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Das Gold isn’t always in Englisch
January 31st, 2007 posted by bondgirl4ever under Bits & Pieces, Travels. [ Comments: 2 ]

Bespitzelungvorwürfe which means suspicion or charging with espionage in German is the word which I encountered while watching the news on t.v. regarding the minister of Bavaria being charged of spying a woman for political purposes. Then I told m. (can be Mann which means man, or Monster which also means monster, he’s both anyway) that how come such a word exists, for a beginner of a foreign language like me, it brings apprehension. Then I became fond of that word, when I started my own routine of espionage too, only to unravel m.’s present and active fondness of women. I used to like the German phrase „Ach, Quatsch“ which means „Nonsense“. I’m fascinated with unimportant radical words like when I saw a writing on a wall saying „Abschiebung“ which means deportation or sending away from a country, or „Ihr Pisser“ which means (sort of) „You’re jerks/a.holes“, on a brick wall beside the river bank for people to see. There are also English vandalisms here like when I saw „Fuck Bush“ on a lonely metal stand among the vast meadow.

I’ve been here in Deutschland for a month now, yet I only know how to tell my basic information and ask for another’s basic information, to construct imperative sentences, to identify every article I see, and to describe in a short sentence what has happened which also depends on the verb if I know it auf Deutsch (in German). I once tried to tell our 80- year old neighbor whom I happened to bump into while I was on my way to a salon, that I’m going to einkaufen (buy things/ shop) instead of going to ave a pedicure because until now I don’t know how to precisely say it. Einkaufen is easier, one learns that word even during German 1, the basic language level.

Although I’ve experienced some Germans` (or Eastern Europeans) desperation when they have to tell me something auf Deutsch, in which cases another person’s English knowledge may it be from a stranger or a colleague came to rescue, I’ve also encountered some unelusive language mishaps, like during my first walk alone around Ulm, a drugged looking nomadic woman approached me bumming two euros (around 120 pesos) from me for food. I understood what she’d said auf Deutsch, but trying to sneak out of the tangle, I said, „I only speak Englisch“. Surprisingly she remarked, „Give me two euros for food.“ I searched for one euro into my pocket and handed it to her. Why, because a young teenager being stabbed in the city of Ulm was in the news just a day before that. And it was my first week in Germany. Some Nazi recollections occured to me like in a Pink Floyd video manner. In Manila, five pesos for a nomad is enough, fifty pesos for a desperate druggy is quite lucrative. And news of violence among people is not really new.

And now while I’m typing, MS Word keeps on underlining every English word for error and sparing the German words as it deems them right. Bespitzelungvorwürfe’s not considered, I think Word finds it complicated too. Oh I’ll try Schiedsgerichtsentscheidung, haha, also underlined. By the way, I freshly encountered that word yesterday, caught my attention again, as I find it a worse one also. But I think it’s an important word too, it means arbitration ruling.

I am currently attenting the Volkshochschule for language lessons, although I’m also looking forward to a Master of European Studies in Bonn (in my dreams). I’ve never been in an international classroom before, my classmates are from the places which I only encounter when watching Miss Universe or Miss World, they’re from Venezuela, Macedonia, Croatia, France, Hungary. We all have to communicate in German because only three of us understand English (a Chinese, a French and me), I think it is more helpful for us to learn the language. But when at home, m. speaks to me in Englisch, I want to be compelled to elocute in Deutsch. Time will come when I will understand a recipe at the back of a Maggi soup, when I will understand the movies on t.v. which are not subtitled but dubbed in German, Desperate Housewives just started showing last month, but in German. The Simpsons (Die Simpsons) is also in German. I’ve seen Forrest Gump in full German, „Lauf, Forres, lauf!“ (run, Forrest, run) I never dared to catch a Woody Allen film last night, you should know why.

I have a long way to go to be able to understand the oh so many pages Germans fill out regarding their annual taxation. I still have a couple of levels to be an independent speaker of the language. This country produced great people and relentless innovations, and was able to withstand wars, by just speaking one language.

The sentence which I regularly utter so far is, „Ich komme von den Philippinen.“ (I come from the Philippines.)

Another phrase:

Ich glaub es hackt (I don’t agree with you)

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Great white time
January 24th, 2007 posted by JB under Alumni Stories, Opinion. [ Comments: 7 ]

I was telling this person some months ago how somebody like me could become a blackhole.

ME: Is it possible for a human being to become a blackhole?

FRIEND: Quite possible. Happens all the time.

ME: No, what I mean is, to be BORED, really BORED, paint-drying-on-a-wall bored, Eddie-Murphy-screws-his-wife bored.

FRIEND: Watch porn. I watch porn when I’m bored.

ME: I also watch porn. But I’m bored with it.

FRIEND: Maybe you’re just in some fucking existential limbo.

That’s not the first time somebody told me I’m in limbo. I only have a vague idea why. People think I’m in limbo because (a) I’ve been single for the past two years; (b) I’ve been showing signs of erratic behavior, like saying the best way to fatten up chickens is feeding them with KFC or exactly the same thing my brother eats; (c) Because I still think The Vagina Monologues is one very sad, unwatchable piece of porn.

It’s annoying when people have opinion like that. Because if there’s anything we know in this silly world, it’s that people’s opinion is always entirely wrong, but it hits you just the same. It’s like getting hit with rabbit dung and telling yourself, there, it’s just rabbit dung. Rabbits eat nothing but grass and they’re cute, little furry things that stand for everything that’s nice and never bite back, so their crap must be so squeaky clean you can lick it. But you see it’s still dung and you don’t want to even touch it.

I’ve grown jaded to all these crazy everyday things that I’ve learned to selectively do the things that matter. And in my world, the things that matter are words. Words and why it’s not always possible to find the best of them. Here I am, trying to perfect and polish sentence after sentence after sentence of something I’ll subsequently dislike. It’s like crap. Like eating something good that the gods would eat, and you take a dump and it just smells shit, like the rest of them. You tell people, this is it, the shit, THE SHIT, you hear me? It’s going to blow away their minds. But you sit down and look at what you’ve cobbled together so far, you see the gaping void in all the right places, and it just makes you cry. Somehow, you’ve missed it again. Because now there are holes where there were none before. Somehow, you’ve managed to prove, by some stroke of luck, that you’re a darned idiot.

Because there are only two types of writers, as there are two types of people: those who arrogantly believe that they know THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION, and those who are aware they have NO FUCKING CLUE about THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION, but are arrogant just the same. I tend to believe I’m more of the latter type. Mostly the arrogance is buffed up by sheer jadedness. You have nothing to say? Just bitch; it doesn’t matter. People listen, make choices, decide—not because they’ve thought through it, but because they want to move on and keep on running. People are just kids running around in circles, and they have attention spans as brief as their lives. So they hurry and do as many stuff they can possibly cram in a little lifetime, so they can die happy.

If life is completely bullshit-free, everyone would begin saying they are walking blackholes, that they are Just-Getting-By people, that the glass is not only half-empty, it’s also poisoned. We’ve created, whipped, baked, served ourselves the daily golden platter of shining bullshit because it’s exactly what we need—to NOT see that indifference and pointlessness are not metaphors but bleeding truths of the universe. But then, how many people would have the heart to be honest and have the strength to endure life without all the entertainment?

What I’m trying to get at is this: I’m a blackhole. I’m what Radioactive Sago Project would call a “bad motherfucker.” But I also happen to be a writer, an indefatigueable bearer of bullshit. On the other hand, what ordinary people need to avoid not becoming a blackhole like myself and remain ordinary is a constant supply of crap, so that they can all continue dancing and singing.

Can you see the irony? The world is full of bullshit. People become blackholes because they’ve rid themselves of bullshit in their personal lives. But in the process, they become writers, creators of all the bullshit that coats this planet in the first place. Some of us make the sacrifice to become blackholes in order to keep up the illusion of everyone else. Isn’t it a beautiful, awe-inspiring vicious cycle?

I guess the reason why people like myself end up writing is exactly the reason why bacteria divide and propagate. Because we want to see mirrors of ourselves infecting the world. When you get down to it, it’s all about the desperation to have people mention—not spit out—your name. Like making back-ups of your own thoughts and implanting them in all those around you so that when you lose your own, you can get it from others.

But only if it were that easy. I like getting the things I want and desire for, but it’s not easy to dodge the subsequent low point. I like people loving me, but it feels heavy and the love [and hate, for that matter] is inexplicably frightening. Whenever I say I’m a walking blackhole, or a ready-made, do-it-yourself quantum crap kit, it’s never easy to meet the inevitable cascade of follow-up questions.

Such as:

1. Why don’t you take things seriously?

2. Why don’t you believe in God?

3. Why don’t you have a regular, office job, like everyone else in the


4. Why haven’t you come up with a decent novel?

5. What the hell is that blog about?

6. Why is this soup so salty?

7. Did you just fart?

Which I try to sincerely answer, respectively, with:

1. “Seriosity” is a suicide pill.

2. Belief in God entails a very demanding lifestyle, which I’ve gladly ditched.

3. The Office is the One Singular Cause of the Downfall of Man, and it’s a factory of slime-covered chickens who may resemble humans but aren’t.

4. Because a novel is so much longer than my patience. But I’m getting there.

5. It’s therapy.

6. I have no goddamn idea.

7. If you didn’t hear it, did it really happen?

In the end, all everyone wants is to ask themselves, in their heart of hearts, and I’m paraphrasing the late great Amelita Malig here, the question: What do you really want?

And to answer it with: To wake up enthused. To be happy.

Without flinching and ducking and pretending it doesn’t matter. Because it fucking does. Watch Little Miss Sunshine and you’ll see.

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Studio 23 Kabarkada Mo presents Y Vote?
January 21st, 2007 posted by sir Kramic under Adamson Chronicle, Current Events, Media & Entertainment, News. [ Comments: none ]

Studio 23 and its talents are going around different colleges and universities to give talks about the elections and Studio 23’s advocacy to promote the youth vote.

Our campaign kicked off at Ateneo de Manila University January 8th. Join us as we visit your schools on the following dates:

January 29 - February 9 University of the Philippines-Diliman
February 12 - February 16 University of the Philippines-Los Baños
February 26 - March 2  Miriam College
March 12- March 16 De La Salle University
March 26 -March 30 San Beda College, Mendiola
April 16 - April 20 Far Eastern University
April 23- April 27 University of Santo Tomas

Visit for more announcements and tune in to Y Speak every Sunday on Studio 23 Kabarkada Mo!

editors note: Adamson University may not be in the list, still be free to join us in venues listed above. Makialam, alamin ang iyong karapatan at bumoto sa Mayo. Join Studio 23 and youth advocators in Y Vote!

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Holding out
January 15th, 2007 posted by JB under From The Admin. [ Comments: 1 ]

Two things: one, we’re still having several more weeks of crappy online access; and two, despite that, I’ve snatched up something nice: a stronger “community-building” feature.

First things first. The unbearable crappiness of our present Internet connection. When the telecom guy told me a week ago that large areas in Asia, especially those who’ve had previously enjoyed the bliss of broadband connection, are still going to live in the Dark Ages till the end of February, my knee-jerk reaction was nervous laughter. I wasn’t sure if the guy was just one of those “techies” who love to power trip at the expense of the rest of us non-uber-geeks. So I asked, “You’re joking, right?”

But he said, like one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, that he’s so serious he’s already shitting in his pants.

The other day, I realized why when I saw this update from AFP, which basically details why the repair seems to be taking too long. It also mentions some interesting facts:

1. Fiber optic cables are each merely 21 millimeters in diameter.

2. Those cables are submerged 2.5 miles deep underwater.

3. There are eight separate cable systems in waters off Taiwan, and each of those cable systems take 10 days to repair. I won’t even do the math; it’s already frustrating.

That’s why I’ve been somehow holding out. If it’s too much hassle to even make the site’s page load nicely on the browser, it’s sheer insanity to keep on pushing everybody to make its content rich. So the shining things I said here, they won’t be happening yet at least till early March.

But all these not-very-good-things notwithstanding, we’ve managed to include a little more community-building feature. What you see now on the sidebar is the MyBlogLog community for the Adamsonian. What it simply means is that now you’re no longer invisible — you can post photos, say richer things about yourself, “talk” directly to other members via its “Leave Message” feature. To quickly join, click on View Community on the sidebar, or register directly here.

For the first time, both active Adamsonian bloggers and users who simply read stuff can operate on the same level. Can you imagine this? You can engage in discussion on the blog, also on the forum, but now, you can also get to know more about those you converse with. We’ve just made things a bit more exciting. Register now and upload your photos so that everybody else can see you.

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Sentimiyento ng isang ipis
January 11th, 2007 posted by white garapata under Adamson Chronicle. [ Comments: 1 ]

Itim daw ang dugo na nananalaytay sa mga pirata ng Kronikel.Ito minsan ang naging bukambibig ng dati kong patnugot sa publikasyon. Itim dahil may lason ang dugong dumadaloy sa kanilang mga ugat na pinapanday nang walang liguan na presswork at gabi-gabing paglaklak sa mapaklang kape at pagkain ng matigas na tinapay. Kadalasan ay nakatitig lamang sa blankong screen at sabay na nanonood ng CD cleaner sa kabilang kompyuter. Ang penthouse na naging tambayan ng mga ipis habang natututo silang magpalipad ng kani-kanilang eroplanong papel sa may balkonahe tuwing sasapit ang dapithapon.

Mahigit na isang taon mula ngayon nang matagumpay na naipasara ng mga alagad ni Sauron ang The Adamson Chronicle. Isang hakbang na ikinatuwa ng nakakaraming masang adamsonyan. Kaming mga miyembro nito’y nagmistulang mga dragon ball na napadpad sa kung saan-saan matapos na humiling si Oolong ng isang underwear mula sa makapangyarihang dragon. Parang isang paulit-ulit na kamalian ang nangyari na kung saan ako mismo ay may bahid na dugo sa aking mga kamay. Wala na sigurong hihigit pa sa buhay ng manunulat ang maranasan ang isang nakakatawang trahedya sa kanyang buhay, ang malunod siya kasama ang kanyang ball pen sa bangkang papel na kanyang sinasagwan.

Maraming pinaghihinayangan. Maraming mga pagkakamali. Ang nangyari sa Kronikel ay isang kahapon na pilit ko pa ring hinahanap na parang nawawalang sirang sapatos sa may San Marcelino. May kalungkutan akong nararamdaman sa tuwing madaratnan ko ang dating opis, mapagmasdan ang kagandahan nito mula sa tuktok ng gusali ng Sain Vincent. Isang tipid na ngiti na lamang ang kaya kong isukli sa dating opis na kung saan ay dito ko unang pinalipad ang eroplanong papel papunta sa aking musa (hello Kristine Hermosa!)at naging tanggulan ng aking mga “ka-libogan”. Ang Penthouse na ngayon ay mga multo na lamang ng mga paring napugotan ng ulo noong ikalawang digmaang pandaigdig ang nakikinabang.

Ang payapang pampang ay hindi lamang sa mga pirata na natutong maglaro ng Starcraft o Mario Bros sa loob ng opis kundi sa mga ipis na natutong magsulat sa ibabaw ng panis na kape. Ang mga ipis na umibig sa maharot na kaway ni Paris Hilton. Sapagkat ang manunulat ay isang ipis na nabubuhay sa ika-limang dimension ng kanyang imahinasyon at sa realidad na kanyang ginagalawan. Mga ipis na nalunod sa basong hindi nahuhugasan gabi-gabi. Itutuloy ng ipis ang pagpapalipad ng kanyang eroplanong papel papunta sa mundo ng fantastica at bigyang puwang ang kanyang bagong mundo.

Kaya naman natuwa ako nang mula sa kanyang himlayan ay tinapik ako ni Kurimao at binatukan sabay kanta ng Delilah, isang imbitasyon para sa muling presswork na walang kape at matigas na tinapay. Puyat at kaka-ibang kalibogan sa kama ng cyberspace na nga raw ang laban ngayon ng mga pirata at ipis ng kronikel. Isang pagpapasya kung sino nga ba ang mas masarap ka-kwentuhan sa kama: si Katrina Halili o si Angelica Panganiban?

Masarap pa rin namang matulog sa Luneta at ang librong nakasukbit ang gagawing unan; mapadpad sa Malate paminsan-minsan; uminom ng kape sa isang hindi nahugasang tasa at punong-puno ng nalunod na ipis; manood ng CD cleaner; matulog sa San Marcelino habang may welga, hindi maligo at hindi masuklay; magsulat nang magsulat, nang magsulat, magsulat nang magsulat, nang magsulat, magsulat nang magsulat, nang magsulat, magsulat nang magsulat, nang magsulat, magsulat nang magsulat, nang magsulat, magsulat nang magsulat, nang magsulat, magsulat nang magsulat, nang magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat, magsulat,nang magsulat…

Sigh. Makapanood na nga lamang ng CD cleaner sa Pentium 1 ni Sylvertoes.

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I-send mo na PBB Moments mo!
January 10th, 2007 posted by sir Kramic under Media & Entertainment. [ Comments: 2 ]

Have you been missing Kuya? Well, he misses you too! Reminisce the good ol’ times of Pinoy Big Brother Season 1, Celebrity Edition and Teen Edition by sending in your Pinoy Big Brother moments.

Send Big Brother your pictures or videos in front of the PBB house, with former housemates, even your break out moves to Pinoy Ako. Just get a release form at ABS-CBN ELJ Building Entrance or at the Sgt. Esguerra gate or download it here. Answer the form and send it with your picture and videos to:

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center

Sgt. Esguerra cor. Mother Ignacia St.,

1103 Quezon City

Or email it to

You can also MMS your PBB moments! Just text KPIC PBB Name, Caption (Ex., KPIC PBB Ana Ang, Close kami ni Sam Milby!) and send it to 2366.

All chosen entries will receive cool PBB giveaways from Big Brother. Let’s get ready for the return of the Big Man of the house and send those PBB moments now! 

* For the PBB fans watch out PBB Season 2 soon on ABS-CBN.


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IE Department holds a Six Sigma seminar at the Ozanam AVR
January 10th, 2007 posted by Ramon Millonte under Alumni Stories, Bits & Pieces. [ Comments: none ]

Coinciding with Adamson University’s 75th Diamond Jubilee celebration of its foundation, the Industrial Engineering Department will be conducting its 2nd IE Alumni Continuing Education Seminar on Six Sigma applications to Service and Manufacturing operations on Feb. 3, 2007, Saturday, from 1 to 5 pm at the Adamson University Ozanam audio-visual room.

A trained Six Sigma blackbelter from IBM Philippines will be the expert resource person.

Seminar fee is only P100, which will be used for refreshments during the seminar and certificates (yes, all attendees will given certificates), and honorarium pay for the speaker.

The target number of alumni-attendees is at least 150. First come, first served, so please make reservations on or before Jan. 31, 2007. Please send your full name including your middle initial (for certificate preparation) and alumni batch number to or mr_dj12@yahoo. com or text/ call at 0917-824-1334.

For further details, please call Noe Enriquez, Chairperson of the Industrial Engineering Department, at 524-2011 local 411.

Tags: six+sigma

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Global Business Conference at DLSU
January 8th, 2007 posted by Ramon Millonte under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

We invite everyone to attend the First Global Business Conference on February 10, 2007, which aims to summon practitioners, researchers, educators and students to present and discuss best cases in global business. The Association of Training Institutions for Foreign Trade in Asia and the Pacific (ATIFTAP) is organizing this conference in coordination with Partnership Forum for International Trade Development Inc. (FITDEV), DLSU-Manila’s Marketing Management Department, Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association (JEMA) and from teachers from St. Scholastica’s College, Adamson University, IAME, DLSU-Araneta, DLSU-Canlubang and DLS/CSB.Venues:

College and Graduate Students, Teachers and Business Practitioners:

8:30 am to 11:30am
Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium

Graduate Students, Practitioners and Teachers:

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Conference Room 508, Yuchengco Bldg.

College Students
DEMAND Competition Phase 3 (Free)

1:00 pm – 5pm
Conference Room 408, Yuchengco Building

Conference Fees:

College Students: Php 300.00

Business Practitioners: Php 600.00
Teachers: FREE with at least 25 paying students
Graduate Students: Php600.00

* Participants’ names should be submitted through email (admin@atiftap. org) or fax (303-1443) together with the deposit slip on or before January 26, 2007 (Friday). Payments should be deposited to the FITDEV Account: Current Account No. 230-10-000354- 1 PBCOM. Unused fees cannot be refunded. Onsite registration is discouraged due to limited seats.

For queries, please contact:

Lovinia Esguerra (ATIFTAP)
Phone: 303-1442
Telefax: 303-1443
Mobile: 09275795236
Email: admin@atiftap. org

Marie Rodriguez (JEMA)
Phone : 302-6415
Mobile: 09159055634
Email : rodriguezm_kris@ ph

April Borbon (JEMA)
Email : borbonapril@
Mobile: 09176241186

Dr. Luz Suplico (DLSU-Manila)
Phone: 524-4611 local 136
Email: suplicol@dlsu. or suplico@yahoo. com

Or visit

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A quintessential figure to emulate
January 7th, 2007 posted by jaycee under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

“The power of courage and determination and inspiration are three important values that have led me towards the realization of my dreams.”- Rodel M. Vizconde., R.Ph.

These are some of the key points that the guest speaker of the 20th Midyear Commencement Exercises, held at Philippine International Convention Center last 30 Oct., underlined.

The pragmatism and broadness of Vizconde’s words do not connote a non-complex occurrence in his life. And we quote, “I was just an ordinary spoiled brat who went to the elementary and high school of San Beda College…Limited concentration in my studies and too much involvement with friends of the same feathers were the status quo of my college days at the UST. One day, I was shaken by my failure: I failed nine (9) units in my academic subjects… The UST College of Pharmacy kicked me out and I was advised to transfer to another university.”

It was easy for a person who seemed to have everything laid in his hands to not worry about the future at all. But another moment of epiphany in Vizconde’s life suddenly made him conscious of his barren practices. His sister, a consistent Dean’s Lister at UST, called his attention by a short but consequential note.“Kuya, kahit maka flat 1.0 ka sa lahat ng subjects mo, kung bagsak ka naman sa board exam, bale wala rin.” The younger sister was objecting, as her brother seemed to have developed a habit of letting her do almost all the school work for him.

Embarrassed and ashamed, the young Vizconde promised himself that the incident cannot happen again. “…I felt that I really had to have courage, determination, and inspiration. Courage that would help me build my self-confidence; Courage that would make me believe that knowledge you is a product of your blood, sweat and tears; Determination that will strengthen my hope; Determination that will draw the lines of Failure and Success and Determination that will reenergize every weak point of my hopes so I could accomplish my dreams. These dreams have to be achieved in your own effort.”

And he did acquire the Courage, Determination and Inspiration that he has been looking for all along.

He finished BS in Pharmacy at the Adamson University in 3 ½ years which brought credit and merit to the college. He completed his Master’s Degree in Pharmacy in the University of Southern California in the USA. He served as the Vice President for External Affairs of Adamson’s Alumni Association way back 1996-2000. In 1998, he was elected President of the Adamson University Pharmacy Alumni Association. He also helps in raising funds for the welfare of the Drugstore Association of the Philippines. Add to that are the numerous awards that he has been accepting form respectable institution all over the country.

[from Adamson News]

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ADU becomes a culture-vulture community
January 7th, 2007 posted by jaycee under Campus Issues, Campus News. [ Comments: none ]

Contrary to popular belief, Adamson University does not converge all its efforts to the sciences alone. The University believes that art should be accessible to people from all walks of life. The significantly essential role of the arts in the academe, as in life, is to allow us to perceive the world and human condition differently, and in seeing the world through a particular work of art is to see a truth that we might not have grasped before.

But spreading the news about the intangible effects of being acquainted with our own art, tradition, and therefore culture shall start with those who have access to it. This is the very task that the Cultural Affairs has been persistently promoting over the years.

Attesting to this endeavor are the activities primed and facilitated by the office. Last Nov. 17, the University theater played host to Philippine Women’s University’s theater production dubbed “Moog,” graced by stage, television and movie thespians Ramon Zamora and Roy Alvarez. Tinik ng Teatro, ADU’s theater group, will soon participate in the South Manila Inter-Institutional Consortium Fundraising Event on Feb. 16-18 at the S.M. Mall of Asia joining other 12 universities put on view their flair on the performing arts for a fund-raising project. Also, the University gallery is currently showcasing the works of the group called “Clickers.” Full of visual mystique, the exhibit features photographs of different place here and outside the country.

Jenny P. Luber, Director of Cultural Affairs Office, said, “ Slowly but surely, we are making the connection that would like to establish between the students and the rest of the Adamson community. This may have not been possible without the support and enthuasiasm of leaders in the administration and the academe.”

[from Adamson News]

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  • jetalarcon : ayos lang normal lang naman. makulit parin ung traffic enforcer sa pedestrian ng st-sv building
  • jddumawa : kamusta na po ang adamson? isang ordinaryong alumnus lang po ako ^^ bs bio grad
  • berthingy : aus sana kung sila tlga gumawa eh.. kaso bilib lng tlga ko kay kuya joel.. he3! tska ang lakas nyo tlga sa ABS no, try nyo namn sa ibang tv station.. malay niyo mauto nyo si mike enriquez.. he3! kung ako un, wla akong mha2rap na mukha sa national TV kasi PAGAWA lng ung project ko.. pero kau, mga MEGALOMANIAC kau eh, kaya malamang wlang epekto un.. he3!
  • Edrey : mga classm8s... cnu nkaka2lam kung anung software ung ginagamit ng adu s pg integrate ng grades nten... tska anu ung technological advantage nten s ibng univer... ok lng khit software o hardware... hehehe. assignment lng nmen....
  • mafia_27 : elowwww
  • MARIFE : evry1's nvytd 2 b a guest n Toastmasters Demo @ 1-3PM on Dec4, Eng'g Conf Rm, 2/F Ozanam Bldg..NO FEES 2 b collectd, c how FALCONS can SOAR HIGHER thru TOASTMASTERS!
  • marie : pnu b ilagay e2 s fs??
  • ambut_jerome : hahaha..falcon lets GO!
  • invaderzim : naloko ako nun.excited pa nmn ako sa bagong ish.
  • invaderzim : at mukhang chronicle ang adamson news.hahaha
  • invaderzim : hehe
  • invaderzim : yung radio ng adamson sa loob ng adamson.
  • invaderzim : heheeh
  • invaderzim : hrm
  • invaderzim : bago?hmmm...
  • Deity : pssttt! anong bago sa Adamson? !
  • tsunade : umayos kayo mga ece studes
  • esorieam : nangungulit lang
  • esorieam : pano mag-post sa live chat?
  • boldstar.AdU : konting common sense bro erebus! para kumita ang blog or ang isang site, kailangan maraming bumisita para makita yung mga ads, kung walang bibisita, mawawala ang ads, mawawalan ng kita yung site at magsasara.. paano na? paano na lalabas ang mga loser na kagaya nyo? hahaha.. sore loser!
  • boldstar.AdU : @erebus.hehehe.. di tayo pwede i-block ni admin, e di hindi kumita tong site kung mawawala ang bibisita dito?
  • eCe_bOsEs : jc, kita kits tau skul bukas....
  • eCe_bOsEs : aba erebus.. cnu ka ba sa tingin mo ha?? cnu nagbigay sau ng karapatan na paalisin kami.. wala kang karapatan at kahit kelan ndi ka magkakarun...hahaha...
  • erebus : ang blog na ito ay hindi joke, i hope that da admin of this blog will blocked ece boses etc.
  • eCe_bOsEs : bad magsabi ng pangalan boldstar_Adududu!!! baka ma-karma ka nyan...
  • boldstar.AdU : hahaha.. machong bading! ralph corsiga.. hahaha..
  • epalbusters : PANAWAGAN: wag kayo magpatulong kay jc, ano naman itutulong ng mga yan, puro blogs lang alam nyan, sa academics,wala, as in wala, nagkukunwari lang na may alam pero wala naman,
  • jctronix : @epalbuster: say what you want..manawagan ka pa..alam naman ng mga nagaavail ng tulong namin kung ano talaga ang ginagawa namin..kahit na wala naman kaming natatanggap na kung anu man..
  • jctronix : @boldstar:!
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • boldstar.AdU : bukayo.. hehehe..
  • epalbusters : i know u always change,ikaw yata ang makapili ng dept.wag kayo magtiwala kay jc, doble-kara yan,kung saan may pakinabang, dun yan, great pretender
  • boldstar.AdU : away na to. hahaha..
  • jctronix : @epalbuster: i dont know kung paano mo nasabing anay ako. as far as i can see it tumutulong lang nman kasi ako. pero kung may point ka naman I would gladly change. sabihin mo lang kung ano yung nagpa-anay sakin..thanks!
  • jctronix : si mam de ocampo prof ko ng controls pero last 2 sems na ata..parehas tayo ng exams ng finals as others noted
  • jctronix : @erebus
  • epalbusters : mag aral ka maigi erebus, dont spend your time in blogging, lalo kang babagsak your lesson well..
  • epalbusters : ingat sa paglalakad, baka madapa ka
  • epalbusters : hello erebus..tapang mo ah..tingin-tingin ka lang sa paligid mo, ikaw din..kilala ka na yata..
  • erebus : managinip ka
  • erebus : hahaha
  • erebus : hoy jc mukha mo naka enroll ka sa control

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