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Careers @ Absi
August 29th, 2007 posted by sir Kramic under Jobs, Media & Entertainment. [ Comments: none ]

Be part of ABS-CBN Interactive! Visit to know more or click on the links below

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“Skirmishers” Star In A New Dance Craze
August 18th, 2007 posted by JB under Bits & Pieces. [ Comments: 4 ]

Main Skirmisher blogger (that’s me) and some of the people who occasionally contribute to the blog are the stars in a new Heineken-inspired dance craze. I never thought we’d look this good. Far left is Pepe Alas, third from left (the dork in front) is me, while to my right is Dementia (Karen Ang). The black dude second from the left is supposed to be Skirmisher’s mascot (Guy Fawkes), but I couldn’t get a nice face-detectable image.

Tags: Skirmisher+dancers

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Free Will - God’s Greatest Gift to Man ???
August 14th, 2007 posted by pcs under Uncategorized. [ Comments: 1 ]

I am told that God gifted man with a free will so as not to be like robots, but to be free to choose good away from evil? If this were true, how come the Arabs are free to choose to be Muslims; the Jews are free to choose to be Jewish; and the Americans are free to choose to be Christians; and at the same time, God seems freely proud to see the free Christians and the free Muslims and the free Jews hate and kill each other in His name and for His glory? What kind of a supernatural monster is God? Such a God is not lovable; on the contrary, God is despicable.

In the meantime, consider the 100 Billion human beings that have already lived and died on this earth – all gifted not with good will for each other, but gifted with free will to hated each other. But for Christ’s sake, why create more of the same Adams and Eves in the same image and likeness of the God? Isn’t God interested to make repairs on faulty parts that have made the human being selfish, greedy, stupid, and insane?
But then again, take heed to what Spinoza wrote:

“Men think themselves free because they are conscious of their volitions and desires, but are ignorant of the causes for which they are led to wish and desire.”

Is the Supreme being really that proud to see Filipinos in this only Christian country in Asia – daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly all enjoying the free will to be loving of only God up there but only by hating one another down here?

We are told that faith can move mountain. We have yet, however, to see a mountain moved by an inch with the power of faith. What we see more clearly is faith supporting poverty and misery, promoting filth and squalor, not to mention encouraging moral and spiritual bankruptcy for our sick society. In fact, in the modern world today, it is Christian faith that makes us Filipinos the Sick Man of Asia.

Indeed, we do not speak of faith that a square has 4 sides, or that a triangle has 3 sides or that an octagon has 8. We only speak of faith of what we do not know, and we hope to sanctify our stupid ignorance in exchange of supernatural tolerance.

For my part, I pity the man of faith. He is like a drunkard clinging to a lamppost for support, not illumination. Why should we need more faith since faith has only to do with the unknown? Why not, instead, face the known with intelligence and explore possibilities on how we can yet expand and improve what is already known called knowledge? Look at medical science expanding and improving ways to cure diseases and to make us live longer and healthier. In the meantime, the existence of hospitals and doctors prove that prayers are utterly useless.
Where has faith taken us as a Christian country in Asia? Today, we Filipinos are involved with nothing but the scramble for money: to satisfy not only our stupid greed; but mostly to amplify in public our silly creed. At any rate, what can we expect of a poor and backward nation where most of its men and women with college education are habitually on their knees praying to a silly God to save their silly souls for the next silly life? And to think that most of these men and women are also hoping to migrate to the next country overseas where its native citizens are already enjoying not only a higher standard of living, not only a higher standard of thinking, but also enjoying themselves as nonbelievers of faith in divine wisdom.

What we need in this country is more power of reason to generate our spiritual growth. It means abandoning outworn beliefs and the welcoming of new and fresh ideas. We need to develop a deeper vision, to be willing to forsake our obsolete and shallow vision. The road to spiritual growth lies in distrusting what we already believe by deliberately challenging the validity of what we have been traditionally taught to hold dear and holy. We must learn to question everything as it is the only basis for spiritual growth and intellectual maturity.
We must therefore develop the habit of reading critically or judiciously. Indeed, read, read, and read. To begin to discover not only the beauty of rationality, but also the harmony of veracity. As we develop the habit of reading, especially books on science and the scientific way of thinking, we will never, ever again, be the foolish victims of mediocrity, or worse still – be the promoters of a sick society.
In the final analysis, those who refuse to read are no better off than those who can’t read at all.
Poch Suzara is the chairman of the High School Dropout Association of the Philippines.

- Poch Suzara

pcs has blogged 9 posts

Jose Rizal Asked
August 11th, 2007 posted by pcs under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

“Where are the youth who will consecrate their golden hours, their dreams, and their enthusiasm to the welfare of their native land? Where are the youth who will generously pour out blood to wash away so much shame, so much crime, so much abomination? Pure and spotless must the victim be! Where are you youth, who will embody in yourselves the vigor of life that has left our veins, the purity of ideas that has been contaminated in our brains, the fire of enthusiasm that has been quenched in our hearts? We await you, O Youth! Come, for we await you!”

Ever since the death of Rizal by public execution in 1896, the history of the Filipino people has been the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly struggle to deny the power of the human mind with knowledge, and to reject the beauty of the human heart with wisdom. Indeed, to be not happy, sane, and culturally constructive; but only to be unhappy, insane, and traditionally destructive.

Thanks to the teachers and professors in our schools, colleges, and universities – millions of Filipinos have yet to learn to substantiate the words of Jose Rizal: “I would like the Filipinos to be brilliant, enlightened, intelligent, and progressive.”

Sadly, even the Knights of Rizal have been busy promoting social and political insanity in this God-forsaken country. Especially for the sake of preserving in this faith-soaked 21st century – the beliefs and values of Christianity.

In this world, when one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When millions of people suffer, however, from a delusion, in the Philippines, it is called Christianity.

- Poch Suzara

pcs has blogged 9 posts

“College kills your entrepreneurial spirit and turns you into a worker bee”
August 10th, 2007 posted by JB under Bits & Pieces. [ Comments: 2 ]

This write-up maybe is worth a think.

Despite what your guidance counselor may tell you, college does not turn people into free thinking individuals who will someday have the whole world at their feet. It turns them into worker bees that will spend their lives in cubicles just so long as they get 2 weeks paid vacation time per year.

Right now, 6 of the 10 richest people in America are proud college dropouts. The other 4 inherited their wealth. Hell, Dakota Fanning has made more money than most people will make in a lifetime and she’s still in middle school.

We’ve all been indoctrinated into believing that a college education is our ticket to a happy, comfortable lifestyle. But, think about it for a second: how many college grads do you know personally who hate their jobs? How many are downtrodden? How many are on prozac? How many haven’t yet gotten the chance to regret their degrees because they can’t even get a job in their field?

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Oh, Jesus Sweet Jesus
August 8th, 2007 posted by pcs under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

By Poch Suzara

I do not believe in the existence of a next world. After death, I do not believe in going to heaven or hell or purgatory or limbo. I do believe, however, that I must try to leave this world one day a much better place than how I found it. Of course I realize this belief is getting harder to materialize as I see our world more wracked in malice, poverty, hate, violence, and wars. Moreover, millions of people around me do not love the same things I love: rivers, lakes, beaches, mountains, trees, flowers, birds, rain forest and; they do not love the potentials of what we human beings can become. Indeed, millions of people around me have only been inspired to substantiate what Jesus preached: “love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any one love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” John 2:15. Such is our Philippines. It is unloved and getting poorer as we, its people, continue to be the victims of religious delusions.

Jesus on the cross cried: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” But why should God forgive man for his sins? Having made man savage and ignorant, how can God hold him guilty? Had Jesus been a philosopher and therefore had knowledge of causes and effects, His prayers would read in reverse: - “ Man, forgive God, for he knows not what he does.” All life attest to this tragic fact, and so the question is not, Will God forgive man for his stupidity? But can man forgive God for his cruelty? That man caused his own suffering through “original sin” is a perversion of the truth. That “sin” was God’s – the original creator of matter, the source of all evil. But God does not suffer for his sins, he lets man do it. Yet Jesus shows no awareness of this brutal fact? Where is the kind word for man, woman, and children of this world? There is none.

Jesus did not confine himself to promoting spiritual results from prayers, but distinctly gave it to be understood that the physical world would respond to petitions to God. “If you have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if you shall say unto the mountain, “Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” These promises have not been fulfilled. Divine guidance has been misguiding us. Even Jesus himself utterly failed to deliver his own promise to come back to finish his job on this earth.

Jesus gave us the goal, peace and brotherhood, but he did not tell us how to solve the moral, social and economic problems that prevent its attainment. He did not tell us we are still far down the ladder of Evolution and therefore ignorant. He made no mention of savage God-forces here man has to contend with; on the contrary, he offered only the faith of childlike innocence and trust in the supernatural. Jesus was therefore guilty of misdirection of human energies.

A genuine Savior would have taught primitive man that his enemy was not his equally needy brother, but his ruthless, warlike Father – nature if you prefer to call it. This Savior, on the contrary, taught us that his Father alone was good, and therefore should be loved and worshipped. And now considering the time we have wasted on war and worship, it’s little wonder we’re still savage. It’s time man learned he has no time to waste on God, or energies to waste on war. Love, peace on earth, justice, brotherhood – man alone can create these beauties for himself.

But the Savior has taught us to embrace the very opposite. Instead of revealing to us our purpose in creation and responsibility for our world conditions, He tells us to “take no thought” for anything, “for your heavenly Father knoweth your need before ye ask him” – a perfect example of that “false security” under which we have lived. The statement has no literal significance whatsoever. Refuse to take thought for your own welfare and this “heavenly Father” will let you starve. Take no thought for health and hygiene and you die of this “heavenly father’s” murderous bacteria. Take no thought for economic justice and you become a Third World country. Take no thought for political justice and you have a world at war. Caring for these things is precisely our business, and in the present state of the world we see the result of leaving them to God – prayers for peace and incessant wars; the virtuous impoverished, the vicious enriched; while the wealthy parasites loaf and play – this is “divine providence.” What we need is a little human providence: knowledge and intelligence to right these God-ordained wrongs, and a sense of values that will help us help ourselves. In these things divinity is helpless, and uncharted opportunities for humanity are much better than decaying familiarity.

Were honest opinion allowed for just one day, we would learn the most shocking truth – there is not a man among us that would not, if he dared, denounce this ruthless higher power for the suffering it has caused him. Whether the church knows this or not, it is the truth. For my part, I do but make articulate the latent thought of millions: No man loves God, and any man who says he does is a hypocrite and a liar and the truth is not in him. You cannot love what you do not know, and no man knows the God of religion. Why then poison your soul, and the souls of others too with words you know are lies? The least you might do for the human cause is to be honest with yourself; that done, “thou canst not then be false to any man.”

If Jesus on the cross had the courage to have asked Man to forgive God instead of asking God to forgive Man – our world today would be populated by sane men, sane women, and sane children; especially in the Philippines – the only Jesus sweet Jesus country in Asia.

pcs has blogged 9 posts

This may be seen as China’s “retaliation” to the Philippine government
August 3rd, 2007 posted by JB under Opinion. [ Comments: 2 ]

Since that “white rabbit scandal,” people have been talking about what if China’s feelings are hurt and that country retaliates by placing strict measures on Philippine exports to China.

Well, this news article from China Daily looks like it; notice the slight “defensive” tone of the write-up.

Chinese quarantine officials have seized two tons of dried banana pieces imported from the Philippines found to contain excessive sulfur dioxide levels.

The levels reached 1,286 milligrams per kilogram, nearly 25 times the maximum stipulated by Chinese regulations on food additives, said General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (GAQSIQ).

China’s quarantine sectors have discovered unqualified imported food from the Philippines 13 times recently, including excessive cadmium in dried sleeve-fish and octopus pieces, as well as salmonella in frozen whelks, sources with the GAQSIQ said.

The GAQSIQ had informed the Philippine authorities of further measures on the safety of food exports, said the sources.

Philippine quarantine officials claimed to have found formaldehyde in China’s “White Rabbit” milk candy, but they have not contacted or provided relevant data to the GAQSIQ, which had tested the Shanghai-made candy safe.

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