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My personal views on issues surrounding the Adamson Chronicle
December 7th, 2007 posted by stiban_graffiti under Adamson Chronicle, Opinion

[Original title, "My personal views regarding issues surrounding the Adamson Chronicle and some bedtime stories from 1998 to 2002," has been redacted to prevent it from cracking up the blog's layout - Adamsonian]

Despite my bickering, I still welcome the new generation of Chroniclers. I agree that they do deserve to show what they got and what they can offer to their publisher – the students. If I could only be there at this very moment, I would definitely have tons of stories to tell them.

But there are still unsettled issues here and I want to reiterate it again in this article before we start to move forward. If we will just neglect such issues, history itself will happen again right before our very eyes. My wrath is not for the new Chroniclers. It is for the blood-sucking imps.

I have also empathy for the new batch. If I am in their shoes, I will also defend the new TAC from attacks. They cannot defend the students if they cannot even defend themselves.

To the new editorial board, maybe you would also understand my reactions and sentiments about the tragedy of the old TAC. Its closure was the biggest headline that has slapped my face. Damn! It felt like a 20-kg acme anvil fell over my skull! My beloved institution is in ruins and with just a glimpse of it really rips my heart out. If I was so radical about the plight of the students’ rights before, what more will you expect from me if I saw that the pub itself was shattered into pieces. Like you, I also have my own responsibility to TAC. As an alumnus I have to say something about its demise. I really ought to.
I don’t expect your term to do something about my sentiments because you are all still new and you were given a very important task to fulfill. Your main task is the rebuilding of the new cornerstones of ‘our’ TAC. You need all the assistance and luck to accomplish such gargantuan task of rebuilding and all of you deserve all the best wishes in the world. Running also a student pub has never been a simple task – it is a ‘life-changing’ experience.

Anyway, would you care to send me a copy of your maiden issue? I shall give you my mailing address in Jeddah if you say yes. Don’t worry; I will be in my silent mode for your first issues. But please forgive me for this very small remark. I thought you said that you will release it this December? Just a simple advice, be conscious about such delay especially if your issue is time-dependent. If your December issue contains Christmas articles, then distributing it in January or in February would be quite odd to read.

The first time I learned that TAC actually had their first meeting; I felt a very big relief and gladness. That once again the same sanctuary that both nurtured and tortured us before is now here again and is currently breastfeeding the newbies, hopefully with the same black milk that gave us sleepless nights before.

But please do pardon me if I say that I don’t like the phrase “forgive and forget.” Some might say: Hey Aldrin, TAC is back on its knees again, why are you still complaining? Can you just join the party and stop being a killjoy?
Do you want to tell me to shut up and just move on and start a new beginning? Do you want to tell me to just forget the mournful funeral of the old pub and celebrate with roaring laughs and lots of hurrahs the rebirth of it while making ‘beso-beso’ with the same force which was also the main cause of its death?
I still stand firm to my belief that the closure of student publication for two years was wrong. Worse, the Admin only spared the name of the pub and everything else was changed. With all of these mutations, it is clear that there was a sinister plot for the closure of TAC. If the Admin’s real reason was to help the student pub to have a better direction, their fatal action for its closure was way too far. Why did the Admin have to change almost everything if they were only asking about the financial statement?
They should have talked with the last editorial board if they believed that there were things that needed some adjustments and changes. Instead, the Admin had showed its brute force again and fired its might and directed it to the Penthouse. They dropped the bomb and instantly made a ‘racial holocaust’ of the old TAC. After the bombing, the SV Penthouse was turned into a ground zero like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The last editorial board was obliterated. Our old issues were disposed. The archives were probably carelessly and unofficially handled to a carpenter. And the Penthouse was left shattered into smithereens and disemboweled it from anything that would describe something about its past. Can the Admin do again such demolition job to any organization every time they want change? I say yes.

The next time I visit our old office, I shall bring a Geiger counter to check if even its radiation was also washed away by the Admin.

Two years after the explosion, the Admin themselves ALONE did new landscaping works on the exact burial ground of the old pub. They planted different varieties of garden mums, orchids, and roses inside the Penthouse so the birds and the bees will be seen flying again. There are no more cockroaches left, I guess.

As what I have seen in the latest videos of the SV Penthouse by Invaderzim, I really fear that the archives of the old TAC was thrown in the abyss and that the old issues were burned or were turned into papier maches – leaving the new TAC with no trace of its history. No matter how bad their history was, they should still keep it. I also fear that the new TAC would feel ‘shameful’ about the previous terms which, according to some beliefs, only did rampage instead of running a publication with decency. I hope not.
I ask the new batch of Chroniclers to please redeem those old issues and ‘memorabilias’. Those old issues were not only the remnants of our period but most of it came from our predecessors. Let us never forget that the new Chronicle has a long history of struggle for students’ rights and we should keep that history for us to learn from it.

Actually, I did belong to a big portion of the ‘notorious’ era of TAC but I am not ashamed about it. In my four-year stint in the pub, I could still say that we did the things what we believed were right. I am always telling that we did our best because we actually did it. Until now, there is no reversal of principle and there will be no ‘erratum’ of what I did and wrote before. My stand before as a Chronicler has remained unchanged. I am not stubborn and I am not a close-minded man. It only happens that my convictions before was so strong that until now I still have the courage to rekindle my past with pride and dignity.
I cannot deny that we made a hell of mistakes before. I fully accept each one of it but never did I felt shame for it because we were not god and everyone makes mistakes. God knows that we were still vulnerable from internal problems. Before, I usually tell my fellow editors the difficulty of our role. I ask them why we could clearly see the mistakes of the Admin and its cahoots but we were too blind to see the shortcomings of our very small 4×4 office and the stinking foul smell of our system. That we were too brave to shout the mistakes of the Admin but we were too shy to expose our own dirt. Yes, we had our own dirt in our face. But there was a constant struggle to clean it by ourselves and perhaps it is time to give a short view of how we battled and survived our own nasty problems during our “running wildly in the dark” reign.

I just want to say something about the loose phrase “running wildly in the dark” by JB. Maybe he was referring to the last terms from 2005 and back. I cannot defend the succeeding terms after my graduation in 2002 because I was not there, but when it comes to our period, such phrase is quite unacceptable to describe what we did.
I have served four good EICs and I can still remember how each one of them performed. I saw their weaknesses and strengths. I just hope that my contemporaries will forgive me for sharing their little secrets. These are just my personal accounts and views. And the people I will be mentioning hereafter are free to correct my reviews.
Again, these are only according to my own viewpoint.

Alvin F. Julian’s Term (1998 – 1999)

I came to TAC as an artist in 1998 and not as a writer. I didn’t know how to write and I didn’t read books. I could only draw and I was surrounded by a bunch of writers who were talking incomprehensible things that I considered Aramaic for a normal student like me. I often asked myself what I was doing in that place. The office was a haven conducive only for freaks, nerds, atheists, Communists, and bookworms. I can still remember the first instance I saw SV Penthouse. At first, I didn’t know the place. The guard only told me to just follow the stairs up until a small office block my way. I submitted my bio-data and sample artworks to Mr. Joebert Lazarte. He was actually the first Chronicler who I personally met. It was also still clear to me that it was Ms. Rosemarie Villaflor who I asked for the results of the artist examination. And it was Mr. Ronnie Biando who conducted our exam. He was also the EIC prior to AFJ. The moment I learned that I got the position was hours after they had their oath taking. They just told me, “Bakit ngayon ka lang? Kanina pa ang oath taking natin. Kumain ka na ba?”

So I was baptized in the term of the ‘perfectionist’ Mr. Alvin F. Julian. I can say that his term was an easy one because everyone was cooperating and all of the new writers were so enthusiastic to lick the night with Cheese Wiz. I cannot really make a good and valid description of his term for I was the only inactive member of that term. I did not actually saw how they have shaped their term. I only attended presswork after they have given me verbal warning that they could kick me out. I knew that AFJ pampered us with food during presswork. There were no hungry nights in SV Penthouse and in the printing press. If they will say that feeding the hungry staffs were extravagant, I say no. We needed to eat and our given to us by our parents were not enough for our obligations to the pub.

AFJ’s term only produced about four issues. I know that he valued quality over quantity. We also published an issue of San Marcelino literary folio. I forgot the title of that black booklet.

Despite of his being an atheist that gave some shade to the motif of his term, an issue of TAC could still be read as an amalgamation of other writers’ points of view who had their own political and religious beliefs – not only AFJ’s criticized atheism. They say before that Chroniclers were writing atheism stuffs. Yup, it was true but not all. Our EIC is an atheist but not all of us. Some where agnostics, skeptics, devout Christians, and simple day dream believers. I myself believe in God but I don’t believe in religion.


There was a deep sense of respect to everyone’s beliefs in TAC, not only in AFJ’s term. Our beautiful features editor was always writing articles for the glory of God and yet you could see her and AFJ often playing boggles. And she often leave the defeated AFJ amazed and wondering. Alvin didn’t know that she had challenged a girl with a pair of chameleon eyes.
For the record, AFJ managed to submit his term’s financial statement to the Admin after being properly audited by a certified accountant - just to clear the allegations that we only did parties and other hedonistic activities. We did not go to Boracay to do our presswork.

Ms. Ma. Celia E. Clave (1999 – 2000)

Next, it was the ‘tyrant’ Ms. Ma. Celia E. Clave’s turn. I feared the year 2000 was the end of the world and still I was wasting my remaining days in the printing press with people who had forgotten to bring extra under wears for an anticipated extended presswork.

The start of her ‘dictatorship’ made tremor to the pampered staff of AFJ. She was the only EIC who didn’t stay in TAC office during her term. She was always going to the printing press after her class instead. Her column ‘Sistema’ in the previous term made an impact to me especially when she wrote ‘5.0’ exposing her harsh comments on the grading system of Adamson. I asked her if she was really the one who wrote that ‘coz I was so moved by it. She just laughed and said to me that it was nothing. I admired her because I didn’t know that there was actually someone like her in my university who had the courage to fight the all-powerful Admin. In my high school years, there was no one like her and a radical institution like TAC.

I just hope that Ms. Clave still has the same convictions.
Atheism almost disappeared during her term and radical writing was the new game plan. She was not an atheist but a social activist.

Also in her term, I saw that TAC was reconnected to the studentry. We published what the students wanted to read.


The term of Celia showed me the real meaning of being a Chronicler and the true essence of the student pub. Celia was the one who forced me to transform my sketches into words. I started to write officially as a staffwriter. In Celia’s stormy term, the annoying multi-page portion of ‘Mga Expose ni Kurimao’ was conceived.

Some of my collegues showed disapproval to the continuity of publishing Kurimao for various reasons. Some said that Kurimao was a loose cannon of TAC and it abused the boundaries of press freedom. Some of my editors also answered that the students were only reading Kurimao and the other articles were just space fillers. There was even a call by the editorial board itself to restrain Kurimao.

If Kurimao’s existence was detrimental or beneficial to TAC, it is up for the tombraiders to answer it.

Anyway, that frog is already a part of TAC’s history.

Kokak! (”,)

I believe that Apathy is the main reason how TFI and campus abuses are still happening because we don’t give a damn to our surroundings. We were too busy for our academics. We were to busy for our studies. We were to busy to be ‘educated’. I believe that spreading campus awareness was the primary role of TAC, by telling what were really happening beneath the air-conditioned rooms and newly-painted hallways.

Adamsonians should take role in defending their rights. AUSG and TAC cannot do it alone. That is why we have to awaken them for they alone can fully change the unstoppable system. Their unity can give sufficient blow to Admin’s follies.

TAC and AUSG can only tickle the giant’s belly but THEY can awaken the consciousness of the BIGGER GIANT - THE STUDENTRY!

Sounds idyllic?

The almost legendary AUSG president Rolando dela Cruz has proven that the students can be awaken.

Miss Clave’s term produced about seven issues with two magazines and a literary folio entitled ‘Kataga’. Finally, quantity and frequency were also given importance. We did not only run wildly in the dark – we also wrote. Miss Clave, with her leadership skills, has re-awakened the pub from its serene existence. (Actually, I am not sure with the figures that I am giving but as far as I can remember, the actual number is close to what my memory bank is telling me.)

In my opinion, the term of Ms. Clave was almost ideal when it comes to her published issues. But I can also say that her term was the most gruesome when it comes to internal politics. Her strict leadership caused the pub to be divided into factions. Each faction wanted to overthrow her and I know each one of them. When I remember those wicked days, I can’t stop myself from cursing those Chroniclers who had almost caused the pub to crumble. I said to myself before that my loyalty will always be for the EIC. It was important to support the EIC because her downfall will affect the entire publication. And I strongly believed that Ms. Clave was doing the right thing. If you could only have some issues of her term, you can see the pale color of those days. We even published those internal dilemmas in some of our issues. We did not hide it because it was damn too serious.

After her term, some of those who made the failed plot disappeared and some only made a very good camouflaged. It was a very long and tiresome term but her term made a very good sharpener for our pens.

Ms. Maureen T. Tiamsic (2000 - 2001)

She is one of the best writers that I had worked with in TAC - perhaps even the best EIC when it comes to writing. Her term was able to publish about twelve regular issues even though the publication fee was permanently glued to Php 20 for so many years. The students saw the frequency of TAC. They could expect that every month we were on the gates busy distributing their copies. We did that with a very small budget. And with that, how can one say that we did nothing? Every term, we strived to give better services to the students than before.

But tragedy came knocking on the same door again. The same problem of Ms. Clave when it comes to the factions that divided her term brought aftershocks to the term of Ms. Tiamsic. Some editors did not support her for they themselves expected that they would be the next EIC after Ms. Clave. There was no cooperation in the editorial board but Ms. Tiamsic still managed to survive her term with appreciable results. I still pity her term for we had already all the good writers and editors that we needed but because of their personal ambitions, their skills were not used by the publication.
One of the most remarkable things in TAC’s history that I only saw in Ms. Tiamsic’s term was the ‘unification of beliefs’ and the ‘blood compact’ of the two main vanguards of students’ rights: The Adamson Chronicle and the Student Government led by Ms. Melona R. Daclan. During Maui’s term, there was actually a ‘tag team’ made to combat campus repression. I give Maui five golden stars for that accomplishment. AUSG and TAC should really work together and help one another because they share the same noble goals.


I can still recall the night when I asked Maui to teach me something about subject-verb agreement because I was an idiot when it comes to writing in English. How I wish that there is really a time machine so that I can go back to those days. She was also my classmate in Differential Calculus and our professor was the android Mr. Saavedra but we were still not Chroniclers then. I usually saw her smoking cigarette before the start of our class in ST building.

Her term also finished publishing the literary folio entitled ‘Bungang-Araw sa Tag-Ulan.’
Mr. Sylvere C. Borromeo (2001 – 2002)

This man has no stain of blood in his soul. He was the type of EIC who was open-minded for views and suggestions of his staff. He didn’t make decisions without asking his editorial board. If there were problems, he would immediately call for an editorial board meeting. He valued teamwork and had no ambition to be the ruler of the world. He only wanted to conquer dream world. I feel that I am giving to many praises to this man but he truly deserves every word of it. He wrote articles so easily that it was unbelievable for me to see him actually do it with the keyboard.

If AFJ is an atheist, Clave is a social activist, and Tiamsic ‘was’ a ‘leftist’; Mr. Borromeo was a very neutral guy when it comes to his writings. He usually wrote articles about computers and anything that you can expect from a commercial Sunday magazine. He didn’t dictate his staff to write what he believed in. The pub’s motif was neither black nor red, but technicolor. During staff meetings, we asked the editors and writers for their ideas for what the next issue would contain. Democracy was the golden house rule then.

When it comes to the number of released issues, we surpassed the record of Ms. Tiamsic by about two issues. His term also showed warm cooperation among the editorial board, the staff writers, and the graphics department - that the term of Ms. Tiamsic was forsaken of. He had no problems with his staff mainly because almost all of my fellow senior jerks disappeared already after the term of Ms. Tiamsic. So his term was literally composed of obedient and peace-loving creatures. We also published our own 100-page San Marcelino literary folio entitled ‘Tabula Rasa…’
But I can say that the ‘democratic approach’ of Mr. Borromeo’s leadership was only seen successful because most of his staff members were new and obedient. But if I will switch Mr. Borromeo to the term of Ms. Clave’s and Ms. Tiamsic’s very hostile environment – I am quite sure that he would commit suicide because he would soon be swallowed alive if he did not. His mellow style would be of no match to the pangs of stubborn editors before that bit the neck of my former EICs. Hence, I can say that there was a good ounce of stardust and luck sprinkled over his term that contributed to its success.

Our major problem came only from one of our senior editors for he was unable to perform his job of furnishing us our own financial statement. It took me a number of memos to squeeze him to give us a financial report. Even after my graduation I was still haunting him for it. I thanked God that after my last year in TAC and after I stepped down to kiss the ground under, that guy was demoted to a lower position because of his undesirable performance.


Excluding the guitar he broke, there was only one shortcoming of Mr. Borromeo and it was the prevented delay of the editorial board exam. I knew that he didn’t intend it to be late for few months but I still warned him that such delay would cause a very big disaster to The Adamson Chronicle. We had the obligation to turn over the pub to the next term on the first month of the incoming school year. If we overstayed until July, we would have definitely made a very grave offense not only to TAC but also to the next term. The next term needs the complete school year to fully perform their role and it is very unforgivable if their oath taking will be delayed for months whatever the causes might be.

Regarding the last Editorial Board of Ms. Joanna Paula Belgica…

To Ms. Belgica, just feel free to correct the following paragraphs if there are some details here which you believe are wrong. I don’t know exactly what had happened because I was in Riyadh then.

I have learned that the same delay in the editorial board exam by Mr. Borromeo was one of the mistakes of the term of Mr. Jeffrey Hanapon. Just few months after, the last breed of Chroniclers were sent to firing squad by the friars. I believe that the ‘big’ delay caused by the term of Mr. Hanapon gave the incoming editorial board of Ms. Belgica with a very little time to group itself. Mr. Hanapon failed to give the results of the editorial board exam and left TAC waiting aimlessly for nothing. He didn’t come back. So, Ms. Belgica who was the associate editor at that time, decided to hold a new editorial board exam. It is stated in TAC’s editorial board policy that in the absence of the EIC, the AE shall take the position of leading the paper. I believe that the oath taking of Ms. Belgica’s term was held in September – roughly four months late. And TAC I believed was closed in November of the same year. With such weak moments, the Admin grabbed it as a golden opportunity to execute their long overdue nasty plan of finally conquering the almighty Chronicle. The Admin assaulted the three-month-old (I don’t know how long exactly) editorial board with a blitzkrieg of crimes-against-humanity-like cases. They were asked to stand trial for the violations of the previous terms. What’s that?! Third-Degree of Holy Sh*T!!!

I believe that the last ed board also did their best but unfortunately, they hit the jackpot. Honestly, almost all the other previous terms had their weak moments also. Even weaker. We were only fortunate enough back then because we had learned to make use of our own special mutant abilities. Alvin was a goddess, Celia was a Medusa, Maui was a dinosaur, and Sylvere was simply blessed by God.
The only difference was that the last ed board led by Ms. Belgica was given so little time to do something about the Admin’s attack. Even if she wanted to change their fate she can do nothing because however she wanted to make it happen, a complex institution like TAC was so hard to be moved. The EIC herself cannot do magic alone. Everyone must cooperate especially the entire editorial board.

Again, I honestly don’t know the details of their struggles.

I believed that TAC was also temporarily closed during JB’s term. Maybe he could tell something about that because I feel that the Admin is really the culprit.

Anyway, we still managed to peacefully handle over TAC to Mr. Michael Gallego’s term with an almost clean sheet and no more strings attached to some pesky third parties sent from hell. I was not sure if it was June or July that they held their oath taking. Anyway, that’s all what I can share. I cannot say something about the existence of the succeeding terms. After my graduation in 2002, I just remained a spectator of the succeeding terms of TAC for I was busy and was starting to orient myself to the bigger world of corporate slavery.

May I clarify to you that I am not boasting when I enumerated all of our accomplishments. I am just giving statistics to prove that TAC actually was able to distribute issues frequently and that every term aspired to serve the students better no matter how big the problems we were experiencing back then and how trivial our funds we were receiving. Also, we didn’t release issues as if we were on a car race or that we just wanted to outdo the previous term. It is a very bad motivator. We only wanted to make the publication serve the students better. If we could make this thing good today then after a year, we can make it better. I assume that it is not a sin to dream to be better and serve better.
Now after laying our green turf, I am proud to tell you again that we did our very best despite the big barricades that blocked our way. We had problems but we managed to solve it. With our records, I can say that I have the authority to say things about the illegal closure of TAC in 2005 and some serious issues concerning the new TAC. I was not born yesterday and I am not an ignorant bystander from a very far, far, far away galaxy aimlessly throwing baseless comments to issues that I don’t know.

I have my own solutions on how to make TAC perform better based on what I have experienced before. I agree that there should be an overseer for TAC because as what I also experienced, every term was a new start for TAC. We always start to zero every year. There was no sense of continuity and long range plan for TAC because every year there would be a new line up of players eager to make their own style and etch their own performance. That is why we made the former EIC to be a part of the next editorial board to serve as an editorial consultant or as an ‘adviser’. We had our own ‘adviser’ before but we picked it from our ranks who has more experience compared to what Admin has placed to the new TAC. If I will choose between our editorial consultant to that of Admin’s appointed adviser, I will choose an editorial consultant. What experience does an adviser have that would benefit the new TAC? She is just a faculty of Adamson. Does she know how to make a newspaper and how to manage a student publication like a former editor-in-chief? I think not. She is just also a newbie like the new generation of TAC when it comes to managing a student publication. A former editor-in-chief knows how to bleed blood during presswork and he knows what to do in order to make the new term perform better. Based on what he had experienced as a writer and as a student before, he can guide the new TAC to avoid certain academic problems like failing grades and absences. A former editor-in-chief still has the soul of a student. He knows what his fellow students need. I could name EICs like Ronnie Biando, Joebert Lazarte, and Alvin Julian.

An adviser can be picked by the Admin from any faculty member of Adamson. She still has her own problem and teaching responsibility. How can she help the student pub? Will she teach the newbies how to sing harmonically? I believe an adviser is just a surveillance cam of the Admin to monitor the student publication’s activities – as what we had believed before. I still want to see TAC to be managed by the students only. But to really achieve our own goal of continuous development, I suggest that the editorial board should ask a former EIC to be its editorial consultant. Before I suggested that the editorial board to have a ‘council of elders’ to guide the new writers. But with a very small fund, we cannot lure any alumni to take the position for he will surely be busy for his family’s daily needs. Maybe some might accept the job but it is better to temporarily keep that idea in a freezer until we were able to increase the student publication fee from Php 20 to a more senseless amount. So that we could able to give the chosen editorial consultant at least some transportation allowance to go from his office all the way up to SV Penthouse. I don’t want to sound materialistic, but there are only very few Good Samaritans remaining in this world. We cannot ride LRT for free.

I know that the publication doesn’t need an adviser. But for the helpless status of the new TAC today, they do need some guidance and assistance for their first years of re-existence. For now, I have no choice but to accept an adviser. It is because two years after the TAC holocaust, the new TAC is no different to an orphaned chick recently hatched from an egg without anymore parents to take care for it. Instead, the wretched white hunter who shot their parent dead was the one who adopted them. Irony.

I don’t have any personal vendetta against Ms. Arlene Paredes. I really don’t personally know her. It only happened to be that she was the first one who sat on the hot seat of the adviser position. We in the pub were against of having an adviser before. Almost all my former EICs, fellow editors, and my ancestors have fought for the ‘no-adviser’ status of the student publication for decades. So it is not only me and it is not only now that I am singing this old chant.

But as a young professor like Ms. Paredes, I have deep respect for her. And now that she is the adviser of the new TAC and knowing that I can do nothing about that, I just hope that she will do her very best. And I know that she can ask assistance from some of her Chronicler friends. May the force be with her.

I will just ask JB, what if it is not Ms. Paredes? What if the Admin chose someone you know who is IMMATURE and a DICTATOR? I am quite sure that you know that there are such wretched people existing in Adamson. What then would you say if an IMMATURE ADVISER is placed to ‘guide’ the new TAC? Will you still say yes for an adviser? Surely, the ‘benevolent’ Ms. Paredes will not be there forever.

One of the things that I cherish most about TAC is the unfading loyalty of its alumni. Unlike AUSG and RSOs. When any of our members have left the pub, there will always be a string that the pub itself will tie around their hearts. I only saw that phenomenon in TAC. When I was still in the pub, I was always seeing our former editors frequently visiting and assisting the present term. I saw them helping the new editors in editing articles and giving advices to some issues. Before, because of them, we felt that we had our own ‘advisers.’ In the time of Mr. Alvin Julian, I saw Mr. Joebert Lazarte in our presswork. In the time of Ms. Ma. Celia Clave, I saw Mr. Ronnie Biando. In the time of Ms. Maureen Tiamsic, I saw again Mr. Alvin Julian. In the time of Mr. Sylvere Borromeo, there was Ms. Tiamsic and the complete support of the staff.

So I really say NO to an Admin-sent adviser because TAC has already produced a dozen of its own well-experienced EICs. All we have to do is just to dig for their graves.

The other issue is the publication fund. It has to be increased. Php 20 will bring you nowhere. I hate annual tuition and miscellaneous fee increases but look at me now I am asking for an increase in our fund. That amount has been the same amount for eons. It was unchanged. And the Admin was so selfish to give our own little increase. They were asking too much from us. I believed that even if we beg for mercy, kneel on rock salts, do somersaults, and sell our souls – they would not approve our petition. But when it comes to their TFI, all praises to the Almighty Lord and all the singing angels in the heaven above for the bread and butter that He keeps on providing them. Amen! Hallelujah!
I know that the university has to make increases because all the prices are also increasing. But why it has to be done every year and why it has to be between 10 to 12 percent always? Can they reduce it to only 6%? And why they cannot make it as big as 25%? If they can resist the temptation of having a succulent 25% TFI, then they can also resist the temptation of maintaining their quota of annual 12% TFI and make it lower to 6%. A student doesn’t need air-conditioned rooms to study better. The sad reality about these lavish renovations is that it is only the rich Adamsonians who can afford its corresponding TFI. A ‘labandera’ mother of a poor Adamsonian now has to be an ‘all around katulong’ to earn bigger money to sustain the ever-ballooning tuition of his son. Before, she was only serving one ‘amo’, now she has to look for another ‘amo’ or start to be a ‘jueteng kubrador’.

Have we seen the effects of TFIs to poor students and to their parents? Why are we only focusing our senses to the new paintworks and all-year round campus beautifications? We don’t need all of these ‘enchanting lotus plants’. We don’t need too much ACs. We don’t need the four-thumbs-up accreditation of PAASCU. We don’t need state-of-the-arts telebots to solve our security problems. We don’t need plasma TVs. We don’t need excessive landscape beautifications. We don’t need to see that the Estero de Balete can actually sustain live tilapia fishes. We don’t even need to see our own reflections from that creek while there are dehydrated live ducks swimming around. And we don’t need additional expenses to things which are unessential.

Adamson University is a learning institution and not a theme park!

A student needs quality education and he needs to finish his studies without giving additional burden to his parents every enrollment. That’s all he need and I guess that the Admin can actually decrease the TFI to at least 9% or 7.5%. At least with a small decrease in lavishness of Adamson there would be a corresponding decrease in TFI and eventually a ‘labandera’ mother can finally have a rest in her house with a certain degree of assurance that even if she has a rest day she can still expect that her son can finish his education.

I just want to reiterate the real role of TAC and that is not be a cute student publication like the rest but to show the students the real deal and to wake them up and tell them that they are also leaving in a programmed Matrix-like realm. That they think that they are awake, but actually they are still in deep slumber.

To Josh, I know that TFI is NORMAL. But it doesn’t mean that anything that is NORMAL is RIGHT. Having a mistress is already a NORMAL thing to a Pinoy, but can we consider this normal right? Broken families, failed marriages, early pregnancies, kidnappings, graft and corruption – these are all NORMAL things to our society nowadays. But can we consider them right? As a new editor, you must see the real thing and not only the scoreboard.

And finally, I still stand to NO TO TFI! TFI is not that impossible to stop. Our idyllic struggle when we were still in TAC is still possible to be achieved. If our Vincentian priests would only see what a normal student truly needs, then they can reduce their over-the-top spending. And if only our venerable Saint Vincent de Paul is alive today, I would definitely ask his view about TFI. But unfortunately, old Enteng is now just a big pile of colored and hardened concrete mixture; he can do nothing but to be a solid perch for birds.

Now I finally remember why his statue is facing TUP.

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Tags: Adamson+University, Adamson+Chronicle

About the author:

stiban_graffiti has blogged 9 posts

Read the Comments

[ # 1443 ] Comment from paniking_gutom [December 7, 2007, 5:32 pm]

same here.

yung huling edboard ng chron pagkatapos ng exam mas mataas pa sa amin yung problema kahit pagpatungpatungin kami.

isa pa, sa anim na edboard dalawa lang dun yung may experience na ng pagiging editor. si joni at pule lang. ako, si erwin, norman at victoria ay galing staff. hindi pa nga yata umabot sa 10 ang naipublish namin na article kahit pagsamasamahin kaming apat. in terms of writing, technically hilaw talaga kami. puno lang kami ng ideya at teorya. isa yun sa nakasira sa chron kasi halos sinamba namin ang mga previous editors ng TAC pagdating sa pagsusulat.

after ng induction namin, narealize namin na marami kaming staff na marunong sumulat. hindi man kami magaling magsulat technically, at least kaya naming i-guide yung mga bago para makapag-produce ng diyaryo. may magaling kaming graphics department sa pangunguna ni invader zim. at noong mga panahong yun alam ng lahat na nasa likod na namin sina kuya alvin, kuya JB atbp. dream team sana. kaso kinulang talaga ng panahon.

tatlong buwan.

tama ka doon.

eto na siguro ang pinakamadilim na tatlong buwan sa buhay ko. gaya mo kuya aldrin, hindi rin ako basta lang umakyat ng hagdan para lang makapanik sa veranda ng TAC. gumapang ako. hindi ako marunong magsulat, magdrowing, kumuha ng litrato. pero pinagsiksikan ko ang sarili ko para sa TAC. tatlong taon ako sa Adamson pero tatlong major subjects lang din ang ipinasa ko sa dalawang course ko dito. kaya pagkatapos ng lahat talagang gumuho mundo ko. minahal ko ang apat na sulok ng opisina. ang bawat tulang nilikha mula sa wala.

siguro bitter lang ako.

pero kahit anong sabihin nila.

naging parte ako ng TAC. at mas marami akong natutunan dito kesa sa classroom.

[ # 1446 ] Comment from JB [December 11, 2007, 12:39 am]

of course, you are right, stiban. an adviser for the chronicle is an absolute no-no. but as i’ve said, the chronicle was no longer in a position where they can actually make choices, and you know what the great thing is? they’re completely responsible for it. not the admin, but the chronicle.

im saying the admin is not entirely evil, only the chronicle was naive, ridiculously arrogant, and incompetent. and here i am saying this line when i didn’t even attend my graduation rites in 1999 because i actually resented the admin and some of its figures. so i can assure you no one is actually paying me to actually say this about the admin.

you have an idea why it was closed in 2005? ill spell it out for you: financial statement. you see, although the paper was supposedly an “independent” entity, it still functions under a financial system where everything is accountable. plus, the chronicle was under an agreement with the admin (forged in 1993) that the finances should remain transparent and in order — that’s why the admin is the one collecting the funds (previously, chroniclers personally collected the money from students during enrollment. then from 1993, the admin did it for us with some concessions. yehey, convenient!).

chari gaspi (1993 editor) spent her entire term negotiating with the admin to increase the fee from P15 to P20 — and the key word there is negotiation.

so the paper was closed in 2005 when it failed to explain and provide sufficient financial paperwork. so ask them, stiban, ask everyone of them, primarily jeffrey hanapon, ask them these hypothetical questions: would the admin have closed down the adamson chronicle if: (a) the ed board submitted all the paperworks required by law; (b) the ed board, particularly jeff hanapon, was doing its job; (c) the ed board under jeffrey hanapon (mike gallego et al) used the bravado of the chronicle credo (to sin by silence when it should protest) and directed its full force at the very face of the nonfunctioning, absentee editor in chief?

isnt it ironic that the chroniclers keep saying “to sin by silence” when they actually stayed silent in the face of terrible incompetence?

so you see, i cant blame the admin. i have no stomach for it when my blood boils at the very thought of how the last batches of the paper botched up everything. everything. not only is jeff hanapon blame-able, but his ed board too, who sat there like ducks and let it all slide. if jeff were editor in the early 90s, he would have been immediately impeached, replaced by a better person.

if there would be an alumni reunion, and there’s a pinata, jeff’s name should be on that pinata so we can “therapeutically” bash the damn thing to pieces and finally feel relieved that we “did” something.

that’s why in the past five years or so, i kept telling the chroniclers negotiate, stop attacking, you have no damn cards anymore. but what did they do? they kept doing it foolishly. until kaput.

this should be the point where i take note that the reason why i was asking the ed board then to “be friendly” and stop the whole protesting act not because the vincentians found a way to make a “puppet” out of me, but because the paper needed more funding, and it’s only possible if the chroniclers stopped acting like teenagers and start negotiating with the priests like real mature adults.

the funny thing is, i was partly responsible for creating and leaving a legacy of this whole climate of protest, and i regret it now. because what i’ve seen are the long-term effects — everybody who would come and become member of the chronicle believed that to be a “true chronicler” they have to adopt an activist “protesting” stance — even if protesting doesn’t work as a viable strategy. even if they’re seeing that “negotiation” and compromise and boardroom debate (as mentioned by erwin ilao) are the ones that work and NOT taking to the streets and screaming your lungs out in opinion columns. stiban, even if you dedicate every single issue of the chronicle protesting against TFI and value education, you won’t achieve any goal.

and you know why?

because there’s this thing called fatigue — say the same things over and over again — especially those things that DONT work — and people would stop caring.

and that’s exactly what happened with the last five or so years of the paper. the chronicle continued with its cocky attitude even if it no longer has any good cards in its hands. worse, it increasingly became isolated — even ordinary students couldn’t relate to it. and you know why? because even long before 2005, it had stopped “chronicling.”

why am i saying it stopped “chronicling?”

the adamson chronicle stopped “chronicling” when it’s editor writes an opinion column containing only a single pa-cute sentence (jeffrey hanapon).

it stopped chronicling when on entire tabloid spreadsheets it began publishing artworks that have nothing to do with the students or the adamson community. what were those “anime-looking” pretentious artworks doing on a paper that was so expensive to publish in the face of insufficient funding?

it stopped chronicling when it became a “showcase” of the ed-board’s individual talents. pages and pages of out-of-touch features, essays, stories, angsty poetry — and how many pages devoted to real news about the students and the university? not even 10%.

and yes, my own term (1996) was guilty of the murder, that’s why even years after i’m out of it, i kept going back to them and telling them to stop doing those things — i was practically making a complete U-turn, not because i suddenly realized the admin were nice people after all, but because i had seen the adamson chronicle was already bankrupt — editorially, financially, morally. i sing a different tune now because of this wonderful thing called perspective. or hindsight. or looking back behind me and belatedly realizing i had left a wake of crap, and that crap was being treated as something golden. so naturally, i would want to fix that up. unfortunately, you know the rest.
bottomline: it was no longer doing its real job and had become a “slumbook” of sorts of the ed board. i can happily show you the actual issues and point out to you the rationale of this bottomline.

so now im saying ok, have an adviser. i hate it personally, but with all things and mistakes considered, us former chroniclers insisting no to adviser after everything that has transpired only makes us look silly. hey, what are we thinking? do we really believe we still have a say? the point of us having a say is long gone, my friend. if you dont believe me, go back there and face them and say your say. see what happens.

the admin would say to us what Al Pacino said in The Insider (and this i have to say, pasensya na MJ Navida): “No, my friend, I didn’t f*ck you. You f*cked you.”

of course, the new chronicle is not going to be unbiased — who’s unbiased, anyway — as the adviser is a faculty member, and office politics dictates that somehow, there are things you can’t say and things you can’t do, that principle translates to the would-be content of the paper. anything unflattering about other headstrong professors published in the paper, and you can expect somebody throwing mud at arlene or at least gossiping about her by the water cooler. i can actually empathize with her — that job is a thankless, stressful job. so i can readily forgive her if she takes the safe, pain-free way, the “yes” way.
but if it weren’t arlene paredes, and is instead an anal-retentive, wart-covered, 300-pound aging bitch from hell, i would still have to say go ahead. because there’s no point in protesting and saying nay anymore, and i think it’s about time we forged relationships.

and who knows? maybe somewhere down the road, one future chronicler would get wise enough to actually pull off a political coup and be able to remove the adviser (which happened with the Ozanam magazine that gave birth to the first adviser-free chronicle in 1986)? then back to the same cycle. bilog ang mundo, hindi ba. kaya relax ka lang, pre.

[ # 1450 ] Comment from Shekhinah [December 12, 2007, 2:32 am]

It’s good that you are still being empathetic to the Adamson Chronicle… too bad you’re there and they are here. And they are busy with the “new” publication.

I believe the “new” TAC will function not under Admin’s prerogative nor Marx’ or Lenin’s or whosoever idealism but will be under their individual mind who have outgrew the hackneyed issues within the university. So spare them the “puppet” issue, please.

FYI, except from the new people under the ed board and the increase in the publication fee, the admin aren’t changing anything. It’s the consensus within the new ed board to change everything. It failed, so why rejuvenate?! As you say, we have to do the real thing, so lets stop being emotional and start being realistic.

And yes, we have picked your archives and kept it. For future reference of what really ought to be done.

[ # 1452 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [December 12, 2007, 6:19 pm]

Napasobra kasi yung paglalasing ko sa kape noong nasa TAC pa ako noon kaya hanggang ngayon, me ‘amats’ pa rin ako.

“and who knows? maybe somewhere down the road, one future chronicler would get wise enough to actually pull off a political coup and be able to remove the adviser (which happened with the Ozanam magazine that gave birth to the first adviser-free chronicle in 1986)? then back to the same cycle. bilog ang mundo, hindi ba. kaya relax ka lang, pre.”

Bilog nga ang mundo, JB. sOMEDAY…

Nasabi ko rin dati, ewan ko lang kung kanino yun, na me positive effects din ang pagkakasara ng TAC lalo na yung inaasam-asam na possible pub fee increase.

At naniniwala rin ako na darating din ang time, babalik din sa ‘dapat’ ang Chronicle.


Nakakalungkot na wala na ngang baraha ang Chronicle. Pero alam mo, kung nagawa lang mairaos ng last edboards yung pub, aminado ako na me darating talagang magagaling na Chroniclers na magpapabago ng lahat.

Tinanung namin si Ate Zelda dati, bakit parang wala nang writers sa Adamson kasi napakakonti lang nang nag-aaply. Sabi nya, imposibleng maubusan ng writers ang Adamson, ang bawat generation ay may niluluwang manunulat. Nasa tabi-tabi lang sila.

Shekhinah? Magdayao? Anong name yun? Hehehe. Thanks for keeping the archives.

Wag ka munang mapagod sa sistema, nagsisimula pa lang ang lahat sa inyo. Atsaka yung view mo sa paligid mo ay view mo lang iyan. Marami kayo sa TAC ngayon, di lang ikaw. May kanya-kanya kayong paniniwala at objectives - na posibleng magbanggaan. May pagkakaiba ang bawat term. Dun sa may amin, parang Tower of Babel ang SV Penthouse.

Bwat editor ay may kanya-kanya ring stand na dapt respetuhin. Kaya nga pag naging EIC yung isang editor na me matinding conviction sa isang isyu, yari na ang pub kung mahina ang editorial board. Nasa editorial board pa rin dapat ang huling salita at di lang sa EIC. at ang edboard, dapat makinig sa staff nila. At kayong lahat dyan, dapat makinig sa mga estudyante.

Shekhinah, nasa kamay ng edboard ang lahat ng decision making sa pub. sila lang ang pwedeng magbago ng edboard policy at nasa desisyon nila kung kailangan nila ng adviser o hindi.

Nasa Campus Journalism Act yung mga detalye.

Wala nga palang sports section nung time namin kasi nakakadismaya lang ang performance lalo na sa basketball varsity. 2 years na wala man lamang naipanalong kahit isang laban. Tinanggal nga namin yung Sports Editor. Atsaka Kasi doon na rin nakafocus yung Adamson News.

God bless na lang sa inyong lahat.

Parang nagsasawa na akong pag-usapan ang TAC.

Atsaka, pagod na rin akong mag-comment eh. Ang haba kayang lakaran ng internet cafe dito.

MAgtyatyaga na lang ako sa paggawa ng literary.

Hay naku!

[ # 1454 ] Comment from nangangamoteng adamsonian [December 13, 2007, 12:13 pm]

“At least with a small decrease in lavishness of Adamson there would be a corresponding decrease in TFI and eventually a ‘labandera’ mother can finally have a rest in her house”

sa aking palagay, imposible may adamsonian ngayon na labandera lang ang nanay. alam mo ba kung magkano ang tuition ngayon sa universidad? hindi na ito for the poor. masyado na itong mahal. kaya wala na ring halaga ang no to tfi dahil huli na. ang magagawa na lang ng hindi kaya ang magbayad ng TF ay wag magenroll sa adamson. sa PNU wala pang dalawang libo ang tuition e. dun na lang kayo…

[ # 1465 ] Comment from goco [December 17, 2007, 12:56 pm]

astig aldrin ang litanya natin. para akong nagbalik sa old time zone. i appreciate the thoughts that you shraed here. musta na aldrin> kuya jobert?

aldrin, hindi mo nabanggit ung sardinas at ung di pagligo sa presswork hahhahah!!!

[ # 1469 ] Comment from Rastafariana [December 18, 2007, 6:02 pm]


Hayyy,haba ah! To be frank, I do not think that my writing was that good. I always considered myself mediocre, and am not proud of it. That is why from time to time I still consult the venerable master, Joebert Lazarte. What I have become now is all because of TAC. It made me realize the triviality of my very existence. But most importantly, it introduced me to admirable people I will forge friendships with.

Drin ,naaalala mo pa ba nung nagpepresswork tayo na halos ikaw, ako at si Sylvere na lang ang nagsusulat sa diario? I will never forget that,moreso, I will never forget your efforts in ensuring that the pub will not collapse despite boycotts from the very people na inaasahan nito.

Sana sa bagong chronicle ay hindi na maulit ang naranasan ko. I plan to visit the pub when I go for vacation next year. sana makauwi ka rin and then we will contact the prevous eds tapos magrereunion tayo! yipee! tapos imemeet natin ung mga new staff. saya saya!

Hoy, dito ka na lang sa dubai para may kasama naman akong nagkakape. kokonvince ko na rin sila kuya jobs,kuya alvs,sylvere and joni na pumarito na at nang makapagjammin na tayo!!

Hayy, miss ko na talaga ang TAC days.

[ # 1475 ] Comment from bondgirl [December 20, 2007, 8:13 am]

Talk about chronicle and the admin..

During the course of more than monthly meetings with the OSA, Admin, even the President and some legal people and accountants, I will never forget also this experience when I faced the student representatives themselves.

Once during my last semester in the Uni, a certain officer of the AUSG tried to convince me of the AUSG’s concern on the closure of the student publication. After a series of explanations, I was invited to be there and hold a meeting at their office. I was sort of relieved seeing her interest on such issue like as she’d said, she wanted to help us as the Student Govt. of the Uni. And she’s aware that it was not right to hold the students’ voice/ press.

It was again the repetition of the problem, issue, while we were both sitting in their office which was already´moved to the CS area.

Then during the talk, i must say the office was surrounded by gays doing small talks and cosmetic sessions, she turned to a certain gay who was looking at the mirror and doing retouches, and turned to me, “Pinapagawa ko na nga sa kanya yung issue nyo eh, sa kanya naka assign yun” (or something like it) she said to me referring to that gay.

Then from his cosmetic mirror the gay looked at me and said., “Ah hindi ko pa nababasa yun eh, hindi ko pa napag aaralan (nagagawa)” then he went back to face the mirror and continued on with his ritual.

[ # 1477 ] Comment from marxXx [December 21, 2007, 3:51 am]

“Then from his cosmetic mirror the gay looked at me and said., “Ah hindi ko pa nababasa yun eh, hindi ko pa napag aaralan (nagagawa)” then he went back to face the mirror and continued on with his ritual.”

sorry bondgirl pero ano ang point mo?

[ # 1478 ] Comment from bondgirl [December 21, 2007, 11:55 am]

my point: it was POINTLESS…

****that you don’t have to mess with me. you were never there. whoever you are.

[ # 1479 ] Comment from bondgirl [December 21, 2007, 12:00 pm]

bondgirl cheaply says: wala kang pakialam?

[ # 1483 ] Comment from invaderzim [December 27, 2007, 8:48 am]


[ # 1484 ] Comment from invaderzim [December 27, 2007, 8:50 am]

ang mga kabataan nga naman ngayon…

maxadong maraming ginagawa..

[ # 1651 ] Comment from UP Alumni [February 16, 2008, 12:01 am]

…Our idyllic struggle when we were still in TAC is still possible to be achieved. If our Vincentian…

If I had 2 cents for every person claiming to be an advocate of a valid ideal, I’d be filthy rich. Sadly, people do not always know the difference between an activist and a heckler - you are the latter.

Please stop claiming to stand for something because you do not even know a fraction of what it is to stand for for something… you are giving True Activists a bad name.

[ # 1676 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [February 16, 2008, 3:16 pm]

Yah! Sorry ka tsong. Adamsonian ako.

[ # 1677 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [February 16, 2008, 3:21 pm]

Maraming klaseng aktibista, kaibigan kong taga-UP. Baka yung tinutukoy mong aktibista eh yung mga komunista. Hindi kami ganun.

Atsaka pwede ba, wag mong isabit ang name ng university mo. mag-isip ka naman ng ibang pangalan mo. UP Alumni? Eh ano ngayon?!! So what? Dapat ba akong matakot? Ngiii!!!!!

[ # 1730 ] Comment from Rastafariana [February 17, 2008, 4:15 pm]

‘..mas mataas pa sa amin yung problema kahit pagpatungpatungin kami..’

Nice one paniking gutom.Ang alam ko lang kaya napasara ang chronicle e dahil hindi sila nakapagpasa ng financial statement.Eh sino ba ang editor nuon?so far yan pa lang ang alam ko.Pero ngaun gumagana ang conspiracy theorist in me: hindi kaia DPA ung taong dahilan ng hindi pagpapasa ng financial statement?at kasama sa plot ung ginawa nia para eventually ay medemoralize ang mga staff at finally, eh mapasara ito at mabuksan muli under the admin’s terms? haaaaah, the plot thickens!and so does the chicken soup.haluin lamang na mabuti until maachieve ang tamang consistency.wehehe.

nasa sa inio un kung seseryosohin nio ang terya ko.dumm dee dummm…

[ # 1734 ] Comment from bondgirl [February 17, 2008, 4:42 pm]

ano yung DPA

[ # 1743 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [February 18, 2008, 12:27 pm]

sh@#$t! maui, mukhang me posibilidad yang conspiracy thoery mo sa TAC sa pagkakasara nito. this explains all!

minsan usap tayo. mukhang alam ko ang plot na yun.

[ # 1744 ] Comment from stiban_graffiti [February 18, 2008, 12:37 pm]

inside job?

[ # 1753 ] Comment from Rastafariana [February 18, 2008, 7:30 pm]

Hindi ba si JFH ung incharge nuon sa pagpapasa ng financial statment na hindi nga naipasa pasa?hehe, naku magagalit sa akin un pag nalaman nia tong theory ko, wehehe.o sige stiban, one time chika taio!

[ # 1763 ] Comment from tikgirl [February 19, 2008, 5:00 pm]

you bet zim.. puro pride at ego eh. ayaw makinig. yaan na natin sila, matututo din naman sila sa stepping stones na inaapakan nila.

ang TAC ay TAC. kung technicality ang pag uusapan, hmm.. sa lumang tac pa rin ako.


[ # 1779 ] Comment from Shishiyo Makoto [February 20, 2008, 6:12 pm]

I was with Joe Bert’s term as EIC in 1996-1997 and to correct the misconception of later Chroniclers, we had problem with the admin only because there formed a faction in our term that brought the publication’s situation to the attention of the school administration for remedy (the fine details best orally told like tales of swashbuckling adventures).
Frankly, my perception then was that we’re a bunch of guys who have ideas and sensibilities and knew how to write, not some demigod that later Chroniclers should genuflect at.
I still think we set a standard for ourselves to dish out quality releases and make the Chronicle not only a publication for the Adamsonians to read, but more than that, something a student can show to people from other institutions and be proud of its breadth and depth.
I agree with JB’s assessment that maybe later (if not all) Chroniclers grew too cocky to the point of arrogance that we seem not to see the situation from another perspective, blinded to see the long-term repercussion of our actions. If my view back then was that the admin were a bunch of evil, conniving pack of wolves just waiting for the opportunity to masticate the life out of the publication, right now, I think if you demand “no to TFI”, nipping P20 or more from the total school fee that was supposed to be for the school publication isn’t a bad proposition, given the low-quality of the latter Chronicle’s content.
Thanks to new technologies like the internet, I hope to see a brighter day for this new Adamson Chronicle, and I’d like to say something to the new and succeeding staff of the resurrected publication: always ask yourself honestly, is what you write, draw or compose for the Chronicle really worth the paper it’ll be printed on?
If we meet and I ask you this while looking at you straight in the eye, and you can reply affirmatively without twitching an eyelid while able to deliver on your word, you earn my respect and gratitude for being a part of Adamson Chronicle.

[ # 1821 ] Comment from Metal Munky [February 24, 2008, 7:02 am]

Hello people! I’m one of the non-Adamsonians who happened to be TAC contributors during Kuya JB’s time and I am saddened on what happened to TAC and I’m also hoping that with it’s recent resurrection, it would be able to bring back its glory and uphold the quality of writing started by the older predecessors (not the last batch who saw the closure!).
In Tagalog, kung maglalagay ng online version ng TAC, sana naman po yung hindi nakakaantok basahin. Yung klaseng iisa lang ang topic (demonyo ang admin, ang mga manyak na baklang teachers, mga SA’s, TFI, etc.) kundi yung klaseng makaka-relate din ang kahit taga-labas ng Adamson lalung lalo na yung hindi pa nakakatuntong ng kolehiyo.

[ # 2007 ] Comment from Tacitaub [March 24, 2008, 8:11 pm]

nice work, man

[ # 3599 ] Comment from invader zim [August 29, 2008, 4:44 am]

para sa di nakaalam ng ibig sabahin ng DPA

[ # 4432 ] Comment from comoncence [September 12, 2008, 12:55 am]

hawak na ng OSA ang chronicle. si mam paredes, sunud-sunuran lang yan sa kanyang batista. yung writers at editorial board, resign na lang kayo then kanya-kanyang gawa ng blog para mahasa ang pagsusulat ninyo.

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  • berthingy : aus sana kung sila tlga gumawa eh.. kaso bilib lng tlga ko kay kuya joel.. he3! tska ang lakas nyo tlga sa ABS no, try nyo namn sa ibang tv station.. malay niyo mauto nyo si mike enriquez.. he3! kung ako un, wla akong mha2rap na mukha sa national TV kasi PAGAWA lng ung project ko.. pero kau, mga MEGALOMANIAC kau eh, kaya malamang wlang epekto un.. he3!
  • Edrey : mga classm8s... cnu nkaka2lam kung anung software ung ginagamit ng adu s pg integrate ng grades nten... tska anu ung technological advantage nten s ibng univer... ok lng khit software o hardware... hehehe. assignment lng nmen....
  • mafia_27 : elowwww
  • MARIFE : evry1's nvytd 2 b a guest n Toastmasters Demo @ 1-3PM on Dec4, Eng'g Conf Rm, 2/F Ozanam Bldg..NO FEES 2 b collectd, c how FALCONS can SOAR HIGHER thru TOASTMASTERS!
  • marie : pnu b ilagay e2 s fs??
  • ambut_jerome : hahaha..falcon lets GO!
  • invaderzim : naloko ako nun.excited pa nmn ako sa bagong ish.
  • invaderzim : at mukhang chronicle ang adamson news.hahaha
  • invaderzim : hehe
  • invaderzim : yung radio ng adamson sa loob ng adamson.
  • invaderzim : heheeh
  • invaderzim : hrm
  • invaderzim : bago?hmmm...
  • Deity : pssttt! anong bago sa Adamson? !
  • tsunade : umayos kayo mga ece studes
  • esorieam : nangungulit lang
  • esorieam : pano mag-post sa live chat?
  • boldstar.AdU : konting common sense bro erebus! para kumita ang blog or ang isang site, kailangan maraming bumisita para makita yung mga ads, kung walang bibisita, mawawala ang ads, mawawalan ng kita yung site at magsasara.. paano na? paano na lalabas ang mga loser na kagaya nyo? hahaha.. sore loser!
  • boldstar.AdU : @erebus.hehehe.. di tayo pwede i-block ni admin, e di hindi kumita tong site kung mawawala ang bibisita dito?
  • eCe_bOsEs : jc, kita kits tau skul bukas....
  • eCe_bOsEs : aba erebus.. cnu ka ba sa tingin mo ha?? cnu nagbigay sau ng karapatan na paalisin kami.. wala kang karapatan at kahit kelan ndi ka magkakarun...hahaha...
  • erebus : ang blog na ito ay hindi joke, i hope that da admin of this blog will blocked ece boses etc.
  • eCe_bOsEs : bad magsabi ng pangalan boldstar_Adududu!!! baka ma-karma ka nyan...
  • boldstar.AdU : hahaha.. machong bading! ralph corsiga.. hahaha..
  • epalbusters : PANAWAGAN: wag kayo magpatulong kay jc, ano naman itutulong ng mga yan, puro blogs lang alam nyan, sa academics,wala, as in wala, nagkukunwari lang na may alam pero wala naman,
  • jctronix : @epalbuster: say what you want..manawagan ka pa..alam naman ng mga nagaavail ng tulong namin kung ano talaga ang ginagawa namin..kahit na wala naman kaming natatanggap na kung anu man..
  • jctronix : @boldstar:!
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • epalbusters : i know u always change,ikaw yata ang makapili ng dept.wag kayo magtiwala kay jc, doble-kara yan,kung saan may pakinabang, dun yan, great pretender
  • boldstar.AdU : away na to. hahaha..
  • jctronix : @epalbuster: i dont know kung paano mo nasabing anay ako. as far as i can see it tumutulong lang nman kasi ako. pero kung may point ka naman I would gladly change. sabihin mo lang kung ano yung nagpa-anay sakin..thanks!
  • jctronix : si mam de ocampo prof ko ng controls pero last 2 sems na ata..parehas tayo ng exams ng finals as others noted
  • jctronix : @erebus
  • epalbusters : mag aral ka maigi erebus, dont spend your time in blogging, lalo kang babagsak your lesson well..
  • epalbusters : ingat sa paglalakad, baka madapa ka
  • epalbusters : hello erebus..tapang mo ah..tingin-tingin ka lang sa paligid mo, ikaw din..kilala ka na yata..
  • erebus : managinip ka
  • erebus : hahaha
  • erebus : hoy jc mukha mo naka enroll ka sa control

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