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“Susan and the Infinite Sadness”
October 27th, 2007 posted by JB under Literary. [ Comments: 1 ]

I had been cleaning up my hard drive when I found an old story I had written several months ago. It’s called “Susan and the Infinite Sadness” and I sort of wrote it along the usual plot lines of the Maalaala Mo Kaya classic Tagalog drama. Except it’s written in English, a language I constantly use to subtly hide some vomit-friendly plot twists I tend to make.

Be forewarned, though: the story’s so sappy no print publication agreed to publish it. As the old-timers used to say, it’s not only corny, it’s cornichon! Today, however, I’m posting it online in celebration of the World Sappy Short Stories Day, an awesome global event I invented two minutes ago.

So for avid readers of incredible tearjerking pseudo-romance stories (cleverly sprinkled with gratuitous and entirely unnecessary sex scenes), you may read the full text of “Susan and the Infinite Sadness” here.

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“How To Make Polls Say Anything You Want”
October 24th, 2007 posted by JB under Opinion. [ Comments: none ]

I’m quite sure this is how “entertainers” like the Social Weather Station work their magic with the gullible public. And throw in a couple of poll-friendly TV stations, too.
YouTube Preview Image

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One of the worst exhibitions of insanity
October 10th, 2007 posted by tikgirl under Bits & Pieces. [ Comments: 8 ]

YouTube Preview Image

This happened just last year in Poso, Indonesia. The real root of the massacre is not yet clear. It could be because of religious differences or of politically related problem(s). Whatever the reason is, this shows how people can be so insane for the sake of their personal interests.

But let us not be too judgmental. Maybe they have their own motives behind this. But killing other people? It all varies on the different convictions of different people.. a pogrom of Christians, is this their answer?

I know that this is not related to Adamson University or even to our own lives, but seeing this video made me think, while we are enjoying our life here, there are people out there suffering from real physical harm.

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What used to be…
October 5th, 2007 posted by tikgirl under Adamson Chronicle. [ Comments: 2 ]

The place that makes my heart race (because of the long flight of stairs, haha).

[Click on the image to read the notes.]

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‘The Daily Show’ calls Cory Aquino a “slut”
October 5th, 2007 posted by JB under Current Events, Media & Entertainment. [ Comments: 3 ]

Cory Aquino slut

In the wake of Desperate Housewives‘ current “love affair” with Filipinos around the world comes this clip of John Stewart’s The Daily Show slapping the label “slut” on Cory Aquino.

In the show, the special assignment reporter examines former women leaders.

“Other countries had girl leaders for years and while Golda Meir may have fended off Egypt, Corazon Aquino faced down dictators, Margaret Thatcher kicked communist’s ass, still they are women,” the woman reporter said.

The segment shows photographs of each leader with a gag line. Meir had “OYI,” Aquino had “Slut,” and Thatcher, “Oops.”

It was not known when the show was aired in US networks.

I’m not sure if the show probably meant that for Kris, but John Stewart clearly didn’t have the same class of hilarious writers Stephen Colbert currently keeps in his cage. Anyway, here’s the video clip freshly yanked off the youtubes. Cory’s cameo appears between 3:29 to 3:31.

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Sepia Photo
October 2nd, 2007 posted by stiban_graffiti under Literary. [ Comments: 6 ]

It was one of those ordinary days while I was reading a love-hate pocketbook when my Aunt Lucille called. She was asking for help because her youngest daughter was missing for days. She started to cry. I told her to calm down and I promised her that I would do my best to help her.

The following day, I personally visited all my police friends for help. They all promised me that they would check their records and they would contact me as soon as they could get some answers. It was good that I kept good relationship with my former buddies. I was a criminology student before until a series of cerebral quakes shook my path and drifted me to journalism. I ended up as a crime reporter in the nation’s lewdest tabloid. Last week, we featured the nude photo of JAV star Maria Ozawa in our front cover. She was so hot. With such cover girl, our tabloid was indeed the best when it comes to obscene photos.
But some didn’t like what we were publishing. I recalled the suicide note of my former editor after he had sliced the throats of our section editors. “We are already showing pornography and writing sensationalized news. We always demand that freedom of the press should always be upheld. But look at us now. All I have been seeing in our covers are nothing but big tits, big boobs, and big butts of lewd girls, and those worthless and shameful scandals of our politicians. I don’t care if Kristine Hermosa is pregnant or if Oyo Boy has a new girlfriend. I am sick and tired of kicking the butts of our senators in my column. It is useless. Better to ask me to literally blow their asses into pieces. Are you joking? Is this really my next assignment? Sorry but I will not write an article about Kokey. Who is that freak? Why are we confident in publishing such crap? Is it just because our society likes reading it and that all of our issues sell like hot pancakes? Damn it! Our paper is a big trash. We are abusing press freedom. Press freedom is not absolute for there is no such thing as absolute freedom. If we start to think that we are free to do or write anything, freedom itself will soon imprison us. I despise people who want freedom so badly. I despise those people who read showbiz articles only. I despise this world. It is hopeless. My readers are not in this world. Follow me in hell!”

Within a week, one of my friends in WPD responded. He informed me over the phone that he had some leads on my cousin’s case. He told me that I had to visit him in his office in Kalaw to personally check the files. His voice was shivering. He stopped for a while as if he was waiting for something. I did not hear any sound. I was clueless. He spoke again and he asked me to leave immediately. He told me that he would be waiting for me in Osario instead. He changed his mind. I asked him what was happening but the phone went dead. I didn’t know what to think. Everyone seemed to have some life-threatening problems.
On that same day I rushed to Manila from Bacoor to see my friend. There was traffic all the way and it took me three painstaking hours to finally get to Paco Park. We used to take photographs in that park in our high school years. Nostalgia was seducing me again. “Will you come or no?!” the woman in the booth said. She looked like mad. She was really mad actually. I immediately gave her a five peso coin and the wicked witch of that park gave me an entrance ticket.

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COCOFED scholars hold their 24th reunion
October 1st, 2007 posted by JB under Org Announcements. [ Comments: 4 ]

Adamson University’s COCOFED Scholars Alumni Foundation, Inc., (ADCUSAFI) had its 24th grand reunion last week. To see the details and photos (including a really, really old Dean Bendero), as well as some updates on the university, the org’s officers uploaded their entire newsletter on Geocities, which you can read here.

One caveat: there’s no side-bar navigation, only Next Page links at the bottom of the page. But last I checked it really is an entire 8-paged first issue of their newsletter.


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