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ADU becomes a culture-vulture community
January 7th, 2007 posted by jaycee under Campus Issues, Campus News

Contrary to popular belief, Adamson University does not converge all its efforts to the sciences alone. The University believes that art should be accessible to people from all walks of life. The significantly essential role of the arts in the academe, as in life, is to allow us to perceive the world and human condition differently, and in seeing the world through a particular work of art is to see a truth that we might not have grasped before.

But spreading the news about the intangible effects of being acquainted with our own art, tradition, and therefore culture shall start with those who have access to it. This is the very task that the Cultural Affairs has been persistently promoting over the years.

Attesting to this endeavor are the activities primed and facilitated by the office. Last Nov. 17, the University theater played host to Philippine Women’s University’s theater production dubbed “Moog,” graced by stage, television and movie thespians Ramon Zamora and Roy Alvarez. Tinik ng Teatro, ADU’s theater group, will soon participate in the South Manila Inter-Institutional Consortium Fundraising Event on Feb. 16-18 at the S.M. Mall of Asia joining other 12 universities put on view their flair on the performing arts for a fund-raising project. Also, the University gallery is currently showcasing the works of the group called “Clickers.” Full of visual mystique, the exhibit features photographs of different place here and outside the country.

Jenny P. Luber, Director of Cultural Affairs Office, said, “ Slowly but surely, we are making the connection that would like to establish between the students and the rest of the Adamson community. This may have not been possible without the support and enthuasiasm of leaders in the administration and the academe.”

[from Adamson News]

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