyo, it might not be a great idea to email you the AVI, because it’s 70 MB, and by that it’s already compressed from the original 1.6 GB mpeg version. but you can actually download this video from Google Vid. go to Keepvid [www.keepvid.com] and the on-screen instructions should guide you.

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  • AJ007 : Hi mizuxy, asl pls?
  • tikgirl : why should WE ask something as personal as that to him? unless dikit-bituka kayo pwede mo shang akbayan at tanungin.
  • impostor : yeah, why not ask jobert instead. is there a formal charge?
  • tikgirl : wag kasi masyadong magrely sa media and news. puro publicity lang naman yan e. for questioning nga e, ibig sabihin hindi sha yung criminal. pwede shang witness, pero di sha yung suspect. get it? kamon, kaya madaming judgmental freaks sa mundo e.
  • maldita : ...
  • maldita : kmusta sa adamson?buhay pb si montenegro ng math dept?
  • len : And don't claim na you know JB very well..kasi kung talagang alam mo pagkatao nya hindi ka magsasalita againts him.
  • len : Impostor, Jb is not a criminal so don’t judge him. Wag ka na makisawsaw sa mga naghahanap ng publicity, mga nagmamalinis at mga hipokrita pero mga manyak din naman at mahilig din sa porn.
  • AJ007 : I even had JB greet me and my friends in that site to be in.
  • AJ007 : ang pinag sasabi mong revised penal code ay 'di ma define ang pagkaka iba ng nudist art, sa port at sa "home" video...
  • AJ007 : Nga pala, ang fleshasia ay prankisa ng fleshdaily. At kano ang origin nyan kaya protectado yan ng 1st amendment nila. Natural lang na target tlga nyan ang mga celebrity.
  • AJ007 : Ang maganda nyan, impostor, mag harap-harap nalang tayo. Alumni ka ba? or estudyante palang?
  • stiban_graffiti : zzzzzzzzz
  • impostor : that's why i use Chronicle as an example
  • impostor : Huh! Why THE ADAMSON CHRONICLE? You started saying respect other people right...
  • impostor : Deity, you should...
  • stiban_graffiti : so Chronicle pla ang target mo. bahala ka na nga sa buhay mo.
  • impostor :  “stiban_graffiti : the role of the Adamson Chronicle was to be the vanguard of students rights.” Yes! Rights! Rights that you guy’s see as privilege.
  • Deity : stiban, wag patulan si impostor. me thinks that person is CONSTIPATED AND needs to take GERBITOL! roflmao! okay. carry on!!!
  • stiban_graffiti : the role of the Adamson Chronicle was to be the vanguard of students rights.
  • impostor :  “stiban_graffiti : matuto tyong rumespeto sa sitwasyon at sa buhay ng ibang tao.” You should tell that to the entire THE ADAMSON CHRONICLE.
  • stiban_graffiti : as adamsonian, it is our business.
  • impostor : Stiban, be careful! You guys started it! Do I need to remind you that ADAMSONIAN.COM intrudes people’s lives? From simple a professor who did something, the admin., person etc. What if those people will tell you guys the same, PEOPLE IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
  • stiban_graffiti : matuto tyong rumespeto sa sitwasyon at sa buhay ng ibang tao.
  • stiban_graffiti : di lang kasi ako kagaya mo na nakikialam sa buhay ng ibang tao. kung me isyu si Joebert ngyon sa NBI, problema nya na iyon. mahirap bang intindihin iyon or tlgang lumaki ka lang sa iskinita na uso ang chismisan sa buhay ng kapitbahay nila.
  • impostor : Stiban, nope! So what who Jobert is? I think the question should be address to you, Len & for those who is “concern.”
  • stiban_graffiti : so what kung sino sya. bakit sinapak ka na ba dati nya sa mukha?
  • impostor : Do you guys really know Jobert Lazarte? Yes! I totally agree that he is indeed a good writer & editor. But do you guys really know Jobert Lazarte?
  • impostor : Do you guys really know Jobert Lazarte?
  • len : hindi mo ba napansin "impostor" na mas maraming nagmamahal ke jobert kesa nagagalit..ang daming nagreact sayo kasi kung ano-ano sinsabi mo againts him..kasi mabuting tao si jobert kaya mas maraming nagmamahal sa kanya.
  • stiban_graffiti : kung anu man ang situation ni Joebert, isyu nya na iyon. problemahin mo na lang ang kakainin mo mamaya.
  • stiban_graffiti : birit ka ng birit impostor. wala ka palang alam. sumasakay ka lang sa isyu.
  • impostor : I agree that we don’t have a law against Pornography. Len, have you checked the revised penal code on what case will be filed against Jobert? Jobert, Marvin & Fidel Lazarte was invited by NBI as suspects. Do happen to know where they are right now?
  • len : And FYI “impostor” wala pang law against pornography sa Pilipinas that is why JB did not violate any law. Wala tayong batas sa pornography. FYI again, JB is not maintaining that site for a living, he is an editor of a decent company. He maintains FAD for a hobby, magaling lang sya talaga kaya sumikat at lumaki ang FAD. Kupal ka.
  • len : Hoy impostor! What's wrong in maintaining a porn site? Ang daming porn site ngayon hello! And don’t tell me na hindi ka nagbabasa ng porn, hypocrite! Do’t judge JB like a criminal na para bang mas malaki pa kasalanan nya kay Hayden at sa mga nagkalat ng video. He was invited by NBI for questioning but he is not a criminal so don’t judge him. JB is a decent person, marami lang talagang mga kupal na sinasamantala ang issue at nakikisawsaw for publicity. And FYI “impostor” wala pang law
  • invaderzim : hehe,nung narinig ko yung balita ,nagulat ako dahil meron dun joebert lazarte,hndi ko nmn maconfirm kung xa nga yun...kasi dehins ko nmn alam ang mukha ni jbl....so...
  • impostor : «link»
  • impostor : 3 persons in sex video upload case invited for questioning
  • impostor : Joebert Lazarte is such a LOOSER! He & his brother is all over the news - Re: Kathrina's Scandal! He maintain a PORN SITE for a living! Watch ABS-CBN & GMA News online.
  • impostor : Joebert Lazarte is such a LOOSER! He & his brother is all over the news - Re: Kathrina's Scandal! He maintain a PORN SITE for a living!
  • impostor : Joebert Lazarte is such a LOOSER! He & his brother is all over the news - Re: Kathrina's Scandal! He maintain a PORN SITE for a living!
  • impostor : joebert is all over the news - kathrina's scandal
  • impostor : joebert is such a looser
  • cindy.siopao : may tao ba dito maliban saken?
  • invaderzim : ah1n1 happy kaarawan!
  • invaderzim : uy oh!! free publicity oh! h1n1 daw oh!
  • scias23 : heya!
  • itachi_4101 : hay... salamat naman at natapos rin ang enrollment! hihihihi
  • itachi_4101 : hay... salamat naman at natapos rin ang enrollment! hihihihi
  • gambit23 : anyone here right now?

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